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The Ebola Outbreak

The collective consciousness of mankind is deeply unsettled right now as a result of the recent Ebola outbreak.  As thousands of people die in Africa, we are watching the virus crop up in other parts of the globe.  As per usual, the news outlets have grabbed hold of the ordeal and have turned it into a worldwide reason to panic.

gas-1639243_640.jpg.93e81b994d544263e2747069ab6d8c52.jpgLike AIDS, Ebola is transmitted through contact with bodily fluids (as opposed to air) such as blood, vomit, saliva, sweat, feces or urine.  The major problem on a physical level as per usual is poor sanitation.  In places like Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Liberia, where this outbreak began, poverty (which lends itself to poor sanitation) is a major factor.  There is a seriously inadequate public health infrastructure there.  It is a highly populated location where the normal practices of handling bodies before burial along with other lifestyle practices make it very difficult to make it so that infected people do not transmit the disease to others.  Regardless of the potential horror stories that you’ve heard about the Ebola virus potentially mutating itself to be airborne, viruses very, very rarely change their mode of transmission which is good news for any of you who feel especially fearful about the spread of Ebola because this disease is not an airborne disease.  It may become more virulent but the likelihood of it changing the way it is transferred from one person to the next is minuscule at best.  Those at greatest risk for transmission are people caring for sick relatives, those handling the dead, and health care workers.

monster-426995_640.jpg.dd18771b39d2022fe60406567a21171e.jpgOn a vibrational level, viruses take up residence when we abandon the self.  In other words, they become tenants when we are not attending to our bodies’ health or our emotional and mental well-being.  One very good way of understanding this is to think about a hotel. We “check-out”, and so the viruses “check-in”.  If you are depleting yourself and making choices that do not honor how you feel, you are creating an environment more suitable to the virus than to your own being.  We have this idea that no matter how healthy or not healthy a person is, they are going to contract a disease if it is bad enough.  The reality is that many of the problematic bacteria and viruses cannot survive in healthy environments.  They can only survive in unhealthy tissue, meaning that the cells and tissues of the body would already have to be in a state of illness in order to attract the invader and succumb to it.

children-of-uganda-2300075_640.jpg.21c978f19dfa125e8661a445b0958566.jpgNow take a look at somewhere like West Africa.  Sanitary practices aside, especially in the atmosphere of poverty, attending to their own bodies and their own emotional and mental well being is considered a LUXURY to many of the people there; a luxury that not many (if any) of them can afford.  On a vibrational level, it is the perfect place for a pandemic virus.  If you have a poor sense of self which is about poor boundaries or if you live in an environment that does not allow for you to do what is right for yourself or if you feel defeated or unworthy, you subconsciously do not believe it is possible to lead a good feeling life.  You suppress and deny and override the way you feel so you don’t make choices according to how you feel. You are the kind of person who prioritizes things other than how you feel. This is a self-abandonment and we need to recognize that.  It may seem like an unaffordable luxury or self-indulgence to honor how you feel and prioritize yourself but it is neither.  It’s the only way to guarantee yourself a healthy life.  And it may seem that one cannot “afford” to be so concerned with how one feels.  But can you afford to get so sick that you are out of commission or die?  Because that is quite literally the alternative.

When it comes to a virus, we need to take a collective look at how we are abandoning ourselves and at what is causing us to abandon ourselves.  When we are looking at an outbreak in a certain area, we need to look at how that demographic is abandoning themselves and at what is causing them to abandon themselves.  I think the answer is quite obvious as it applies to West Africa.  There are many social and cultural beliefs that lend to this self-abandonment.  But poverty in and of itself creates a state of stress and defeat whereby a person has to push themselves every day (against their own feelings and needs) just to guarantee the survival of themselves and most especially their families.

e1c28304c2a1d9b5f97e37b78a6e6a58.jpg We need to create a climate in our world that is more supportive of wellness and more permissive of illness.  The reality is that we are so separated from one another and so competitive in our mentality that we do not realize that state and country aside, we are all part of one human family.  The reality is that we have enough money on this planet to support all human life.  We have the resources to guarantee that all beings are well taken care of.  Those resources are not dispersed right now.  Nor are they prioritized appropriately.  Take the United States for example, we have unlimited funds for the military, meanwhile people are starving in our own “first world” country.  We need to create a world that promotes health, where a person can honor their feelings and needs.  If this is the case, no self-abandonment will occur.

But, if our wellness strategies have failed and we have become sick, we need to be permissive of a person doing what is in their own best interest to become well. The major contributor to the spreading of diseases on a physical level, is that people think they cannot afford to stay home from work or school when they are sick and/or people actually cannot afford to stay home if they are sick.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen someone go to work or go to school in an infectious state just because the system they are in is cruel and competitive and does not support people who fall ill.  If they stay home sick, they will get fired or not have the money for rent or will fail their courses.  We have basically created a world where we cannot afford to be human.

