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The Tribe

journaling.jpgI am sitting in a simple office chair.  I am facing a woman more than twice my age.  I am studying the gentle angles of her face.  I am looking at the simple spiral lines depicted in her jewelry.  I am immersed in the watery wisdom of her feel.  

I’ve made a practice of genuinely considering other people’s perspectives.  Caring what other people think is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, if you value other people’s opinions more than your own, it can cause you to doubt yourself and fall straight into low self-esteem and 'co-dependence'.  This is unhealthy.  On the other hand it can keep you connected to others and in a state of self-objectivity, which causes growth.  This is healthy.  It is better to care what people think than to not care what they think.  It is just that caring about other people’s point of view is not the same thing as adopting their viewpoint and using it to reject and invalidate yourself.  Other people’s words then become a tool of self-hatred.  This practice of considering other people’s opinions is especially difficult when it comes to the perspective the various hate groups disseminate about me being a cult leader. 

Today, I decided to explore the disparity in perspectives between myself and those who despise me as a person, especially on a professional level.  I looked at myself in relation to Teal Tribe from their perspective and then to the opposite, myself in relation to Teal Tribe from my perspective.

orange-juice-67556_640.jpgDuring this exercise, the woman I was sitting across from raised a question.  The question that was raised was… “Did you make them drink the Kool-Aid?”  I thought for a minute about the various ‘Tribers’ that I know on a more personal level.  I thought about them living their daily lives.  I thought about them going on pilgrimages to spiritual sites, engaging in conversations, arranging their crystals, practicing shadow work exercises, endlessly seeking out alternatives etc.  And a wave of absolute affection washed over me.  I started laughing out-loud.  “No”, I said... They drank the Kool-Aid long before I ever showed up.”  Both of us laughed heartily at the adorable and humorous truth in that statement. 

988923_10152973181136133_455802031737542511_n.jpg I was fifteen years old.  It was 2:00 am.  Like usual, I had insomnia.  The rest of the house was asleep.  As a method of coping, I had been cutting myself for years by then and at this point; no one knew what to do with me.  My only friend lived in another state.  I was lucky to see her once a year.  I was ‘different’.  I had painted my walls dark blue, with violent light blue splashes flung across them.  I listened to Sarah McLachlan on repeat.  I was so sensitive that I felt my connection with all life.  I felt the cruelty of unconsciousness in the world and the damage it was doing, but could not directly name it yet as the monster I was up against.  I dreamed of what it was like to die.  By that point, I had figured out every way I could kill myself if I ever made the choice.  I was living a double life.  I did not relate to anyone.  I had no sense of belonging.  I felt like I lived my life behind a prison of glass, where I could see out and no one could see in.  It was like being in my own personal hell.  The sense of aloneness was so thick; it crushed its way through my bone marrow.  The emptiness and absence in that feeling was like a poison.  I needed to get out of it or I needed to get it out of me.  I was alone in the silence of the house that night.  I took out my pen and I wrote because there was no other way to bleed myself of that feeling, save cutting, which I was determined to stop.  I wrote about this isolated hell inside myself…


A plead as simple as bleeding,

To be free of the warm veins,

forged for survival.


Directions are lost,

Obscured by wind and stinging soot

Pulled relentlessly from the earth,

No longer stable and turning black.


Is it the prison of it ,

That shapes you the most?

Or the shapelessness of your keepers?

Reality is scarcely a fossil here


The chemical blood, smeared on forearm and thigh…

It brings out the best in us.

Bravery’s way of finding us, where mercy would not

And honor’s taste, heavy on a bitten lip that will never speak of this again.


I am the only soul here,

The only thing living, besides molten,

That flows in slow, spitting rivers, breathed in by nostril and pore.

A living cadaver, in skin like wax that never melts.

As cold as the idea of this being not where I belong

or what I deserve,

has become.


The path of devastation, leads you in circles they say.

Back to the same Iron,

The same brand.

The same vision every way you see it.

You are a slave.

But the tears don’t come beyond the thousand degree heat, and the way it’s scarcely felt now, when it burns me.


Against what bones still un fragmented, and what flesh still un torn,

Fear is a rising tide.

The only thing I fear is fear itself.

It is the only thing telling me, life is not like this for any soul but mine.

But any love they drip to me will fall like blood in the end…

No way to take it in,

Once it’s outside you


The defining moments of your life, rarely announce themselves loudly.  It’s more like you look back over time and see them as the day it all began.  This was the day that cemented my vision of humanity as a ‘tribe’.  I dreamed that there would be a day where no one on earth would know what that level of aloneness felt like.  I imagined a community of people where if you felt like this at 2:00 am, there would be someone awake on the other side of the world who could be with you.  This was really the day that “Teal Tribe” was born.


