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Their Lives In My Hands, My Life In Their Hands

I remember being a teenager and listening to the rap song from Notorious BIG ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’.  The chorus of the song is: “I don't know what they want from me.  It's like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.” Yes, this is the point at which it shocks everyone that a spiritual figure (me) doesn’t only listen to ambient spiritual music and Indian flute.  In fact, I love rap.  I love rap played at full blast on a subwoofer.  I blame the fact that I have the same birthday as 2 Pac for this ? Anyway, I remember considering this idea that success; (especially fame in this case) had a downside.  But as a teenager, it was abstract for me at that time.  It was someone else expressing their struggle with the pressures of success.  This week, I caught myself carrying out the multiplicity of errands I had to run (every one of them caused by the complications of fame) with these lyrics running through my head on repeat.  This time, I had a whole new personal understanding of those lyrics. 
red-carpet-1842849_640.jpgFame is an insurmountable pressure.  There are SO many problems that come with fame that it is no surprise that stars end up committing suicide or visiting rehab centers.  Problems like:

  • Never knowing for sure if someone is a friend of yours or just someone pretending to be, so as to catapult their own self-esteem or career manipulatively with your fame as the springboard.
  • Betrayal everywhere you look.  Never being able to fully trust people and being terrified to let anyone too close for fear that the second there is any conflict with them (an inevitability in relationships) they will run to the press or to your hate groups with the intimate things you trusted them with. 
  • Being a huge target for inevitable law suits carried out simply because people want to bring you down or because they want to blackmail you into paying them just so you can avoid a public scandal splashed all over the media.  Opposition of you is how they get a sense of significance and fame.
  • People provoking you in horrific ways just so they can get the headline they want.
  • Everything you say being taken out of context so as to paint the picture a specific journalist wants to paint of you.
  • Everything gets magnified.  If a normal person gets mad, it’s a person getting mad… which people do.  If someone famous gets mad, because of the social power they hold, they are seen as a nightmare.  This is even truer if they are a spiritual figure and therefore expected to be the example of non-reactivity.
  • Damned if you do damned if you don’t scenarios at every turn.  For example, if you don’t expose your personal life, they say you aren’t relatable.  If you do expose your personal life and become relatable, they discredit you as an authority and begin to give you advice.
  • Once you get big enough to hire a team of people, you now have the pressure of tons of other people on your shoulders.  You experience things like company politics, taking the fall for other people on the team making mistakes, managing people, expenses rising with every extra dollar you make, bringing with it the pressure to keep up with those expenses.  Not being able to grow at all unless those expenses are paid and therefore having to stay successful enough and in favor enough with fans to support not just you, but the lives of several other individuals and their families (just to name a few things).
  • bodyguard-247684_640.jpgHaving to worry about security and have bodyguards because of the incredible amount of unstable personalities that become obsessed or haters, both of which are willing to kill if they are unstable enough.  
  • Because of the power that comes with fame, you become the projection of every person’s relationship to authority.  This especially means being the recipient of everyone’s displaced issues with, and unmet needs relative to, mom and dad.
  • You stop being seen and treated as human.  People say whatever they want about you and do whatever they want to you as if you were an object.  If you have feelings about it, people tell you “what do you expect?  This is what comes with fame.”
