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The "Ping"

heart-960458_640.pngThis morning I sat in a bath flavored with epsom salt and lavender.  The white porcelain against my back and neck hugged the steaming water in its cold embrace.  Not long after settling into an intentional water meditation, I started to receive a “ping”.  Let me explain… One of my gifts/curses is that I am consciously connected to the collective consciousness of mankind.  It’s a bit like a non physical version of having a ham radio receiver on at all times.  Occasionally a single signal rises from the ocean of consciousness, calling for attention.  I call these “pings”.  When they come across, you can choose either to receive the ping (like a channel through you) or to follow it.  I am more of a traveler.  Following pings gives rise to a much more full sensory experience and understanding.  I decided to follow this one by going out of body.  So I got out of the bath and sat in my bed.

obe.jpgI focused my heartbeat into the frequency of the ping.  When it had achieved vibrational entrainment, I asked my heart to lead my mind into the frequency.  As a result, with no provocation, I entered the vibrational phase of astral travel.  In the vibrational stage, consciousness detaches from its identification with the body and with the 3-d reality.  The ping was a 4th dimensional frequency.  Ironically, the minute I phased with the 4th dimensional awareness I was face to face with a very curious albeit lost personality.  I did not need to “go anywhere” to find it.   The ping was a being.  A teenage girl.  The feeling of her mental field was somewhat inaccessible.  As if some part of her focus was missing.  If you’ve ever spent time with someone who is intoxicated, mentally ill or intellectually disabled, there can be an eerie feeling that creeps over you.  It’s the feeling that someone is not “all there” and so there is an unpredictability to their rationale or lack there of.

I have encountered this kind of ‘being’ before many times out of body.  It happens when people have ingested a substance that disables their mind from focusing into the physical dimension.  For example, many times travelers like myself will run into these ‘aspects of consciousness’ when people are taking LSD or Ayahuasca.  It also happens when someone is mentally ill or mentally disabled to the degree that they are unable to fully “tune in” to the physical dimension.  Because the travel is not fully conscious, their focus can end up “lost” in the various ‘landscapes’ of the higher dimensions.  A very, very large portion of the time when you run into this kind of being out of body, it is in fact a consciousness fragment belonging to a person with autism.  And as the amount of people with autism has been rising so dramatically on earth, so has the amount of incidents like this off of earth.

There was confusion dominating the energy field of this girl.  I tried to show her how to follow her “silver cord” back to her body.  But she was too enamored with the static she felt from my hands to pay attention enough to learn.  In the 4th dimension, beings have streams of energy connecting them to their physical body.  These streams of energy appear like silver-ish umbilical cords coming out of the top of their heads.  This is how consciousness interprets the attachment to the body it is currently sustaining.  I laughed out loud when I saw that her body was in fact in a room, staring at a computer screen with one of my own YouTube videos playing.  Her father had put it on for someone else to see.  Her curiosity had connected her to my energy field and she had ended up “spacing out”, mesmerized by the image of me on the screen.  The problem is when someone with autism does this, sometimes it causes them to match the frequency of the thing they are focused on to the degree that their consciousness  splits and un phases.  They then travel inter-dimensionally to that reality or that thing.  It is a highly subconscious process.  To the other people in the room, it appears as if they are just “spacing out” when in fact, part of their consciousness is having an OBE.  This is what had happened this morning.  In order to get her consciousness to re-phase with her body, I had to wait to distract her focus with a sound happening in the physical room… A dog barking.  But out of sheer curiosity, I decided that I wanted to experience her perspective before returning to my own body.

disco-345118_640.jpgSlipping into her perspective, I felt like I was simultaneously captive in my body but also unable to get a hold of it fully.  It was an out of control experience.  It’s a bit like being not here and not there.  The second thing I noticed is that the physical world felt like an assault on the senses.  Being extrasensory, this perspective is not alien to me.  But then again, doctors have been putting extrasensories on the autism spectrum for years.  That being said, sometimes, if people have a really bad ecstasy trip, touch suddenly becomes excruciating.  In the perspective of this little girl, many of the senses were like a bad ecstasy trip.  The sounds in the room especially.  There was a sound in the corner of the room from a fish tank filter that the average person would tune out.  But as this girl, I could not.  The hum of it penetrated my bones and went up my spine and I could not ignore it.  I could not figure out what sounds to listen to and what sounds to tune out.  It caused an emotional cascade of agitation, which I also felt unable to control.  I wanted to yell.  I wanted to defend myself against the hostility of the place.  I hated motion.  Anytime something moved, it made me feel assaulted and even more out of control and I wanted to put the world on pause.  I could not communicate.  I felt like I was in my own little world.  I wanted to yell at the sound of the fish tank to stop, as if it were a person.  But I could not.  I could not speak.  The other odd thing is that when the other people in the room spoke (including Teal on the screen), the words felt a bit like butterflies I couldn’t catch.  Meaning that they seemed to come and disappear before I could make them mean anything to me.  I recognized the words; I just could not organize them in my mind and so I felt left behind by everyone else in the room, like everyone was “getting something” that I was not.  And when I pulled my consciousness back out of her perspective, she seemed not only upset by this feeling of internal movement, but she also stared directly at my thought form in the room.  I am well aware that just like most people do not visually see ghosts, most people do not visually see out of body travelers.  But this girl did. group-copy.jpg 

Coming back to my body on the bed, I watched the thought come across me…. “I must lead a weird life”.  I see this kind of experience I had this morning as normal.  I lead much more of my life outside the physical dimension than in it.  It is more commonplace for me.  Therefore, my interest tends to be here.  I am endlessly fascinated with worldly things.  I am like a nutty professor trying to figure out how one can ‘successfully’ live here on earth in the physical.  Emotions fascinate me, sensual experiences fascinate me, bodies fascinate me.  When I travel to other countries in the physical dimension for my work and I tell people about my existence, they seem to be of the reverse opinion.  They seem fascinated by everything outside the physical dimension.  This still surprises me.  In Europe, a few of my friends resorted to having a sit down talk with me to inform me that they want to hear more of this non physical stuff and then proceeded to explain why.  I sometimes have a hard time working out just what people want to hear about.  I have an unlimited list full of things I could talk about, but will those things interest someone who is not conscious of life beyond the physical.  This is a bit like an extraterrestrial asking you to tell them all about Earth if they had never been here before.  What would you say?  In a world where one single organism (like slime mold) can have several books written just about it… Where would you even start?

travel-82917_640.jpgIn two days, I am on my way to New York for a synchronization workshop we are holding in Manhattan.  In preparation for the trip, I am doing something very rare indeed… very little.  I have a confession.  I am not inclined to watch TV.  However, Graciela and I have become addicted to the PBS series “Call The Midwife”.  Both of us have in common a past life where we were midwives.  Pair that with my obsession in this life with obstetrics, a love of complex characters, poetic stories and you have a recipe for TV series addiction.  Call the Midwife, based on the best-selling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth, tells colorful stories of midwifery and families in London’s East End in the 1950s. Inspired by the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, Call the Midwife follows the nurses, midwives and nuns from Nonnatus House, who visit the expectant mothers of Poplar, providing the women with care.  I LOVE this series.  I’m now completely attached to the characters.  So today, Graciela and I are finishing season 4… With coconut milk ice cream!


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