Some years ago, this vision actualized.  A community began to form, mostly of people who met through my work, who could be there for each other as a worldwide intentional community.  I wanted it to be a place for people to belong.  A safe place.  A place to get support from one another with the task of awakening.  I wanted this to be a group with the collective goal of awakening and the collective vision of unity.  In the beginning, I thought I would gift this “community” to the world and walk on to the next creation.  I had no plans to govern or lead this group.  I surely never considered joining it.  The idea of merging with my own creation never occurred to me.  I figured I would exist outside the group.  The tribe took on a life of its own.

Today, I challenged myself to name what I think about and how I feel about ‘The Tribe’.  What came up with throbbing sincerity was “belonging”.  Instead of keep my thoughts about "The Tribe" to myself, I’m going to share them with you… in the form of a letter.  Listen to the song as you read the letter.

Dear Tribe,

We expand until we are seamless.  Spiritual growth is a thing that never ends.  Let you know your freedom first by oppression it says.  Let you know bliss by suffering.  Let you know infinity by the confines of your own perishable, temporary, human self.  And know me, by first knowing yourself.  It is only by being broken down that you can be re-built again.

Many years ago, in the prison of my own isolated hell, I came to desire belonging.  But I did not know it yet.  After hating this world, I found the strength enough to love this world.  And so I committed to it.  I wanted for others, what I had always wanted for myself.  I began to talk, not knowing if anyone would listen.  But you did.  I offered a way of connecting with each other, not knowing if anyone would want to.  But you did.  My voice, like a beacon, called you forth from the woodwork and together, we formed a community… A home away from home.  In the beginning, I was so used to not belonging that it never occurred to me that it would be my home too that I was building.  I never considered that this tribe would be my own.

Looking around me, I can see that most of us did not fit in anywhere.  But sometimes, the people who never fit in, fit in perfectly with each other.  And just like that… We did.  I often joke that this tribe is the real version of the island of misfit toys.  I can’t speak for you, but I can speak for myself when I say that I have never felt such a sense of belonging anywhere.  And even at 2:00 am, I know you’ll be there.

Scattered across the globe, we are nonetheless connected with one another.  I can feel the invisible web that connects us like a light grid across the surface of the earth.  This sense of connection, belonging and mutual purpose is something that people cannot live without.  When these needs are not met, we break, we fall apart, we ache, we become numb and we eventually hurt each other.  Because of the connection we give each other and because of the sense of belonging, I know that we will not break.  We will not fall apart or ache or become numb or intentionally hurt another living being.

Even though it seems like I rose to this position in this life alone, what you may not remember is that long before this life, you put me here.  This purpose to awaken and by doing so, awaken the world is one that we all share.  We play different ‘roles’ in this collective awakening, but let us never forget that without each and every one of us playing our unique role, the picture could not be complete.  You put me at the head of this movement, like the figurehead of a ship.  It is a position that I love and that I was born for.  But never forget that without you, this ship, including its figurehead, would be dead in the water.

Looking at you, I do not see a follower.  What I see when I look at you, is my family.  What I see when I look at you, is my place to belong.  When I feel discouraged, you are my motivation.  When I feel lonely, you are my connection to this world.

Because of you, I am not alone any longer. You have taken up the reigns and begun the creation of our vision within the world. My fifteen-year-old self has realized her dream.  One can never pay back the actualization of a dream.  It is too large a gift.  And still, I pray to give you, over the course of my lifetime, a fraction of what you have given me.  I love you with all of me.  I will never be lost to you, no matter what happens to this temporal body.  I will stay with you, which is where I belong.  And just like my voice once called us together, your voice will be the one that calls me back home.

And so…

When change comes to us,

I want us to step through to possibility

And think of each skin we’ve shed

As a birth into curiosity

And somewhere,

Find the strength enough to love this world,

Amidst the painful grip of it.


When awakening comes to us,

I want us to meet in immortality

And think of each tear we’ve spilt

As a birth into risibility

And somewhere,

Find the courage enough to see the beauty in this world,

Amidst the senseless cruelty of it.


When life comes to us,

I want us to watch it with curiosity

And think of each day we’ve spent

As a birth into possibility

And somewhere,

Find the purity enough to help this world,

Amidst the cracking structure of it.


When Death comes,

I want us to return to risibility

And think of each time we’ve smiled

As a birth into immortality

And somewhere,

Find the love enough to hold this world

Amidst the mournful forfeit of it.

I represent all of us.  I represent ‘The Tribe’.  And like a tidal wave, I felt you lift beneath me and carry me to the stage.  I want you to know that this will be the final thought I have before every performance I give for the rest of my life.  And I am proud to represent…US.

Love always,



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