  • The ‘crab in the bucket’ syndrome is no joke.  When you get success, you meet with incredible opposition.  People with low self-esteem either idolize you, in which case it is impossible not to disappoint them one day.  Or they dedicate themselves to trying to knock you down and find fault with you so they can feel better about themselves in comparison to you.  If these people find validation through other people looking to do the same, you have a recipe for a whole hate group dedicated to taking you down in any way they can.  And this makes the world become very predatory. 
  • Being judged for being successful and people hating you for making money even more so than being judged for not being successful.  
  • Not being included by or treated as if you belong with people who you knew before you got famous.
  • Your kids growing up with totally abnormal lives and feeling intensely guilty for this.  This includes having their parent traveling all the time, having to hear everyone’s opinions about their parent, being condemned by virtue of association and having to grow up worrying about whether their parent is going to die.  This means people who have read bad press on the internet calling the police and child protective services to check up on your child.  This means all the parents at your kid’s school not allowing their kids to come play at your house and raising hell with the principal just in case what they read on the internet is true.  This means having to get security for your child due to threats you receive not just against you, but against your kids.
  • People assuming all kinds of things about you and your relationships that are absurdly and totally untrue.  They misinterpret things as well.  In many cases, you have no way to set the record straight.  Or you are in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t position relative to responding.  If you do set the record straight, you will spend your life answering to opposition instead of doing your job and people will condemn you for being defensive.  Or people take your lack of response as confirmation that what was assumed and stated is true.    
  • Slander works.  As if it isn’t hard enough to succeed without opposition, you will be faced with trying to succeed in spite of everyone else.  Honestly think back to standing in line at the grocery store.  When you see the headline “Angelina Cheats on Brad, The Babysitter Tells All”, either you buy the whole story hook line and sinker. After all it is someone close to the family (the babysitter) that said so.  Or you wonder whether it is true or not. It plants a seed.  Either way, it does affect the way you feel about the person because you now see them through the filter of that slander.  When you are famous, your reputation precedes you, whether it is true or not.  And you get to feel the tension of that filter that precedes you meeting with people all the time.     
  • Press and people who were close but decide to turn against you either intimately know or have a 6th sense for what hurts the most, your greatest weak spots and what you are the most sensitive about.  It is always that place that they choose to attack you.    
  • metaphor-1209691_640.jpgUnless you are in the mood to be ‘on stage’ and have every move you make or thing you wear scrutinized, you become a hermit.  
  • Fame is intensely, intensely isolating.  Your chance at having successful relationships goes down like crazy.  It is nearly impossible to find someone who is actually compatible to you because no one cares whether or not you are compatible to them.  So many people are with you simply because of the image they hold in their head of who they think you are and what they can get from you.  You become an accessory to someone else’s sense of self.  And worse than that, so many people who would be good friends or partners cannot handle the many pressures that come with fame and also the way it isolates you and they do not choose that kind of exposed and limited lifestyle for themselves, so they distance themselves from you.  It becomes too hard for a multitude of reasons to be friends with people who don’t understand and can’t handle the business and reality of fame.  As a result, you end up for self-preservation sake, having to associate primarily with other super successful and famous people, who are also isolating, distrusting and insanely busy.     

