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VANCOUVER, Canada - August 17 2024

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What Happens At A Synchronization Workshop? If you want to make a shift in the world, you have to start with shifting individually. Synchronization workshop is Teal Swan's signature event where a collective of highly conscious people get together to heal, to grow and to create positive ripples in the city. Join this unique and transformative event where you can expect the unexpected and truly bring about change in your own life.
Synchronization workshops are an opportunity to:
  • Come to new insights that can catalyse transformation
  • Connect with hundreds of like-minded people
  • Participate in exercises that facilitate deeper connection with both yourself and others.
  • Engage with the group energy as Teal Swan answers questions that are a vibrational match to your own problems and desires.
How Synchronization Workshops Started
What the Synchronization Workshop Experience is Now
Doing this work in a major city is so core to the mission I have to end needless suffering. When we can come together in this time and space with the intent to heal, this brings about such a difference that we desperately need in the world right now.

Where most communities are fighting over each other in Zero Sum games, we lose track on how we are all in this together, and we are trying to make senses of this 3D experience. I can't wait to see you in person where I get to bring a new perspective to you and everyone else in the room. We will laugh, we will get challenged, and more importantly... we will do the work.

I urge you to self select to be a part of the solution the world needs. It starts with self healing, and the synchronisation workshop is designed to do just that. I'll see you there.
Who is Teal Swan?

Teal Swan is a New Thought Leader and Bestselling Author who is an expert in human development and relationships.

She has over a decade of experience working with people of all walks of life. She created her own method for trauma healing — The Completion Process — which promotes life improvement by addressing trauma to put ourselves back together again. Today, she’s also become an International Speaker with a mission to reduce human suffering, having facilitated retreats and life changing workshops in large venues worldwide.

After all her years of experience, Teal has noticed how many in the world are suffering. This is primarily as as result of how terrible we are as individuals, and a society, to have healthy relationships. If we as a collective learn to have better relationships, we could solve, essentially, all the problems in the world.

That’s why she’s made it her mission to promote world change through healing relationships, teaching others how to improve the relationship with the self, our ancestry, our peers, our lovers, our job, the animals, the planet, even objects and so on.

What to Expect Every synchronisation workshop is unique due to the experience being tailored to the needs of who is in the room. What you can expect is group facilitations such as a guided meditation and partner work. Some guests will have a chance to volunteer to serve as a "conduit" to the collective. You get to join the stage and work through a specific issue in your life. As you witness this during the event, Teal will do a Completion Process and ensure that everyone participating will take away an "ah-ha" moment to find clarity, reduce confusion and get a breakthrough in their own lives.

If you've followed Teal online and gotten those breakthrough moments before, you are in for a treat during this live event.

I'd only known Teal Swan for a few months when I found out she was in Stockholm. I took a chance and booked a ticket to Stockholm. It was amazing. I loved it. I felt the positive vibe weeks afterwards. It inspired me to organise gatherings in my home and inspire more people to do shadow work.


I attended Teal's workshop in Los Angeles on my birthday and it was a great celebration. Listening to Teal felt like sitting with a friend and sharing life's complexities. Teal listened to the group and offered words of wisdom and advice on how to move forward.


I automatically decided I wanted to attend after watching hours of the previous workshops online. I got so much insight from the honesty and openness of the people selected and the articulate and focused questions from Teal. I was crying during the exercises and it was just great. Would go again.

What Tickets are Available:
PLATINUM ($1555) Closest seating to the stage. Plus an invitation to an exclusive “Tea with Teal” gathering after the workshop.
DIAMOND ($199) Seated behind the Premium rows.
GENERAL ($111) Last rows behind Diamond.
August 17 2024
Greater Vancouver Area

Details of where to find the venue, parking, and more will be available by email to ticketholders closer towards the event, but will be in the greater Vancouver area.

What Others Are Saying... See what those who already went to the workshop are saying.
"It was an incredible experience, full of people looking for a place to be understood, and Teal's energy reading of the crowd was spot on." - Alex Jensen
"Teal’s workshops are like nothing you have ever experienced. The awareness and validation and insight given to each person will help you as if Teal is directly working with you herself. The energy is indescribable." - Ashley
"My favorite thing is the energy of the space. It feels like a safe, expansive and all embracing field of energy filling and containing the room." - Nikki Yother
"Teal is so raw that’s why I love listening to her and her teachings. She teaches me not to fear and to get inside of myself. " - Hera Kalaydjian
"I liked that you are bathed in the transformational energy. You can’t avoid being affected." - Zana Gujic
"I think the workshop was a very loving space. My favorite thing was listening to others and Teal because she shows fearlessness when it come to emotion." - Brenda
Frequently Asked Questions Is there any age restriction for this event? Event age restriction: 18+ only. What is the exact address if the event? Details of where to find the venue, parking, and more will be available by email to ticketholders closer towards the event, but will be in the greater Vancouver area.

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