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Money and Spirituality (Is it Right to Charge Money for Spiritual or Healing Services?)

This video does not mean to discourage philanthropy or generosity. It is designed to help people in the spiritual and healing field to align with receiving money for their trade. It is designed to discourage people in these fields from confusing philanthropy and generosity with self sacrifice.

The idea that spirituality and money can't co exist and that there is something ethically wrong with turning spirituality into a business is a sacred idea to many of us. We take it as so much of a truth; that we are unwilling to question it fully. In actuality, assigning value to your offering on a spiritual level is no different than assigning a value to an item that is totally unrelated to spirituality because the item is no less spiritual than your spiritual work is. Physical, material things are not separate from source energy. They are not separate from spirit. They are extensions of spirit. What does this mean? Money too is an extension of spirit; so it is a misunderstanding to say that money and spirituality is a contradiction.

Most of us who are dedicated to spirituality pour our own mind, heart soul, money and time into spiritual practice. We dedicate our lives to it in the same way that any other professional pours their existence into their trade. And so the question to ask yourself is: Do you value your dedication and your skills? Do you think highly enough of yourself or what you have to offer (your expertise) that it is conceivable that what you know could benefit and therefore be valuable to someone else? Also, there is also a little known fact... if you offer things for free, people doubt the value of whatever it is that you are offering. Charging money for things actually psychologically causes people to value it and take it seriously.

The most important thing is that we must stay in alignment with out own sense of integrity. We cannot draw absolutes about what is or isn't right, what is or isn't in alignment because right and wrong are human concepts that do not exist from source's perspective. And, our alignment is always based on our perspectives and where we currently are vibrationally, and that is always different from person to person.

An important question to ask yourself is: Do you want to dedicate your life to spiritual practice and to providing others with the fruits of that dedication? Or do you want to work at a job that you do not feel passion for, just because you have been told and you have been telling yourself that it is more ethical? Is it really more ethical to make money doing something you don't actually want to do like working and MacDonald's than it is to involve money in your spiritual practice?

The bottom line is: You should be doing the job that you would be doing

a. If you never got paid a cent for it and

b. If you were so wealthy that you didn't need to get paid for it.

But there is nothing wrong with earning an income to support your day-to-day life and the lives of those who depend on you while doing that thing that you love the most.

Receiving money for what you love to do is just a bonus. A bonus, which in today's society is not just beneficial, it is necessary.

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