This is a very short list of some of the problems that come with fame.  And they are so painful it is ineffable.  As so many of the people around me in my close circle can tell you personally, it is something you only really get when you are on this side of it.  
photographers-16724_640.jpg.8fd6fa54190a57035c4b9ac0ab2ddd85.jpgTo be totally authentic, this last three years has been a real struggle for me in terms of the problems that come with fame.  The music and movie stars get their relationships and characters shredded.  But spiritual figures, much like politicians, are famous for their opinions.  This means not only will our relationships and characters be shredded; we will also be targeted and shredded for whether we help or harm people in general.  This not only destroyed my personal life, it also led to a rash of periodicals in places like The Guardian and Daily Mail that have created a level of controversy surrounding me that is so intense, many people are afraid to even associate with me at all.  

Way back in the day, when I was still seeing individual clients, I saw a woman named Leslie Wangsgaard whenever she felt the need for a visit.  I was very close to Leslie.  She was not only seeing me for help, she was also simultaneously under the care of a psychiatrist and on medication for anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.  I had a trip planned to go into the desert for a solar eclipse.  It was my first vacation in 4 years.  But in a heart crushing turn, that was the exact time that Leslie went into crisis and ended up killing herself.  When I got back into cell phone range, I had a few voicemails.  The first few were distress messages from both Leslie and her husband asking for a session with me at my earliest convenience.  Then, a desperate message from Leslie’s husband informing me that Leslie had killed herself with her prescription medication.  It was the first time I had ever been in a ‘mentor/guide’ position relative to someone that had committed suicide.  I had been told by psychologists that I knew before that time, that the day inevitably comes in every therapist’s career that someone you worked with will commit suicide and it makes you doubt the choice to become a therapist.  I am not a psychologist.  But I found out first hand exactly what they were taking about.  For three days, I fell into a career/purpose crisis.  Just like everyone else around Leslie, I searched for how I could have done something to prevent it.  I felt guilty that I hadn’t been there when she needed me.  I was very attached to her as a person and to her husband as well.

Unfortunately at that time, we had taken on a very unstable volunteer named Cameron Clark.  When the entire team decided Cameron was a liability because of her divisive and antagonistic, mentally disturbed behavior and needed to be sent home, Cameron turned against me and became one of my principal haters.  She went straight to anyone with a following who publicly attacked spiritual teachers looking for help to take me down.  She found assistance.  Unfortunately, the two weeks she stayed in the community was exactly during the time that Leslie committed suicide.  Cameron was in close enough vicinity to me to see me cry about Leslie’s death and express my regret that I had not been there when she went into crisis.  And so the first thing she did, going straight for my weak spot, was to create slander flyers that said “Leslie Ann Wangsgaard (birth date and death date)...  Goes to Teal for a session and commits suicide…  What would you think?”  This was where the slander rumor that equated me to a person that causes people to commit suicide began.  

One hate article led to two and three, all of which took this same provocative angle.  When I addressed these claims, I went public with my opinions on suicide in general.  I went public not only as a spiritual mentor, but also having been someone who attempted suicide myself as a teen.  Pretty soon, regardless of the fact that I never intended for suicide to be my career focus, I developed a reputation for being a person who is specializing (and apparently in a controversial way) in suicide. Regardless of the fact that it is complete fallacy, people started treating me like an accessory to suicide.  

Because suicide is such a juicy headline, this has become a situation that has been the focus of nearly every interview.  Earlier this year, a writer for Gizmodo Media Group (which is operated by the Media group that bought out Gawker when it went into bankruptcy losing a law suit for its slander against Hulk Hogan) posed as a neutral journalist looking to cover my story.  Instead, this writer wrote an investigative piece and several podcasts that were so biased against me that I had other journalists contacting me to apologize for the lack of professional journalism of their colleague and to request interviews to do more balanced periodicals.  He did interviews with several experts, such as doctors involved with The Completion Process, in which out of the hours of positive things they had to say, he would extract the one thing they would say that could cast doubt in people’s minds and include that alone in the podcast.  Our team trusted him and gave him all the information and access he asked for.  While he pretended to be an ally, it was all spun against me in the end.  To put it mildly, if I first heard about me from his podcast, I would think I was a monster.  But the most important thing to know about this journalist is that he too chose the juicy angle of posing the idea that I harm people because of my approach to suicide.  What has happened in the wake of this article has led to a situation that has shocked every member of our team. 

suicide-2347543_640.jpgNo one wants to talk about controversial things like suicide.  It is easier to just wash your hands clean of things and refer people to a suicide hotline.  But I have talked about it.  I talked about it in response to this chain reaction that started with Cameron Clark’s absurd strategy to take me down with what would really hurt years ago.  I talked about it not only for the sake of my own career, but also because people who are suicidal have no advocates and we are approaching suicidal ideation in the wrong way precisely because people do not understand suicidal people and therefore do not understand how to approach them.  Getting a degree in psychology or psychiatry from a classroom in a college does not mean that someone can understand the mental and emotional state of someone who is suicidal.  As a result, the approaches to suicide prevention that exist in the world today are not adequate.  Unfortunately, I had to find this out personally back when I was trying to get help for it and literally kept running into either no help or ‘professionals’ making it worse no matter how much they meant well.  Now, I am facing three problems.

