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The 'Covid Conflict'

“Mankind will very soon be facing its deepest split… Freedom or Connection.”  Many people will tell you that humanity is at a crossroads today… The crossroads of what kind of earth it wants to live into.  Do we as people want to live into unconsciousness?  Do we want a world of separation and restriction and decline?  Or do we want to live into consciousness?  Do we want a world of community and freedom and health? 

shutterstock_1096089539.jpgI am a teacher of truth.  The truth is that your future is an ocean of potentials and out of those potentials’ probabilities arise.  The truth is every single change you make will alter those potentials and therefore alter the life you are about to live into.  The truth is that humanity’s future is no different than this.  But the truth is that people are resistant to change.  This is what turns a potential into an absolute.  For the future potentials of humanity itself to change, enough of humanity must change.  And enough of humanity did not change.  The truth is that this is not a crossroads that humanity is standing at.  The collective consciousness of mankind began to arrive at the actual crossroads in 2012.  By 2015, humanity had already subconsciously chosen the path it would walk down.  In 2015, I said “most men on earth think they are free.  The reason for this is that they have been sold an idea about what freedom is.  But what if the idea of freedom that has been sold to you is actually a prison?  What if I told you that the beliefs you live your life by are the bars of your own perfect jail cell?”  With the intention of altering the life-paths of humanity, I began teaching people way back then to set themselves free from the attachments they have to their own rat cage before the universe demolished it for them.  I warned that we were headed for a cleansing of the collective human shadow… that we would all be made aware of not only the collective human shadow, but our own individual shadow so we could acknowledge and face them head on.  I warned that humanity itself was headed for a “whack a tree at 70 miles an hour” awakening experience.  In my 2020 annual forecast, I said “To be honest with you, this particular yearly New Years Forecast is one that I have been troubled about writing for the last several years.”

shutterstock_297765020.jpgIn life, if expansion and awakening is not chosen in response to pressure, that pressure is escalated.  If it is still not chosen, the pressure is escalated further.  Though many individuals have been awakening, mankind itself has instead proven its capacity to cope with and adapt to pressure so as to stay the  same instead of to make the conscious choice to change.  And so with this Covid-19 crisis, humanity has whacked the tree at 70 miles an hour.  The initial hit in this collective rollover car crash has already happened.  It is already done.  Now, humanity is upside down in the air… As if someone pushed a slow-motion button mid-rollover and we are headed for the second hit and maybe a third and maybe a fourth.  Most people feel like passengers in that car, unable to do anything about it.  Those who are not in denial, are breathing the air of uncertainty in and out of their lungs.  They see a vast array of damage that has already been done by the initial hit.  They see the potential carnage and loss that might come as a result of the next hit.  But how do they prepare for, or make a choice when facing an array of potentials, all of which depend on what decisions other people in that car (especially authorities) will make between now and that next hit? 

shutterstock_1187007133.jpgThe reality is that a whack a tree at 70 miles an hour experience is a really hard way to wake up.  There are people who are saying things like “thank you Covid-19 for letting us see what we took for granted”, “this is exactly the change we have been asking for.”  And “I’m excited”.  Is it true that good will come of this?  Yes… Eventually.  But I need you to be in the reality of what is happening here.  A person who gets in a high-speed car crash can one day put their life together in order to create a whole new better normal.  They can weave the experience into their life in a way that adds to them, instead of diminishes them.  But what comes first is pain.  What comes first is that moment where they are lying on the side of the road looking at a shattered life.  What comes first is a reckoning with the people whose lives have been lost, pills that must be swallowed and years of rehabilitation.  When humanity chose what road to walk down when they came to the crossroads years ago, they chose the path of pain and crisis to awakening.  I remember the sick feeling I had in my stomach when I saw it.  I remember the look on the faces of those I told. 

shutterstock_1150971305 (2).jpgIt doesn’t matter whether or not you see a crisis coming, it pulls the rug out from under you just the same.  We boarded a plane that flew into the night and upon waking in the morning the very next day, we had woken up to a world forever changed.  Further into separation we go.  Further into prison.  As I find myself in the air in this high speed car crash, no part of me is concerned about a virus or the damage that a virus could do (which is surprising given that I am a person who has a deep respect for submicroscopic pathogens).  What I am concerned about is the real threat in this situation… The decisions being made.  I am concerned with the psychology that created this entire car crash in the first place.  I am concerned with the many conflicts that will arise in association with Covid-19.  And I am the very most concerned with the fact that the collective consciousness of mankind has never been infected with this much fear.  Fear can open the door for people to control you in whatever direction suits their own best interests because fear puts you in a state to want to be told what to do. 

