• Thank you for considering translating the Ask Teal episodes!

    We use Amara for adding subtitles to the videos.

  • How do I subtitle a video?

    1. Find an Ask Teal episode you would like to translate and copy the Youtube URL
    2. Register and log into Amara
    3. Select Subtitle A Video in the top menu bar and in the new page enter the URL of the video you would like to translate. Click Begin
    4. In this window check if this video does not already have subtitles in the language you would like to add.

      a. If you see that a translation is incomplete (i.e. Spanish in the image below) you can add/edit the translation and complete it.
      b. If subtitles already exist in this language find another video you would like to translate or choose a different language.
      c. If you have subtitles in a file format you can Upload Them Directly.
      d. If you are ready to start translating click Add a new Language.

    5. a.png
    6. Ready to translate? Pick a language and start! Amara will guide you through the translation process. You can always save the draft and come back to it later (please note that other users will be able pick up where you left off).
    7. Once the subtitles have been marked as complete they will be automatically synced to the youtube video.


    If you have any questions you are welcome to Contact Us. Thank you for your help!