  1. My haters have seen this as a great leverage tool to take me down.   The media craze around me and suicide specifically has created a situation where now on a weekly basis, we receive threats that people will kill themselves so as to take me down. 
  2. My very manipulative fans who are partial to victim control drama are using it now as a way to force me into doing what they want.  They are threatening that if I don’t let them stay at my retreat center Philia or solve their problems, they will commit suicide, so I have to help them personally or do what they want if I don’t want more bad press relative to suicide and blood on my hands.
  3. I am one of the only people in the field of health and wellness being associated with suicide and directly addressing it with my opinion on how it should be approached.  As a result, now suicidal people who are actually in need of help are flocking to my workshops and retreats in droves.  I both love this because I do want to help people who are struggling with suicidal ideation and hate this because of the insane liability it poses.  What happens if someone who was suicidal comes to me for help but commits suicide?  Am I to be blamed for it?  It quite literally feels like I have been made responsible for people’s lives and deaths.  

question-mark-1019820_640.jpgThe honest truth that no one wants to admit is that no one in the mainstream mental health field knows what to do with suicidal people and it is an epidemic in the world today.  It is such a problem that even the government is trying to figure out what to do.  If you drug suicidal people, it doesn’t deal with the underlying problem and so many of the people who commit suicide are on prescribed mental health medication already.  So the medication itself isn’t the solution.

If someone goes into the hospital when they are suicidal, it costs them an arm and a leg financially (at least in America) so people are looking at an even worse life on the other side of being released than before they went in.  It may get someone past a crisis.  But no one can turn the underlying issues creating suicidal ideation around in a day or a week stay in a hospital.  So inevitably, they return.  On top of that, so many of the people who commit suicide never say a thing to anyone about it and simply kill themselves.  Those who try to get help for it are not wanting to die.  They are wanting help to get out of pain, which they feel totally powerless to do.

On top of that, so few crisis hotline interventionists and psychologists have dealt with being suicidal or tried to commit suicide themselves.  As a result, they approach suicidal mentality from the outside looking in.  This does not work.  For example, there is nothing worse than hearing words of hope from someone when you are suicidal.  Telling someone who is suicidal that there is a good reason to live or that suicide is the easy way out or reminding them that it destroys people around them is a death sentence. 
I so badly want to change the way that the mental health field approaches suicidal individuals.  I so badly want to help people who are in this space that I was in.  But I do not want my entire mission brought down because someone who came to me for help decides to commit suicide.  I would love for someone to see me as a key factor for why they did not commit suicide.  But is it fair to make someone, whether it is a psychologist or psychiatrist or life coach or spiritual leader  responsible for whether someone decides to take their own life?
fear-4208770_640.jpgIn the 1980s, some of Osho’s disciples established Rancho Rajneesh.  It was essentially an intentional community of his, consisting of people who followed his teachings, in Oregon.  The local community was really upset by the idea of a religious community, which they saw as a cult, moving into the area.  Some tolerated it, others were absolutely up in arms determined to prevent the commune from establishing itself there.  Multiple legal battles ensued.  Some of his unstable followers decided in response to frustration regarding the opposition they were met with, to carry out a biological attack in 1984, the year I was born.  They deliberately contaminated the salad bars at several local restaurants in order to incapacitate the people who would vote against them so their own candidates would win the Wasco County Elections.  751 people were infected.  That was meant to be simply a trial run before infecting the entire water system.  Because of their association with Osho, Osho was placed under investigation for the crime and faced being charged with the crime.  Because there was no evidence to prove he knew about any of it, he was not arrested for the poisoning.  Instead, he was arrested for immigration violation.  For people, like myself, who are leading a spiritual movement, we live in terror of situations like Osho got himself into.  We live in terror of being unable to control what other people in our following do and don’t do, but being made responsible for it.