shutterstock_210340990.jpgMankind will find itself divided.  There will be those of us who would gladly give up freedom and certain needs (things like civil liberties, the right to govern their own bodies, the freedom of assembly, the freedom of speech, privacy, the need for human touch and togetherness) for survival and a sense of safety.  Many of those same people would expect you to do the same.  They would even vote for someone to force you to do it.  On the other side of this polarity, there are those of us who have a deep understanding that to caretake life is much more complex than simply making sure that life is long.  Those of us who would gladly risk death to really live.  We would fight for those freedoms and that closeness which are about to be sacrificed on the alter of humanity’s desire to prevent death, no matter the cost to life.          

shutterstock_1124757491.jpgYou must understand that no matter whether you believe that this entire crisis was intentionally created or whether you believe that it is an organic crisis that is simply being responded to, both stories have the same ending.  Both are a recipe for control.  People do not want control because of malevolence.  They want it so they can bring about what they want.  They want it so they can prevent what they don’t want.  They want control so they can create that perfect vision of a world that is free of crime, disease, poverty, unhappiness and death.  They are not awakened enough to see the reality that using control to try to accomplish this will only bring about the things they are trying to prevent faster.  When we are threatened, we respond with control.  And totalitarianism is the apex of control.  You must understand that even if you do not believe that Covid-19 is a carefully crafted set up for justified control, that the entire world will be saying “we cannot afford for this to ever happen again”.  It is in the measures that will be justified with that sentence that you stand to lose so much.  The question is: Will you choose to give those things away?        

shutterstock_1648211998.jpgThe stage is being set for health to be the new form of discrimination.  The stage is being set for militarization, suspension of freedoms and rights, changes in the law that allow indefinite detention, the banning of physical forms of finance, censorship, compulsory vaccination and other forced medical procedures and treatments, tracking, certain activities and businesses being permitted and others outlawed.  The stage is being set for war… the ultimate form of conflict.  And many people will support this recipe because of their fear of death.  These people may perceive there to be a right way and a wrong way to die.  They may believe that death in and of itself is wrong.  They do not understand that when someone’s life is saved, their death is not prevented.  It is postponed.  Many will support this recipe in the name of public safety.  Others are approaching a day where they may very well be forced to choose whether to adapt to these changes and let go of freedom and rights because it will be the only way to experience the basic human right to be with other people.  Which is why I say that we are approaching a day where we will be forced to choose what matters more to us… Freedom or connection.  If not for safety, would you give up freedoms and rights for the sake of being allowed to be near those you love?  Because the recipe is set for this to be the leverage that those with authority will use to force compliance.

shutterstock_264466154.jpgIn the middle of this crisis, we are suspended in the air.  We are suspended in uncertainty.  The rug of normal life has been pulled out from under our feet.  And in the upheaval of uncertainty, all that is left as solid ground is values.  What is it that matters most to you?  What is important?  What is it that you truly want?  One of the ways to arrive at this answer is to ask yourself, would I let myself be tracked at all times and give away the sovereignty over my body and live in a digital world in order to be allowed to participate in society… to go to those places, to be close to those people?  For most people, the answer to this question will be yes; especially if those people are people that we love and people that we need… which is what makes it such insidious leverage.  You can ask yourself, if I knew that it would save my own life or my child’s life, would I agree to the end of civil liberties and the end of freedom and the end of togetherness and say yes to economic collapse and the suffering that brings for the rest of humanity?  Is safety really always first?  Stop looking for what answer is right or wrong and answer it for yourself.  Your values reside in your heart and in your heart alone.    

It is common in a crisis that we want to ‘return to normal’ as quickly as possible.  It is a kind of denial that we become stuck in that returning to what was is even possible.  There is no returning in this situation.  This is not a temporary disruption of your normal life.  This is the beginning of a totally different way of life.   We are headed towards a new normal.  But that new normal, contrary to what optimists would have you believe, is not a normal that you are wanting.  You need to see where humanity is headed with your eyes completely open in order to make the right decisions for you personally in terms of what to do about it.         

