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About Teal Swan

TEAL SWAN, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today, having integrated her own harrowing life experience, she inspires millions of people around the world towards truth, authenticity, freedom, and joy.

teal-swan9.jpg TEAL SWAN's  mission is the transformation of human suffering to an empowered and authentic life.

She is the creator of the popular "Ask Teal" YouTube series, author of six internationally published books, and the artist of hundreds of frequency paintings.

In conjunction with her vision of creating positive world change, Teal Swan founded HEADWAY FOUNDATION, a nonprofit company that enables ideas, goals, and ventures that are aimed at positive world change.


TEAL SWAN was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico on June 16th, 1984 at 7:42 am. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities.
It was because of these abilities that she ended up being targeted to become a victim of abuse. In her own words: “Without the abuse and suffering I experienced, I would be someone who could give you a lot of esoteric information about the universe at large, but who would have no real grasp on the reality of human suffering or how to heal it. I would have only had ½ of the picture of human existence. The gift of my own suffering is that I now have the full picture and that has drastically changed both what I teach and the way that I teach.”

Teal Swan is not recommended for those who simply want to feel good. She is recommended for those who want the truth even if the truth hurts. The reality is impartial. It isn’t personal. It simply shows you what is so.

She will reflect things about humanity, the world, and the universe that humanity perceives to be positive. But she will also reflect things about humanity, the world, and the universe that humanity does not want to accept, own, or integrate.

When a person decides that they are ready to see the truth and to see reality, Teal Swan is able to reflect the physical and non-physical reality of any given situation. By facing the truth and facing reality, they are then empowered to take mental, emotional, and physical steps towards improvement, based on the new awareness that they gained. teal-meditating-cz.jpg

To generalize, the field of spirituality and self-help can be divided into two camps. The first is the practice of spirituality and self-help in order to experience comfort and relief. The second is the practice of spirituality and self-help in order to become aware and awaken. People who fit into the first camp, want to feel good. They see the knowledge and practices available in the spiritual and self-help field as a way to feel good. People who fit into the second camp, want to know what is true. They understand that knowing the truth will enable them to make changes that will lead to feeling better. But they want to know the truth even if what they come to find out makes them feel really uncomfortable. It’s the classic matrix blue pill or red pill scenario.

teal-fl.jpg Your only axis of power and choice is to be in reality and to see the truth. But all this being said, a person has to want to see the truth. You can’t make someone want to see the truth. And so, one of the most important things you can do is to really decide honestly what your actual motive for practicing spirituality and self-help is.

Not all truth is painful. The desire for pain relief and the desire for healing often takes you in drastically opposite directions. Teal Swan is a teacher who caters to the second camp... People who want to see the truth, no matter how uncomfortable that may be, so as to awaken. To put it simply, Teal Swan is the red pill.

Teal Swan’s deepest intention is to set people free. Her mission is to make people aware and conscious so that with that awareness, they can begin to heal and live deeply meaningful, integrated, and empowered lives.

She travels the world teaching people the truth of the universe, helping people to see the truth of themselves, and teaching them how to transform their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual pain.


I Want to See Teal’s Astrology Chart… What is Teal’s Birthdate, Birthplace and Time of Birth? 

Teal Swan was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico on June 16th 1984 at 7:42 am. 

Is Teal Swan’s Name a Made-Up Name?  

Believe it or not, Teal Swan is not a “made-up” name. When Teal was born, her parents named her Mary Teal Bosworth. However, her parents only ever called her by her middle name, Teal. So, Teal was called Teal all her life. She acquired her last name through marriage when she married a man with the last name of Swan. She kept the name as she felt like it was always meant to come to her.   

Teal’s parents decided to name her Teal for three reasons. 1. Their love of Teal Lake in the Uinta Mountain range, where they worked as forest rangers. 2. One of their favorite characters, Teal Eye, in the book The Big Sky. And 3. A powerful experience that her father had with a Blue Wing Teal duck.   

Where was Teal Born?  

Teal was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Where did Teal Grow Up?