As a result of this press campaign against me, I live in fear of being unable to control whether someone ultimately decides to take their life, but being made responsible for it.  I live in fear that I will be blamed for not being able to prevent it.  I live in fear that I will be accused of somehow contributing to someone’s decision to do it, even though my aim is to help someone want to live.  I live in fear that a hater of mine, or someone who turns against me, will try to take down my career in this insanely aggressive move to “kill two birds with one stone” (what the last person who threatened us actually threatened to do).  I live in fear that someone will kill themselves if I don’t do what they want me to do, which is to take them into my retreat center as an act of charity/implied duty.  They want me to be totally responsible for them financially and emotionally, which is something I cannot do.  I cannot afford to take in suicidal people as if they were stray cats or orphaned children as much as I wish there were somewhere in the world that could do this.  I also know that when I refer them to the hospital or suicide crisis hotline (which I do if someone is actively threatening in a crisis to commit suicide, as opposed to trying to get help with their chronic suicidal thoughts or feelings) it solves nothing long term and usually traumatizes them further.  This is an issue that no one really has a good solution for.  But I am curious if anyone has any thoughts to share in the comments below this blog. 

no-symbol-39767_640.jpgWhile all of this terrifies me (and the whole team to be honest), it has also inspired me.  The unexpected avalanche of focus on suicidality in general has made me aware of just how much this issue needs to be talked about and needs to cease to become taboo.  It is a serious subject.  But if it continues to be taboo, and continues to be a subject we all want to avoid in order to stay safe and emotionally clean, the people who so desperately need help with it will never get the help they need.  Metaphorically speaking, the blood will be on all of our hands.  For this reason, I will continue to speak about it.  I will continue to speak about it, hoping that people will see that I am an advocate of a life worth living for those who feel like I once felt... That all life is, is suffering. 

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What you experience shows the emotional  state of the majority of people  and  their level of consciousness.

So I hope you will continue your work, but I understand that this will only happen if you manage to set your boundaries properly.

If this doesn´t turn out to be possible, I´ll understand if you retire.

Lots of love


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There is nothing I can say about those feelings, I’m not famous thank fuck.

And for the abuse you receive for caring about the suicidal, that is disgusting.

If you weren’t cursed with beauty Teal, you may have been able to get away from it all from time to time.


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Teal I want you to know that you have ended up a target but the thing they fail to realize is that you are still here having a human experience with us.  This is the shadow side of being a spiritual leader that most don't see because they fake it. Authenticity is your over arcing message and you actually live by it. This is why I think you gain such momentum with both sides of this. The people who really see what your trying to say are truly becoming themselves and thats the beautiful part but the darker side is that some of these people are gonna take the information you gave them and use it against you. You sharpen their swords for them only to have it used to cut you down.  Hurt people doin what they do best I guess. It sucks when people turn out to be someone different from who we thought they were. It makes you question yourself and your judgment  but sometimes its really not your fault theres really nothing you could have changed. They did this for themselves not to you. We have also manifested a way of life here that these fake people are getting real good at fooling even our extrasensory and perceptive people. They can disconnect from reality to a degree that they almost channel another persona whether its to fool us or just because they dont feel like they can be themselves either way I wont justify it I just suggest that aside from all the actually stuff they are doin to Teal that the community not entertain these negative people in their pointless endeavor to stop this wonderful woman from healing our world with us.  I get why people are clinging to you for dear life but I feel like they forget that you are just as human as they are.  I also want you to know that you've helped me out of countless dark lonely nights with your messages of self love and just the fact that someone exists that thinks the way you do has given me and I'm sure many many others hope for our world.  Always in step with the collective despite it all.


A high vibration doesn't mean no problems 

It can however mean that your problems get as real as you do 


I hope we can move through these problems as a community 

We need to take this opportunity to help Teal tackle this problem

We all want to live in a better world some even want to start intentional communities

We should be looking at this blog post thinking about how we can better help our community

Our own people are crying out for help lets reach out sometimes all they they need is a hand

Sorry I type a lot lol

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From my own experience and knowledge those that choose suicide do go back to source energy, but when they reincarnate they get to experience the same kinds of situations they did in their previous lifetime until they grow from it. So choosing suicide just prolongs th misery. 

