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Your Life Is Waiting

inside-2568698_640.jpgThe plane is filled.  The tips of hundreds of heads peak out from behind the seat backs.  From my place in the main cabin, it looks like a river of people stretching out before me.  I am crossing the ocean by crossing the clouds once again.  This time, back to my home country.

It seems no matter where I go; I can’t avoid stirring up controversy. I was informed that because this trip to Monaco was an official trip made by a diplomat, the previous blog (the red lace dress) would have to be approved by the ambassador before being made public.  Needless to say, due to the fact that I did my typical authentic energy diagnosis of the place, the powers that be were not happy with the blog and did not give it the green light.  I long for the day that political positions will be filled by those who will not yield to politics and who are willing to throw political correctness to the wind.

My whole life has flown in the face of “how things should be”.  You’d be surprised that even the most awake demographics in the world in terms of consciousness are held captive by an idea about how things should be.  Even the most awake demographics resist and disapprove of anything that doesn’t fit into that mold. 

should-1767702_640.pngThe pain we experience in this life boils down to two sides of the very same coin.  1. Thinking that something should be that isn’t.  2. Thinking that something shouldn’t be that is.  Every single one of us does this to some degree.  When we do either, we are in resistance to the present moment.  As a result, we suffer.  The path of ascension brings us the place where we are forced by our hearts to drop the way we think things should be, and instead meet the experiences we will encounter while we follow our dreams.  If you are a person who holds other people to the “should standard” that you have predetermined in your mind, you are the kind of person who holds yourself to this should standard as well.  This prevents movement, growth and happiness.  It makes you a person of principle.  The thing is, the universe pays no respect to principles.  It will bring you gifts in forms that you cannot let yourself accept.  It will offer opportunities you wont allow yourself to take.  You will not be free.  You will spend more time sitting in the stadium of life watching the game go on, rather than actually playing.  When we drop the way we think things should be, follow our dreams and surrender to the outside the box experiences we are led to, we find that we arrive at a life that is better than what we could have even imagined.

If we hold others to our idea of “should” and “should not”, we will teach them to ignore their internal guidance system.  We will cause them to become lost.  If we hold ourselves to our idea of “should” and “should not”, we will ignore our own internal guidance system and we will become lost.

compass-1753659_640.jpgFeeling lost is a common problem amongst people today.  And it is a common problem for one reason, people have been taught to ignore their internal guidance systems.  And what is your internal guidance system exactly?  Your feelings and your emotions.  Think of your emotions like a compass or a navigation system in your car that tells you everything you need to know about yourself and about your desires and about navigating the world and making choices.  When you ignore your emotions or prioritize other things than the way you feel, it is like going on an expedition in uncharted territory with no compass.

plank-729441_640.jpgWhen you do something that is not in alignment with your own personal truth, your emotional guidance system starts alerting you, (just like a navigation system in a car) that you have missed your exit.  It does so, with the use of negative emotion.  In order to continue in the direction you are going, you need to tune out to your emotional guidance system.  It’s like taking duct tape and taping over the top of your compass and turning the volume down on your navigation system.  You will experience this perpetual ignoring of your emotions as a deadening or a numbing within yourself.  

cranium-2028555_640.pngIf we are out of touch with the way we feel and disconnected from our own truth, pretty soon we cannot figure out what we like and don’t like. We cannot figure out why we are doing what we are doing or how we ended up where we ended up.  It’s as if we just let ourselves float into a tide and drifted here, to wherever this is.  Emotionally, it will literally feel as if we have “drifted” or are “drifting”.  This, along with emotional numbness, is the emotional hallmark of feeling lost.

With thanksgiving right around the corner, most of us are sure to face the tyranny of “should”.  It is sure to be projected onto you by those who profess to love you.  This holiday, I urge you to keep the volume of your navigation system on high.  Keep your duct tape in storage and follow your compass no matter which direction people tell you that you should or shouldn’t go.  Because your life is waiting!


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