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Is it Selfish to Seek Happiness? (Helping Yourself vs. Helping Other People)

Today's Ask Teal Episode is designed to address the fear that focusing on our own happiness feeds the ego. It addresses the fear that we are abandoning the rest of the world especially those in need and the problems that "need to be fixed" by focusing on ourselves.

People often worry that when I say you can't rescue someone from their own thoughts, that means don't help people, they deserve to learn from their own creations. This is not what I am saying at all. What I am saying is... no matter how much you do help people, you cannot think for them, therefore you cannot create their reality for them. No matter how much money you give someone, even if it is a million dollars, if they still operate from a poverty mentality, they will eventually go broke again.

Another issue brought against my teachings on helping others, is the issue of ego. Quite often, People perceive that there is nothing but ego in teachings such as mine, that encourage a person to focus only on getting themselves into alignment and happiness while withdrawing your attention from the rest of the "external world".

This is a flawed perception in and of itself because there can be nothing separate of you. You influence your entire reality and all people in it by changing your own vibration, because your entire reality including the people in it, is a projection of your own consciousness. You are the projector, your reality is the projector screen, there is nothing else you can do to really change and improve your reality other than change yourself.

If you want war to end, end it inside yourself. If you want poverty to end, end it inside yourself. If you want suffering to end, end it inside yourself. You could not line up with seeing suffering in the world and feeling powerless about that suffering, unless you felt powerless about your own suffering.

What I find most amusing is that the bleeding hearts of the world are often the group most upset by the ego that we perceive in focusing on one's own happiness. When we are the ones most caught up in the illusion of ego. We think focusing on ourselves means that we are cutting ourselves off in a kind of pink bubble from the rest of the world, putting blinders on to problems and abandoning the rest of the world by only being concerned with our internal experience and our own happiness.

Those of us who think the world is separate from us and that other people are separate from us, spend a great deal of time trapped in the illusion of a separate self... the very definition of ego. There can never be anything other than you in your reality.

There is nothing more important when it comes to helping other people than to improve YOUR internal condition. Your internal condition is what is co-creating and lining you up with things like people who are suffering, poverty and war.

The person you help is your internal life. Their asking is your asking. It is just you asking for your help. It is just you asking for your love. It is just you asking to be rescued from yourself.

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