As far as helping, invest in energy healers who have a proven track record of shrinking the pain associated with suicidal tendencies/thoughts. In my practice I’ve seen some really amazing things happen for those who are stuck in those kinds of low vibrational patterns. 

Edited by Tara M

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In the same fashion that you presented to Leslie Wangsgaard before she suicided, when you told her to either commit to life or to death, you are now faced with a similar choice. Either commit to your job as a spiritual teacher who helps the unlovable, the broken, the despised, the suicidal, the forgotten, the dark ones, or commit to fame.


Only you have chosen this dilemma you are in. So far you have wished to be famous and adorned and now you find yourself at this unbearable crossroads. It all began with your fabricated “rape story” of the family friend who allegedly raped you for 10 years until you were 18. You claim there was no evidence or proof to bring charges against him. So he goes unpunished or imprisoned. Yet the great entertainer Bill Cosby’s career and reputation has been utterly destroyed by women claiming he sexually assaulted them while they were drugged over 20 years ago. Without a shred of physical evidence these women have managed to bring this man to trial and destroy his career. Whether or not he eventually ends up in prison has yet to be determined. The point I am making, when you make an outlandish claim of sexual abuse and rape that cannot be substantiated, then you have automatically set yourself up for a lifetime of scandal, attack, criticism, and hateful followers who turn against you. No police agency in the world would ignore a young woman’s claim “yours” that you were repeatedly raped and tortured by the veterinarian who was a friend of your families. If this man had truly done all these things, then his behavior would have surfaced in another of his chosen victims. Your rape story is a lie, plain and simple. You used it to launch your career and now you have to deal with the fall out.


So the choice for you is Choose fame or choose to be a spiritual teacher. You cannot have both and be an effective teacher to those who need you and who suffer. You are the only teacher embroiled in such controversy. I don’t see Mary Ann Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Mike Dooley, Deepak Chopra, or any other teacher being attacked and hated as you are. Only you. And you love it in every degree. You have orchestrated it and created it to the magnitude of which it now exists. You have chosen yourself to have your picture plastered over every magazine from fashion to New Age. You choose to giggle and act silly in front of interviewers while on camera when important and sensitive questions are asked. You choose to be immature and act flippant when the really serious questions come. There should not be a doubt in your mind why you have attracted so much hate and resentment.


I do not blame or condemn you for the suicide of Leslie Wangsgaard. But the question arises? Why were you not able to help her? You like me have been incarcerated within mental institutions on numerous occasions. You know the trauma, the negative attitudes and neglect present within a mental health crisis unit. You of all people should understand suicidal thinking while none other around you have the foggiest notion. Yet you could not reach Leslie? You never identified within Leslie the specific beliefs or unmet conditions that were causing her enormous pain. You tried techniques. Techniques are useless and never substitute for true understanding which you never established with this deceased soul. And then you add further insult to her pain by publicly stating that she reincarnated two days later after her death into another family with the exact conditions that created her pain in her previous life?


You complain now that you and your staff are afraid because droves of suicidal people are showing up at your workshops demanding help. And they should be showing up. Why? You are the only person on the planet who claims you understand their dilemma. Having body guards around shows you do not really believe in the law of attraction nor trust God or the universe to protect you in your chosen mission. To be afraid of suicidal people is to further condemn them and you to pain and oblivion. Do you not trust the universe to protect you while you deliver your message? No, you do not apparently. If your staff which is probably only Blake to afraid of the mission you have chosen, then choose different people who are not afraid. You call all the shots.


