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Want to Be Happy? Give Up on Happiness!

This video is designed for people who feel powerlessness about happiness. People, who feel like happiness is beyond their reach.

Happiness has become the new enlightenment. It has become the new heaven. An unattainable goal, a finish line that we keep chasing. There is a kind of shame that arises within us when we are unhappy. This is especially painful when we identify with being unhappy. Some of us don't have any idea what happiness really is, because we have never felt it. We feel like we "should be happy" even when we aren't. We feel the very worst about ourselves because we can't seem to "get life right and be happy like other people can". We begin to feel like we are karmically destined to suffer. This issue of attaching to happiness is just another branch off of the tree I like to call "trying to get life right". We believe that if we are happy, we are getting our life right and if we are unhappy, we are getting our life wrong. We are holding onto the painful thought that we should be happy, even when we are not. This reaction to being unhappy only makes us unhappier. So what do we do about it?

Teal explains that the best thing we can do is to Give up on happiness. The idea of giving up on happiness may sound very odd coming from a spiritual leader because it is the job of a spiritual teacher to teach people how to find happiness. But Teal asserts that many contradictory teachings are in fact quite complimentary; and that this is one of them. Teal explains that if you give up on happiness, you are releasing resistance to suffering and/or unhappiness. And thus, you are allowing yourself to flow in the direction of happiness.


Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel - used by permission http://www.sacreddream.com

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