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Jealousy and Envy (How To Deal With It)

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Now a days the word jealousy and the word envy are used in identical context. In reality, envy is the emotion that occurs when we experience an extreme desire for something that someone else has, whether it is a quality, achievement or possession but we don’t think we can have it. Jealousy is the emotion that occurs when we anticipate or feel the loss of something of great value to us, whether it be a quality, achievement or possession. In other words, one exists when we wish to keep what we have and the other occurs when we want to get what we don’t have and in either case, feel powerless to do so. Why do these emotional states feel so similar (similar enough to be confused as one another)? Because they are both the emotional reflection of lack. In this episode, Teal shows us how to overcome these painful emotions.


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