No one but you is making the decision to travel to far away exotic locations to conduct workshops that only the privileged few can afford or attend. You created the retreat in Costa Rica that only the well to do can afford. I do not believe you when you say you do this to raise the money so that you can provide free content to the less privileged. In the time it takes for you to produce one book, other authors have produced five. Yet writing is the least expensive and the most direct way to reach millions. Yet you disappear from your blog and article section of your website for weeks at a time. You are more concerned with sitting on stage and being the center of fame and attention.  You are probably the most hated new age teacher on the planet right now. I don’t hate you like I did. I have followed your work for 5 years, but I don’t hate you no longer. I am deeply disappointed in you and feel betrayed by your obsession with fame and the unwillingness to carry out your mission of helping the disturbed and unlovable people who follow and pursue you.


Solution: Have workshops just for these people. Have workshops in the U.S. and not in Costa Rica. Have workshops for the suicidal and depressed and for their families and invite them and sit with them for a day or 3 days. Do not let your staff dissuade you with lies about how dangerous that would be. You cannot be afraid of being held liable by the mental health community for not having proper credentials. You and I know the mental health community is your and mine’s enemy and the enemy of all trapped in suicidal feelings. Have these workshops and come up with solutions. Let them talk, let them share. Yes!, you may have to have security there to control someone if they get upset or restrain them. That is the risk you must be willing to take. Quit hiding from these people. You are not going to get rid of them because you have shown compassion and understanding towards them where no one else has. If you avoid them, then it could turn into a dangerous situation.


I support you 100%. I totally agree with you that no one in the mental health community know how to help these people and that by seeking help through a crisis line or getting hospitalized will result in further trauma and pain for them to resolve.

Edited by Wayne Williams
punctuation and grammar

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Great piece Teal.  Consciousness rises through heroes and victims. Some succumb very early as they can't take the pressure. Others significantly add to universal expansion. Some move small mounds while others move mountains. We each come to do what we came here for. My brother used to tell me: Jaime, seed but don't harvest. It is for the other to harvest when, how and in whatever way he wants. Just keep seeding. Some seeds land on fertile soil, germinate and sprout. As Anita Moorjani says a lot: "My Heart goes out to You Teal".  Love you.

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I have been thinking in all what you have written for a while. The reality of our society can be seen very clearly with the relationships we have to celebrity. When I see a celebrity drunk on stage and all their fans laughing at this celebrity jokes, I realize the hopelessness that someone who is "seen" by everyone is still invisible to everyone. The human species are very far from reaching its full potential. We are as species, basically quite dumb  and sort of emotional cannibals. We need to stay strong and go through this to learn how to direct this energies as real magicians.

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Hi Teal, Teal’s Team, and Teal Tribers,

You asked us if we have any thoughts about solutions for the suicide epidemic… (forewarning I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, just a human who has suffered a bit and has a little self awareness) I think what you are doing, referring people to suicide hotlines when they are in direct physical danger, and then using your outreach through videos and workshops to help people recover in the long run, is the best solution, but not the perfect solution. Most mental hospitals and suicide hotlines are so “out of alignment” right now, but in the future as more people commit to self awareness and helping others I hope that suicide prevention centers will evolve. Ultimately what suicide teaches us is that our life is our decision and responsibility, so I don’t think it is fair of you to hold on to the responsibilities of someone taking their life. But if you can save one life, it is worth it to speak up, right? And I think you already know that you have. You are right in that keeping silent perpetuates the isolation and numbness suicidal people feel.

I am sorry to read that you have been struggling with the negative aspects of gaining fame. When I feel into you, I feel someone who is extremely sensitive, open, perceptive and attuned to others, and unconditionally loving unparallel to anything I’ve ever felt in a person. It is unfortunate that content creators are emotional and sensitive people who are especially vulnerable to isolation and negativity from fame. You, more that most, understand that true connection and intimacy is vital for yourself and your team. It sounds like to me you guys might need a break and some redirection.

Love, Lia

P.S. I am the woman who was uncomfortable on stage in New York when you were talking about my suicide ideation. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for the event here ?

