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How to Manifest Money (Manifesting Money and Creating Wealth)

Teal explains that money is not good or bad in and of itself. Instead money is a tool much like a hammer is a tool. Money is a tool that can help facilitate many things in our current society.


Teal also explains that if we want to invite money into our reality, we can't be focused on the lack of money. We also can't hope to manifest money if we have negative attitudes towards money.


In this episode, Teal outlines 12 steps to take in order to generate wealth in your life and begin manifesting money into your experience. She urges us to understand that we do not need to work hard to earn the abundance that we seek. Instead, it is our birthright to receive the manifestation of anything we could possibly think up to desire... including more money. The experience of abundance is an experience you deserve and you don't have to "do" anything to deserve it!


1. Focus on (pay attention to) things which make you feel as if you already have abundance and wealth and not on things which make you feel poor. (Be in a space of appreciation.)


2. Visualize what you want, why you want it and what you'll do with it.


3. Root out and replace your limiting beliefs relative to money. Get a positive association with money.


4. When you have to spend money, think your way into it feeling good to spend that money. No buyer's remorse, no guilt, no focus on lack or loss.


5. Avoid debt. If you already have debt, eliminate it.


6. "Follow the white rabbit". Set forth an intention and let the opportunities show up for you in the shape of synchronicities and unexpected coincidences and then act on inspired action.


7. Re-frame your life from one of earning/effort to deserving.


8. Take any step which will help you to release resistance relative to money. This is individual, for example, for some that may mean creating a budget, for others it may mean saving.


9. Take note of EVERY form of abundance which is flowing into your experience no matter how small or large. And don't take inventory (focus on where you aren't yet) instead trust the universe to deliver exactly what you ask for. The law of the land is Ask and it is given.


10. Take time to visualize that you are a magnet who breathes money to you.


11. Engage in a virtual spending spree.


12. Shift all of your attitudes towards safety/security. Don't treat money as if it is the thing separating you from disaster or not being safe. Instead, treat thoughts of lack of safety like they are the things separating you from disaster and not being safe. You want to focus on visualizing what safety and security would feel like and also on shifting your beliefs about all aspects of your life where you feel powerless. This will ensure that money will not be influenced by your focus on fear, disaster or powerlessness.

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