shutterstock_357969482.jpgThere is one thing that this crisis has already shown us… How fast of a change can happen if humanity is united in a common goal.  Humanity has passed the crossroads, but that does not diminish the truth that in each moment exists a crossroads.  Imagine the world we could live in if we opened our eyes and responded to this crisis or to world hunger or poverty or homelessness or environmental crisis in a synchronized way.  Imagine if each member of humanity understood that human life and wellbeing is community, that microbes are not the enemy, that all things in this universe are interdependent, that wellness is dependent on the emotional and mental (not just physical), that even though you can’t have quality of life without life, quality of life is more important than survival.  Imagine the world we could live in if each person understood that life does not remain life in a state of isolation.

shutterstock_564443299.jpgWhen your normal is collapsed to ruins at your feet (like your normal is today) you are individually at a crossroads.  You get to ask yourself what part of that old normal you wish to return to.  We arrived at this place because of that old normal.  We arrived here because of so much that it lacked.  So as we are spinning in slow motion through the air, we get to ask ourselves what parts of that old normal do we wish to resurrect and which parts do we wish to retire and which parts do we want to build for the very first time?  During this crash and on the other side of this crash, will you choose isolation or connection?  Will you choose freedom or chains?  Will you choose self-defense or kindness?  Will you choose coping mechanisms or change?  Will you choose to stay unconscious or to awaken?  Will you choose fear or love?  What future will you choose to step into?         

Disaster can be an invitation for a stronger rat cage or a breaking of the rat cage all together.  And so much of whether it becomes one or the other depends on individual people and which one they consciously choose... or comply to.                                  


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Totally sympathise ... I feel like all the self work and the energy I put into becoming more aware and a better mother etc. were totally in vain and possibly the wrong thing to do in the first place. I want to hug my children and cry. I have brought them up to awareness and freedom, I helped them to become powerful individuals ... what for? So they would suffer more?

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Captain summary and Captain two cents here (in one person).

"No part of me is concerned about a virus or the damage that a virus could do (which is surprising given that I am a person who has a deep respect for submicroscopic pathogens)".

What a connoisseur of a written word Teal is. "Deep respect for submicroscopic pathogens" is now among my new favorite phrases hahaha.

People could give up X, and agree to Y, for the promise of Z.
Also, they would vote to force you to do it as well.
How fucked up that is in and of itself?

But wait, there's more.
The article says that there will be those who would gladly
(civil liberties,
the right to govern their own bodies,
the freedom of assembly,
the freedom of speech,
the need for human touch and togetherness),
(health as the form of discrimination,
suspension of freedoms and rights,
allowing indefinite detention,
banning of physical forms of finance,
compulsory vaccination and other forced medical procedures and treatments,
certain activities and businesses being permitted and others outlawed),
(survival and a sense of safety).
ALSO, they would expect you to do the same and they would even vote for someone to force you to do it.

In all honesty, it does not even surprise me, so I think it's true. But there are millions who would never agree to this. Talk about the civil war arising.

Teal asked:
Would you
(1) agree to the end of civil liberties
(2) and agree to the end of freedom
(3) and agree to the end of togetherness
(4) and say yes to economic collapse and the suffering that brings for the rest of humanity?

Why did she put that 4th thing in there? I would not agree to the first three, but I agree with the 4th one! When she puts them in one sentence, it looks like they are in one boat. They are not! I think with the 4th one at least we have some hope that things might change to the better, even if only in the long run. Because the suffering was already there. And it's not like it was getting better. The economic was destroying the earth and the humans. Fuck the modern-day economics, it's good that it's collapsing.

Imagine the world .. responding to this crisis or hunger or poverty or homelessness or environmental crisis in a synchronized way.
Imagine if each member of humanity understood ... that all things in this universe are interdependent, ... that quality of life is more important than survival, ... that life does not remain life in a state of isolation.

When a lot of us have been living in isolation (not necessarily willingly), no one cared. Now when everyone is living in isolation, maybe at least finally they will see and feel what it's like. So then, maybe, they will have some empathy for us, also for animals living in cages, etc.

Out of the article, the question arises:
is there a way to show people
trying to accomplish "a perfect world" (that is free of crime, disease, poverty, unhappiness and death) by using control,
will only bring about the things they are trying to prevent faster?

I feel that's it's true. But how does one show it to others?  It might be enough to show it to them, by also saying that they can just take note of the negative things, without full-on participating in it.
I guess one way is to show them how these things are already not working (in our cities, countries, neighbouring countries):
-> control did not abolish the crime, especially financial crimes;
-> control did not abolish diseases, actually, it showed how pharmaceutical industry can use subsidies, how diseases can be profitable, how abolishing diseases are not good for the economy hahaha;
-> control did not abolish poverty, if anything, it enhanced it, it became as a "motivator" to do as being told - otherwise you risk poverty;
-> control did not abolish unhappiness (people simply use more antidepressants);
-> control did not abolish death (not that it can be abolished, but if you have let's say a serious disease, you must also have serious money to postpone death; it's not that they are providing you with the best cures and treatments simply for agreeing to control).

