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FORGIVENESS? (Radical New Approach to Forgiveness)

New Ask Teal Episode on Forgiveness. Teal Swan teaches that you cannot force yourself to forgive. Pain, resentment and anger are all natural parts of forgiveness and the process of letting go. You must first allow these emotions before forgiveness is possible. Watch this if you want to know how to forgive.

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Video References:

Spiritual Bypassing: 7:55

The Sad Truth About Most Gurus: 7:57

Disidentification (The Practice of Non-Attachment): 7:59

Fragmentation (The Worldwide Disease): 8:01

Acceptance (The Key to letting go): 18:26

When the only way to be ok is to not be ok: 18:30

How to Deal with Anger: 18:34

Compassion and How to Cultivate Compassion: 26:22

Resentment (How to Let Go of Resentment): 31:16

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