The bottom line is, we may have the modern advancements that enable a human to physically survive, but no matter where you live on earth (whether it is a third world country or a first world country), human society is not a supportive environment geared towards enabling individuals to thrive.  It is currently a competitive environment geared towards “thriving of the fittest”.  The advancements that I am the most looking forward to in our future are the ones that make life easier and more stress free for all people.  The body can only be in a state of health when it is free of stress.

fear-2019930_640.jpg.9a932be0c63ab0f111a5aeedcf45ba0c.jpgHealth officials are warning that an Ebola outbreak in the US is just "one airline passenger away."  Statements like this exhaust me.  I’m tired of the fact that panic sells.  I’m also frustrated that mankind does not seem to understand that fear and stress inhibits the immune system.  Here we are, saying that we need to prevent the spread of a virus, whereby your number one ally is your immune system, but we are taxing the immune system by making everyone so scared about it.  We are declaring health emergencies in states where not one single case of Ebola has occurred.  That’s like locking your door at night because you’ve heard news that someone in another country was robbed.  Fear is its own epidemic.  In my opinion, the panic about Ebola makes us selfishly fearful.  It diverts attention away from proactively finding ways to improve the health crisis in Africa and finding ways to create and maintain a state of health in the world at large.

The problem is that everyone propagates the story of disease to his or her own end.  The medical and drug companies that create medical “solutions” to disease want to profit financially from people’s fear of an outbreak affecting them.  For example, the price of stock in companies that are developing drugs to fight Ebola like Tekmira have been shooting up, especially in congruence with FDA approval announcements.  The news outlets want to sell a story and fear captures people’s attention so they get higher ratings and subscriptions.  The doctors and citizens that have to watch people dying in horrific ways from this disease, want help and want a way to prevent the disease.  I am not saying that people do not really care.  Many really do care and many of the efforts to find solutions come from a very heart centered space.  What is so scary about outbreaks and what will prove so scary about them in the future is that the people who do not have pure motives use them as an excuse to meet their own needs, often to the detriment of people.  People who are afraid can be made to do almost anything.  A person who is afraid is easily controlled.  They may even sign over all of their rights in exchange for the promise of safety.

 All of these analyses aside, what can you do in your own life about the threat of any viral outbreak?  First and foremost you can stop abandoning yourself.  Second, you can recognize when you have caught the virus called fear.  You can deal with this virus called fear by helping yourself to be less fearful in whatever way works best for you.  Stepping back from fear also enables you to remain objective enough that you don’t play into the ulterior motives and agendas of those who wish to use the threat of pandemics for their own devices.

compare-643305_640.png.138a2d1654f719a09c2c007605bfd687.pngOn a physical level, your best allies are very basic.  Maintain hygiene, make smart, life supporting choices with your lifestyle such as nutrition and exercise, get enough Vitamin D and get enough Vitamin C.  Vitamin C has been shown to stimulate a Fenton reaction within the virus, which destroys the virus.  If you go to work or school when you are sick, contagiousness aside, you are abandoning yourself.

On a humanitarian level, do anything you feel called to do that supports the ease of living on behalf of your fellow human beings.  Having been out of body to the area on multiple occasions this week, I can tell you that what Africa needs right now is not amazing new anti viral drugs or for everyone to panic and shut down their borders.  What Africa needs are basic resources that support life.  As it applies to the Ebola outbreak alone, it needs basic medical supplies especially supplies that properly sterilize and that prevent death from dehydration.  This includes fluids like IV fluids, drinking fluids and blood for transfusions.  We can also find ways to support their economy.  The economic hit to the country as a result of the virus may in fact cause more deaths than the virus does.

The worldwide threat of Ebola, while being a serious humanitarian concern, is “hyped”.  And even if the threat weren’t hyped, panic does nothing but help spread disease and suppress the parts of your body that are more than prepared to protect you from disease.  Your body and what happens to it is an absolute mirror of your mind and your emotions.  If we do not learn to care for our physical selves, mental selves and emotional selves and most of all honor ourselves, the universe will teach us to care and often in very harsh ways.  We so often ignore the warning signs and only “get it” when it turns into a crisis.  Stress is a warning sign!  So if you feel stressed and if you are abandoning yourself in some way, let the Ebola outbreak remind you that it is time to make a change.  Honor thyself.  Your body is always speaking to you silently.  You have to listen to it in different ways and to listen to it; you have to be willing to feel, care how you feel and make doing whatever it takes to feel good your number one priority.

And when you feel yourself distrusting your ability to stay healthy remember the words of Friedrich Nietzche ”There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.”

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