 Northern Utah, deep in the rural Rocky Mountains of the United States of America 

How Tall is Teal? 


What Color are Teal’s Eyes?  


What Color is Teal’s Hair? 


What is Teal’s Ethnicity?  

Genetically speaking, Teal is 100% European. Her ancestry is predominantly Alpine Celt. She is of 94 percent North Western European descent (French and German, Irish and British). And 6 percent Eastern European. Most recently, her father’s family came to the United States from England and her mother’s family came to the United States from Ireland.      

What is Teal’s Diet like? 

Teal is vegan, lectin free and sugar free. She avoids processed foods and does not drink alcohol or coffee.   

What is Teal’s Aura Color?  

Indigo (It is a light spectrum indigo color, similar to a periwinkle hue)     

How does Teal do her Frequency Paintings? 

She sees the pattern of the frequencies, much like you or I see a physical object. She then hand paints them with a mix of watercolor and acrylic paint on canvass. Images of the original paintings are then taken to create digital prints and products.  

What Is Teal’s Enneagram Number? 

Teal is a type 4 (the Individualist) with a type 3 wing (The Achiever). This combination is known as: The Aristocrat.  

What is Teal’s Human Design Type? 

Teal is a: Reflector  

What is Teal’s Myers-Briggs Personality Type?  

Teal is an: INFJ 

What Is Teal’s Love Language? 

Her first love language is: Gifts. Her secondary love language is: Quality Time.    

What is Teal Swan’s Spirit Animal?  

A red fox. Her shadow totem is a blue whale.  

What is Teal’s Favorite animal? 


Does Teal Swan have any Pets? 

Teal is a huge animal lover and animal rights advocate. She cohabitates with two dogs. And one cat. A border collie/newfoundland mix rescue dog named “Sugar” and a cream golden retriever named “Snow”. And a cat named “Comet”.    

What Do Teal’s Tattoos Mean?

Teal has eight tattoos. In the order that she got them, this is what they mean:  

*Two Chinese Kanji… one on each wrist. The Kanji on her left wrist means Ice. The Kanji on her right wrist means Moon. She got these tattoos after visiting China as a late teen. As a late teen, she went to a traditional Wuji Qigong, Kungfu and Chinese medicine center. The Chinese students there nicknamed her “Bing Yue” which translates to Ice Moon, because they thought that Teal Looked like a Chinese folklore character that is known by that name. Teal felt belonging there and got the tattoo to keep the experience and the students there, with her always.  

*One small Chinese Kanji on her left ring finger that means Sky (it also means heaven). She also got this tattoo as a late teen. Teal’s brother’s name is Sky. So, she got the tattoo when she decided to leave home, in order to carry him with her. 

*A tattoo of the seal of alchemy on her upper left arm complete with a band encircling her arm that says: Phaleg, but it is written in the unknown language that she started to spontaneously write in as a small child. Phaleg roughly translates to: To overcome with strength of will. It is also the name of an Olympian spirit. The seal of alchemy was a symbol whose components represent the great principle of alchemy… that thought creates reality. The symbol was used by ancient alchemists to conceal this principle of alchemy so that it did not fall into the wrong hands. Teal got this tattoo in her very early twenties (over a scar made on her arm by her childhood abuser) to represent her escape from her abuser. 

* Sixteen snowflakes in the wind, winding around her lower leg, from her foot up to just below her knee on her right leg. The largest snowflake, on the top of her right foot, contains the Chinese Kanji meaning: Bravery. Teal got this tattoo when she made the US Telemark Ski Team in 2005. Teal loves the Winter and feels the safest in the snow-covered mountains. She got this tattoo as a statement that she belongs to the Winter and to the snow-covered mountains. She got this tattoo over top of binding scars that were made by her abuser putting ties around her ankles, to represent his ownership of her. So, in this way, she was deciding to belong to the Winter and to the snow-covered mountains instead. The Kanji in the middle of the snowflake on her foot represents both the bravery required to survive her abuse as well as the bravery necessary to advance in the mastery of skiing.  

