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What is My Purpose?

In this episode, Teal explains that your purpose with respect to what you are meant to be "doing" here in this life will literally fall in your lap when you commit to living life at the mercy of your own joy.


The topic addressed in this video, "What is my life's purpose?" is very different from last weeks question, which is "What is the purpose of life?".


Teal explains that if you will follow your feelings of passion and joy, doing nothing more than taking the next logical step, soon you will find that you are doing something which is so integral to who you are that you will say "aha, this is my purpose here".


You will feel a sense of destiny in this activity because while you are doing this thing which is allowing all that is you to be present in this life, it will take no effort for you to do.


Teal explains that we have been taught that there is virtue in effort. This is not the case. The vibrational definition of effort is struggle, which is a state of resistance. It is this sense of struggle that is your indication that you are currently going cross current to the direction that your soul self is trying to lead you.


If you are doing this thing that you call your purpose, while it may take some form of exertion and dedication, you will feel joy in that exertion and dedication that will thereby disqualify the action from being called a struggle. The hours you spend doing it will instead feel like minutes. You will not want to be anywhere other than where you are.


And so, in this episode, Teal explains that we must be willing to take a risk. We must be willing to take the risk of change and the risk of placing value on our joy. If we take this risk, we are committing to the willingness for our entire life and our entire direction to change. We are committing to our direction changing perhaps several times over the course of our lives.


But only with this commitment is it possible to be truly happy and express your true purpose here on earth.

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