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Teal Swan Videos

    Hierarchy, Should We Accept It?
    Spirituality in The Information Age
    Periods + Menstruation (A Spiritual Perspective on Periods and Menstruation)
    Why Are Spiritual Teachers So Contradictory?
    How To Stop Being A Scapegoat and Being Scapegoated
    Spirit Plants (What is a Spirit Plant and How To Find Your Spirit Plant)
    How Ego Comes Through The Back Door
    How to Manifest Money (Manifesting Money and Creating Wealth)
    How to Get Rid of Anxiety (A Natural Cure for Anxiety)
    What Every Man Needs To Know About Women
    The Biggest Barrier to Awareness
    What are The Akashic Records? (Part 1 About Akashic Records)
    Your Parents Aren't The Problem... The Parents Within You Are!
    The Mandela Effect
    Meditation to Release Resistance and Allow
    The Truth About Channels and Channeling
    How To Find Your Excellence (The Recognition of Excellence is 100% Dependent Upon Desire)
    Spirit Minerals (What is Your Spirit Mineral and How to Find Your Spirit Mineral?)
    Crystals (Ask Teal Episode About Crystals and Gemstones)
    Why Do People Like to Watch Scary Movies?
    When You Feel Like You've Gone Backwards...
    Psychic Vampires (How to Recognize and Protect Yourself From an Energy Vampire)
    DEPRESSION (The Truth about Depression that No One Sees or Understands)
    Objective Truth (Do We Create Our Own Reality?)
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