* The Seal of Self Mastery on her upper back, between her shoulder blades. It was said in Roman times that he who had faced five adversaries and lived, had mastered his own fear and was granted a kind of re-birth. Teal got this tattoo in her early twenties to represent her commitment to self-mastery, as well as to represent a degree of achievement of mastery over her fear in conjunction with a personal re-birth.   

* The words: Follow Your Joy in a custom paintbrush calligraphy script spanning the length of her inner left forearm. She got this tattoo in her late twenties to represent the core meaning of creation in the universe. The consciousness of the Greater Universe (what many call Source or God), which is in search of self-awareness, arrives at that self-awareness by discovering all the potentials within itself. It has become aware that not only is it bringing into manifestation (creating) the very things which it is seeking out, it is an endless process because the nature of itself is infinite. Therefore, what is the point of self-discovery and therefore creation? The answer is: The joy of it. For those who are not yet ready for the true meaning of this simply worded koan, it is a good reminder to prioritize your joy when it comes to deciding the direction of your life.

Is it true that Teal was an Athlete? 

Yes. Teal is very athletic and is a serious sports enthusiast. In her youth, Teal was a competitive horseback rider in both English and western bareback style riding. She was a gymnast. She was also a jazz, modern and classical ballet dancer. Teal grew up skiing with her father… both in-resort and back country skiing. She also did recurve archery. And she competed in track and field at her high school. In her early twenties, Teal focused entirely on skiing professionally and made the United States Telemark Ski Racing Team. And later she became a long track speedskater. She still enjoys and does sports to this day. 

What are Teal’s Hobbies?  

Skiing, cooking, baking, horses, tennis, archery, running, many forms of art, being with animals, beach volleyball, games (especially questions games), movies, watching hockey and watching halfpipe freestyle skiing.   

How old was Teal when she Officially Started her Career?  

She was 25 years old 

What Music does Teal Like? 

Teal especially loves Alternative/Indie Music. Teal also especially loves Rap Music. Primarily Gangsta Rap, Hip Hop and Trap. She also loves Electronic Music (she has a special affinity for Ambient Electronic and Trance). She also loves Bossanova, Swing Jazz and Modal Jazz, Big Band. In addition to this, Teal has been known to listen to all kinds of Meditation music, Salsa Music, Celtic Music, Acoustic Guitar, Many types of Classical Music, especially Baroque, Movie Scores and Neo Classical.  

What is Teal’s favorite Holiday? 

Christmas. Teal absolutely LOVES Christmas. She becomes Santa Clause around her in December.    

What are Teal’s favorite Movies?  

Teal loves to wind down with a movie. Her favorite movie of all time is The Dark Crystal. Some of her other favorites are Legends of The Fall, Fried Green Tomatoes, I Heart Huckabee’s, Dances With Wolves, Willow, Little Women, The Young Victoria, Harry Potter, Stranger Than Fiction,  Inception, Blades of Glory, Thank You For Smoking, !00 Foot Journey, Garden State, Wuthering Heights, The Duchess, Tristen and Isolde,  Meet Joe Black, Snow Falling on Cedars, K-PAX, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Help, Pride and Prejudice, 3-Iron, Memoirs of a Geisha, Good Will Hunting, Trainwreck, My Big Fat Greek Wedding,  Romeo and Juliet, Legally Blonde, The Notebook, Zoolander, Office Space, Sabrina,  Talladega Nights, V for Vendetta and Little Buddha. 

Is Teal a Morning or a Night Person?  

Teal is a morning person. She usually gets up before everyone else, when it is still dark outside and gets a jump start on productivity before anyone else wakes up.   

Does Teal have any Children?  

Yes. Teal has one son. He was born on June 23rd2009. And his name is Winter

Is Teal in a Relationship? 

Teal prefers to keep the focus on the content she shares rather than on the distraction of the details of her personal life. That being said, being at her level of consciousness, exclusivity is not in alignment with her being. She prefers to have close partnerships and meaningful relationships with key people in her life.    


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