P.S.S. I know that this is an extremely sensitive and taboo subject, so I hope everyone can feel my words come from a caring and loving place. Please let me know if anything I said was insensitive.

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@Wayne Williams Are you doing any of the things that she is doing? I am not doing so I dont keep any rights to criticize. Do you know how much it takes to find the ultimate truth and then share it with people inspite of few ungrateful people trying to attack her? Its too much! So, have respect for someone who is a saviour of many and who is also trying to be there for everyone through her every video where each of her word is precious and its brilliant. What is the problem in doing homework for few people? If such people dont like her then let them search for another guru. It so simple! Why to kill yourself? If she gets famous and some people dont like it then pls let them look within. What do you think, how long she will stay famous? Everyone dies one day, so let her live and spread the knowledge. Is that okay?

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The more people fear Death and its consequences like karma, reincarnation patterings.... the less suicide problems we are going to have in society. 



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Hi Teal, 

Some thoughts that emerged while reading this: 

Since the beginning of time, beings carrying the light incarnated to bring it down to the humans on planet earth. Their message was able to light the fire in many souls, while others would decide to kill those carriers of the light. This was the story of many prophets and other famous examples. Some centuries ago, "witches" were still burnt at the stake. Nowadays (but still depending on the culture we were born in), we can luckily not condemn someone to death that easily. The methods have changed but the aim is still the same: to harm someone at a point that it puts them to silence, deep crisis etc. So no matter what you do, no matter what you say, they will always find something in the aim of harming you deeply and create fear of you and around you. But I guess you knew all this before you incarnated and learning to accept those circumstances is probably part of your soul’s mission. 

Who is responsible for the life and decisions of others? And who can change anything in the life of someone else? We can only try to light the fire of hope, of the will that can enable them change their lives, but whatever the person seeking help is doing with our work is never in our hands. 
If someone is asking for help and it feels like they need help, I will always try to help them. If I have the feeling that a person is not seriously looking for help but mainly crying for attention (without realizing it themselves), I have to decide whether I want to give in or not. At the moment, it still happens that I am getting trapped but I am working on it as I am aware that manipulation only works when both parts are willing to play the game: the manipulator and the one who allows to be manipulated. I do not want to be manipulated and even less by someone who is obviously trying to manipulate. So I am learning to no longer enter that game. Who knows if a person who is threatening to commit suicide will actually commit suicide? And who will be responsible if a person who is threatening to commit suicide will commit suicide? In my eyes, no matter what we do, no matter what we have been through: we are entirely responsible for our own lives, any single one of us, including all of our actions, thoughts and feelings. 

Do you want to carry your career around suicide? If not, why would you allow others to turn it around suicide?
You have rectified in public what has been said about you: you have done your part. Those who want to hear it, will hear it – those who do not want to hear it never will. 

People who want to harm you will always find something to harm you, using all their strategies to bring you down. But the people really looking for light, for help, for a way out will never care about what the haters and medias say, they will go to find their own opinion and take what is best for them to help them change. So to put things in a positive way: the campaigns of the people who want to harm you are helping to make a selection between those who are decided to make a change in their lives and those who allow fear to take over the responsibility for their own lives. It separates the wheat from the chaff.  

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I personally think much of  this can be averted by  implementing population control methods.  We have too many needy humans on this planet and whether or not the planet can meet these needs is up for debate.  I have problems handling human beings they are so needy and desperate. I feel energies in my head and I want to grab a can of psychic raid just to kill them off and keep them at bay.  Cutting way back on human breeding will significantly increase the quality of life for all life forms, once it reaches a stable level (enough workers to support the retirees). We need to teach abstinence at a very young age and that people can be perfectly happy and have productive lives being childless or having only 1 child.  It is also expensive to have children this day and age and I'm kind of glad because people will think twice about bringing a child into this world if it is unaffordable.  I'm not anti-human, I am pro-balance.

Edited by hydrophiliaks

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