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How to Let Go of Guilt (Part 2 of 2: How to Let Go of Guilt)

Guilt is an emotion. It is an "indicator" that tells you that you have done something you do not want to repeat and that was out of line with your higher self.


We call this internal knowing that is indicated by the emotion of guilt... CONSCIENCE. Conscience (a function of the higher self) is absent of regret because the universal perspective is absent of regret. Regret is how you know that Self Abuse and Blame have stepped in the door to keep you stuck in the emotion of guilt even though you've already acknowledged that you have thoughts or said or done something that you do not want to repeat.


Throughout this video when Teal refers to guilt, she is not referring to the momentary indicator emotion of guilt as it applies to conscience. She is referring to the self regulation system of Self Abuse and Self blame which keeps you imprisoned in the emotion called guilt as... GUILT.


The Eleven Basic Steps that will help you to let go of guilt are:

  1. Realization. Realize that guilt and shame are negative emotions surrounded by negative thoughts that continue to feed our ego in a negative way instead of a positive way.
  2. Decide that you are ready and willing and wanting to let go of guilt.
  3. Replace the beliefs that you deserve punishment and to suffer and that you don't deserve happiness or love with the belief that you deserve to be happy and to be loved.
  4. Take responsibility ONLY for your part in a situation. This does not mean owning blame for what happened... but rather owning up to the responsibility to choose to think or say or do something different in the future.
  5. Take off the rosy colored sunglasses when you are looking for ways that the past could have been different. Guilt is fueled by looking back on a situation and seeing options that either weren't there, or to which we had no access at the time.
  6. Apologize to anyone who you perceive that you have hurt. Including yourself.
  7. Make a plan for how you will do things differently in the future. What did your conscience indicate you know now IS in line with your higher self?
  8. Recognize the values in mistakes. Without them, you could not learn. Without knowing what you don't like and want, you could not know what you do like and want. When mistakes turn into suffering is when we introduce shame and self punishment into the equation of a mistake instead of understanding and taking it as a lesson.
  9. Discover all of the judgments you are making about yourself based on what you feel guilty about. Such as... I feel guilt because I've stolen money from someone people who steal money are no good therefore... "I'm no good" or "I'm a bad person" or "I'm a screw up" or "I deserve to be punished". Replace these negative beliefs and assumptions with beneficial beliefs.
  10. Show yourself love and care and discover how to be our own friend. Look inward and see that you are in need of loving kindness yourself. Counter that self hate with self love. This is not reward for bad behavior. If you are able to really love yourself, you can't even be a match to situations where you would do something that you'd feel guilty about later.


Because of the way we are taught to punish ourselves... We develop guilt for not choosing options that, in all honesty, simply weren't there at the time. You cannot judge your past self using today's expanded perspective. Discontinue carrying the past into the present and projecting it into the future.


Understanding Guilt - Part 1 of 2:

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