Those other questions are useful in the process of finding out what we want.

We get to ask ourselves what parts of that old normal
we wish to return to,
we wish to resurrect,
we wish to retire,
we want to build for the very first time?

Will you choose isolation or connection?
Will you choose freedom or chains?
Will you choose self-defense or kindness?
Will you choose coping mechanisms or change?
Will you choose to stay unconscious or to awaken?
Will you choose fear or love?
What future will you choose to step into?          

For the sake of awareness, I will write what I liked the most and what I have missed.

I think I also had (and have) respect for submicroscopic pathogens, not even knowing that they could be described in such a cool way. It was a very interesting article to read, thank you Teal. I guess I liked the whole article the most, hahaha.

What I have missed, is that Teal would write her personal opinion, what would SHE choose, how does SHE imagine a new earth. I understand that she teaches that everyone has a free will, that they should choose for themselves, that in each moment we can choose into new timelines. And she does not want people to blindly follow her. Fine. But it's also not true that all of us will blindly follow everything she says. What if we want to hear her opinion, her personal choices, not so that we could instantly follow it, but because we want to hear her views, because she's interesting, and because we like her..


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Dear folks, I am reading from Europe and I am really a bit shocked by what I am reading, so much pain, isolation, depression. Specially I am touched by the posts of my-alterego-and-me, Vick1, Monika Zimova, also others to a special degree. WTF is going on in your country? European countries are actually going to loosen their bonds, Sweden is going ahead, Austria will follow. In Germany people start to stand up for their rights. England and even Italy are questioning things. Nobody will be willing to live under a 1984 regime. The spring is wonderful, the air is clean, also thanks to reduced air-traffic, nature is excited. Of course there is an eye of a needle, to go through, but there’s no reason to feel suicidal. Nature is in a state of recovering, and this was very necessary. It is a chance to rethink things, especially the paradigms of Aristotelic sciences, which ruled for centuries. Which divorced humans from nature. It has not always been that way. Not in 12th century Platonic schools, and not in ancient or in native cultures. Now it’s time to listen to them, who had always been suppressed. Aristotelic sciences are done, they can’t attribute to a living future no more. They are actually reclining in agony, only threatening the world with their poisoned breath and destructive technology. There’s no crossroad between freedom and community. The will to freedom led out of old tribal communities, to individualism. But individualism is not contradictory to new community, a worldwide community with new paradigms. The NWO was in fact an old word order, and it is done now. It is time to listen to those cultures and wisdoms, which were suppressed for so many centuries.

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I just watched "the last samurai" again the other day, how appropriate. When we fight for what we believe in it is not in vain, however the outcome of the battle! And remember that you are not the only who might be choosing freedom, there will be many of us and we will be CONNECTED in one way or another. Freedom + connection. I pray that we will have the courage needed at this time, I will have to face my fear of what other people think of me as well a bunch of other fears I am sure. Blessed be💛🌕

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10 hours ago, Ana Stroe said:

Teal, I do hope you read these comments and maybe give us a better understanding.

this blog post has given me an anxiety attack and I see others have felt so bad reading it too. It’s the feeling if powerlessness and lack of hope that is just hard to bear.

What do you mean choose between freedom and connection? How is that even a choice? Because honestly, almost everyone would choose connection, it’s one of our most basic needs. Heck, everything we do is for that. So to choose between connection and freedom is a 0 sum game in my opinion.

What am I supposed to do? Never see my parents living in another country again if I don’t get a vaccine or get chipped? Even maybe lose my partner that would still want to travel and go about out life. Never see my friends back home again? Even the fact that I can move to a different country and start a new life is a freedom.

I can’t even go at a protest against whatever measures they will take because now all gatherings over x amount of people will be banned. They solved that one beautifully huh?

Shall I lock myself in my house and don’t participate in any way at the social life so I won’t get vaxxed or chipped or whatever they will do to me? How is that quality of life too?

And if it’s not about that, then what is it about? What exactly should we be paying attention to? And where is that most likely to happen? The US, China, Africa, Europe? 
i know it’s a sensitive topic and maybe you can’t be fully out there about it but half of the info is only giving me (us) more anxiety of confusion.

I really hope you can be more explicit about it and make us understand. 
Thank you, love you! 

I feel exactly the same way, you have voiced my thoughts here too 

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This is what a car looks like hitting a concrete wall at 70 mph, a tree is just as hard. Starts at 2.00 minutes.

Just to clarify matters the best place to be is not in the car in the first place, unfortunately the car in the metaphor is the human species. The party is over. Time to clean up. Picking up litter is a good start!Then how about somebody figure out how to get all the damn plastic out of the sea. 

Picture a Petri dish, the bacteria eats all the agar jelly then consumes itself. The Earth is the Petri dish, guess who the bacteria is?

But don't give up guys in 3000 million years the Earth will have fully recovered. We are but shadows on the Sun. You can't get so hung up on where you would rather be, that you forget to make the most of where you are. Look around you, start cleaning your little bit.

In two hundred years time we will all of us reading this 100% deffinately be dead. Let's at least start to tidy up, if only for our great great great grand children's sake.

Much love Matthew

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Hi Teal I hope you can help clear up some confusion for me

I think Ana has summed up really well how I’m feeling too. After reading this and hearing your other updates I find myself feeling more anxious and more powerless. I am wondering about the same questions Ana asked too. I don’t understand about choosing between connection and freedom, why is this a choice? Why can we not have both?
I think most people would choose connection because it is our primary need and it’s wired in our biology. Someone who cares for children or cares for an elderly family member for example, would understandably choose connection and to stay with them. I know you teach a lot about connection and relationships, and I feel people would be desperately lonely without it. 
Netiher choice feels like a good quality of life, so I’m a bit confused about this part of your blog. If we choose connection we miss out on our other liberties, our rights etc, but if we choose freedom (not to comply with them) we may miss out on connection. Both suck. It feels like a zero sum game. Choosing not to comply with the gov and being stuck on your own as a consequence is not a quality of life either. For some people their definition of freedom may mean actually getting to be with their loved ones so I don’t understand some of the choices/questions written at the end (eg chains or freedom?). The whole thing sounds like a lose lose. I just feel really confused and anxious, so I’d be grateful if you could please explain a bit more, if it’s possible. 

i wonder if for some people hearing a lot of this information empowers them, whereas for others, too much of it makes them feel powerless and more fearful. I know for me it’s causing more anxiety, and i think it’s the confusion. I am grateful for your blog though, and I can see why it’s so important for us to get clear on our own personal values and prepare in this way. I just wonder if knowing too much of what’s coming or being confused about what will happen is sending more people into fear. But I can see we do need to know somewhat to look at our values. I guess it’s impossible to 100% prepare for everything, we don’t yet know the specific details of what will happen in the choices we have to make, or the specifics of how our own personal circumstances will be at the time, or what it will be like in each of our own countries as it may differ. We may not even know what choices we will make until we face the decision, as we don’t know specifically what we’ll face, So I just wonder if this makes people feel powerless because there isn’t a great deal they can do right now.


i also did want to ask for some clarity please on the 6th paragraph of the blog? I feel a bit uncomfortable about it. With the first group of people you mention, I noticed it made me feel a bit as if the first choice (giving up freedoms, liberties, privacy) for safety was somehow ’wrong’ or ‘not the right choice‘ compared to those who would take freedom. I think it’s perhaps because of the words used. The first group of people who choose safety, I noticed are referred to as “they“ and “those people” and followed by “they expect you to do the same”, “would vote for someone to force you to do it”. The second group of people who choose freedoms  are referred to as “we” and “us” and followed by “have a deep understanding” “gladly risk death to really live” “fight for freedoms that are being sacrificed on the alter of humanities desire to prevent death”. It kind of made me feel that the first choice wasnt really living or this group were wrong, and the second one is really living and is somehow the ‘better choice’, as the first sounded very negative, the second quite positive. It felt quite polarised, and as if division is being perpetuated. I am aware this may be my own projection or trigger, I just wanted to express and to ask you more about this and what you meant for clarity. I don’t feel as if either decision is wrong, as it will be a very personal choice. 
i think safety is also quite a primary need (physical, emotional safety etc) so I can understand people wanting this too. Also I think most people would choose connection as it’s our most basic need. I am aware that you stated underneath that we have to choose what is right for us, but I couldn’t help feeling a little uncomfortable. If you can offer any clarity, I would be grateful. Do you feel that one option is the better choice? Or that one will help us awaken and create the better planet we desire more than the other? 

i feel as if integration between this split in humanity that is showing up is so necessary, to end the division between us vs them. Between connection and freedom. And as Teal has taught, taking other people as a part of ourselves and really understanding their perspective. I think this would really help people understand the choices that others may make, if they differ to our own. Everyone has valid reasons for their choices.

I desire both and having to make a decision between them does feel sad 😞 I do also want to stand up for what I believe in, and we all have a right to our privacy, freedom and choices of our own bodies. Whatever people choose to do, I feel we’re all in this together as a collective. These are indeed stressful times! 

thank you Teal for all you do xx

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Thanks Teal. I just red a few comments above, most of them full of hatred and fear. I am empowered with what you wrote. You kept repeating, YOU CAN STILL CHOOSE to love, to be free from fear, life is not gonna be the same but, it keeps depending on us as a colective. I am empowered and still with hope, because this is the perfect wake up call, the perfect moment to take life as now or never, to see into the eyes of death (whatever it is) and be great full for another day of life. Expecting my inner life to show me the path, to stay strong within, keep loving, keep the peace, keep discovering myself as a human on earth. Earth keeps being my home, humankind is just a part of all this ecosystem, we are not alone, we are guided, and my higher self still feels right with any of the options, I am ready to experience each day, ready, as open, as expectant, as free of expectations. Keep the love people, keep the love. 

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I like how authentic people are being about theirs and my confusion. 
I also believe Teal is loving us immensely. 
She so respects our gift to choose. 
And I’m wondering if the connection you choose is with yourself. And even if you die sooner than you want, you will have brought yourself all together which means you’ve taken everything and everyone as yourself. Maybe?

And maybe you end up being a hero for humanity. Which means your ego gets to have a great time too. 

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I'd like to see a new world where lots more work from home jobs are created in light of seeing how well people worked from home at jobs that could be done from home aided by conference calls and facetime computer programs and cellphone apps. A world where there's less traffic, less need for childcare, more parents staying home with their kids during the hours they're not at school. I think we could all learn a lot from this and create a whole new job market that would solve a lot of problems and allow work places to expand their number of employees beyond what a small office could hold, maybe not even need an office big enough to hold more then the supervisors and assistants even. In a world like that, I wouldn't mind being a working mom instead of not wanting to give up just being a stay-at-home mom with no job, and I think finding babysitters and daycare for when I did want a break from the little ones would be easier because they would have to lower their prices to something more reasonable as the demand decreased. In a world like I envisioned, sick days would be less needed, maternity leave would be less needed, families would spend more time together, the air would be cleaner from less traffic, and only people who have jobs that can't be done from home (like physical labor, medical, food and or customer service related, ect. Would have to have an actual work place. I'd also like to see festivals, conventions, and other gatherings return and shelves return to abundance again though. Honestly, I don't fear vaccines or being tracked, as far as I'm concerned, if I can still go anywhere in the world and my eyes can still see everything and my ears can still hear everything and I can still feel everything and buy whatever I have the money for and say whatever I want to say, I'm still free even if people know where I am, and vaccines aren't bad, they've saved a lot of people from death or serious complications from things like polio and measles, I think there's a lot of freedom and peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can go places and be exposed to things without having to worry about falling deathly ill. It's like happily dancing in the rain in a raincoat and rubber boots!

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Amazing article Teal, I am grateful for how stern and open you are being about this situation.  I feel that many people are falling on the sides of either blind optimism or total fear, without really seeing the bigger picture that you have provided here.

Thank you and stay strong x

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The question is, if the vaccine is actually going to prevent you from getting the virus, then why would they force everyone to use it? It’s for whoever who wants to be alive and healthy. Is the virus going to change inside human body and become a different threat and again contagious? And why would a chip be needed? For keeping track on everyone so that if such a thing happens again, they can handle it? That means they have a plan on continuing to create these viruses in lab. Or any other abusive behavior that created the virus in the first place . And they aren’t going to solve the real  issue!  They’d rather inject a chip and infect you! I don’t even think they can ever find a solution. They are going to fool people for their own benefit and continue to have their narcissistic approach to the world. 


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We both know none of these people commenting will make it in the world an economic collapse would bring.

You wouldn't make it. Quit scaring these people and find a more noble hustle.

Shame on you for spreading fear and presenting false dichotomies.

and for anyone reading this: Freedom comes from within and only your mindset imprisons you

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