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Teal Swan's Stance On Suicide

Tealon1.jpgThere has been a lot of confusion and misconception about my stance on suicide.  Specifically what my stance is and why...

To be crystal clear — I am against suicide. My ultimate goal is to help people who feel suicidal to get back in touch with the desire to live and the belief that their lives can feel good instead.  Hence why I did a video specifically to help people who are struggling with suicidal feelings and thoughts. It is a topic that touches me on a very personal level; therefore I cannot express my level of caring towards people who are suicidal and my level of desire for them to enjoy life instead.     

The standard, mainstream approach in the psychology field to suicidality and mental illness does not work as well as it needs to and even they know it.  I’m not the only person saying this. If it worked, people wouldn’t be looking for alternatives. This is the reason that psychologists and psychiatrists flock to my trainings to learn new methods for approaching mental illness.  Just this week, the head of the University of Pennsylvania mental health services committed suicide. It is an epidemic that we all need to solve together and we need to get really creative to do that. Having attempted suicide myself and spent years suicidal and having worked with people who are suicidal for years and having access to the ‘extrasensory’ information about the way that people’s thoughts and emotions really work, I can tell you that the standard approach doesn’t work. 

Suicide-How-To-Talk-about-It.jpgThe perspective of someone who is suicidal is unfathomable to most people.  And actually understanding their perspective is critical if you want to change it in any way.  Suicidal people are in so much torture in life that death feels like relief to them. They don’t see death like most people do.  They see it as a “cry for mercy escape hatch that stops all the pain”. Mainstream mental health professionals would say we need to encourage suicidal people to put that feeling and perspective out of their minds and focus on the goodness of life.  But this approach actually makes suicidal people feel worse. People who are genuinely suicidal are constantly rehearsing suicide, whether you are aware of it or not. If they are sitting in a room, they are thinking about the multiple ways they could do it and running through it in their heads.  This, on top of choosing the way they would choose to do it if it were planned, is an unconscious rehearsal process much like day-dreaming. It brings them relief to think about. Telling them not to think about suicide doesn’t work anymore than telling someone not to worry about what they are worried about.  Telling them not to do it because if they do, they will ruin other people’s lives doesn’t work to make them feel better. It makes them feel worse because now, on top of being in so much pain that they want to die, they are made to feel worse by the pressure of guilt and the responsibility for how other people feel.  What if there was another way that worked better? An approach that seemed counterintuitive to people who are on the outside looking in? What if we said to them, “sitting here in this safe space, let me humor you for a moment.” -- And we consciously play out the tragedy of it all and what happens afterward regarding their family and friends and we play out the “what then” after the initial relief they think they are going to get through death.  What if this kind of counterintuitive approach allows suicidal people to understand that suicide isn’t the answer they are looking for. What if they also clearly see that they don’t really want death; they just want life to feel better, which they feel totally powerless to making happen. What if this counterintuitive approach is what will help them clearly see that the best choice is to commit to life?  

Psychiatrist-Near-Me-2.jpgThere is a push right now for it to only be legal for licensed professionals who are trained by way of mainstream education to be speaking about and treating the mind and emotions. I’ve always been clear — and I’ll say it again now — I’m not a trained doctor or psychologist. I’m a personal development revolutionary and a spiritual leader. While I can appreciate the risk of people who really don’t know what they are doing, doing more damage, this scares me.  This scares me because there is a huge conflict between professionals who think the brain gives rise to consciousness and professionals who think consciousness exists beyond the brain and in fact gives rise to the brain itself. Because of this argument, problems with thoughts and feelings can’t be classified as purely a medical concern related to the brain. It also scares me because of how backwards the mental health field is at this time. Let’s not forget that all medical students at one time (and for a long period of time) were taught that bloodletting was the way to heal someone from illness.  This as we know, killed them. It just never occurs to us that psychology and psychiatry students are learning things that are equally as de-railed today. This scares me because it closes the door to many fields of thought, many of which have better answers. This scares me because it means that spiritual teachers and people who have found amazing cures themselves who want to share what worked for them with the world and self help experts would now be prevented from their purpose and unable to do what they do. Imagine telling the Dalai Lama or Socrates or Eckhart Tolle or Anthony Robbins “it’s not ok for you to talk about depression, in fact we can fine you for practicing therapy without a license if you try to help someone with it because you’re not a psychologist”.  On top of this, it is a scary world we are coming to if someone has overcome suicidality and no one is interested in hearing their perspective on how they did that because they are not a psychologist themselves. The way the world is headed today, if an extraterrestrial being landed on earth with the answers for mankind, he would be asked for credentials and then turned against.          

demon tea.jpgI am in a very difficult position teaching about suicide as a spiritual leader because my theories often differ from the mainstream psychological community. This focus that people in the media have put on me in relation to suicide has painted the opposite picture of me than is the reality.  They never speak about the psychologists and psychiatrists who specifically seek me out because they agree with me and see what I’m doing as a step forward for the mental health field. They don’t interview the abundance of people who say their lives were saved by my material. What they do not get is that when I talk about suicide, everything I say demonstrates that I get people who are suicidal better than anyone else does.  Therefore, more and more suicidal people come to my events and social media platform every day. I would welcome this except now I find myself in slippery territory. I now have a disproportionate amount of suicidal people being driven to me in droves and am being told that if any of them commit suicide, I may be held responsible. The reality is that overcoming suicidality is about changing a person’s life circumstances so their life feels good instead of bad.  As much as I want to, it is impossible for me to personally make sure that each of the millions of people that watch my videos or are part of my social media platforms are doing that. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee that no matter how much I may want to or try to help, someone who begins to follow my material might commit suicide. And I grieve every single one, because suicide is a tragedy. Its painful ripple effects are astronomical. All this being said, it is my opinion that our attitude towards suicide and our unwillingness to explore the right way to approach suicidality is reflective of our own fear of death. That fear might just be preventing us from exploring the perspective that suicidal people hold deeply enough to figure out what does really work for them, which in my experience is distinctly different from what we think will or should work for them.     

I am getting the message that it is better to not take any risk by not talking about suicide at all.  What does this say about our society today? This ‘taboo’ we have painted around suicide, paints suicidal people themselves as taboo, which is something I am unwilling to do.  I do not want to fight the mainstream mental health system. I want healing to be integrative and that includes those from a clinical background. But I am compelled to represent these individuals and what I think they truly need, which is not something that society is currently recognizing.  People don’t want to die. They just want to stop hurting. Unfortunately, they feel so powerless to create a life that feels good instead of hurts that they think dying is the only way they can stop hurting. And we need to stop approaching them with methods that are intended to help them feel better, but that instead hurt them worse.


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On 8/14/2018 at 5:07 AM, Majin Ben said:

You have R Mars and R Saturn in Scorpio so you are someone who dives fearlessly into the taboo and uncomfortable darkness with focus and maturity. I've experienced a lot of suicidal ideation and it is really unpleasant, I feel like I can provide some insight on a true solution... I have had a NDE where I crossed over and honestly I feel like death is pretty beautiful as a result of what I experienced, so I don't blame people for wanting to escape the madness and pain of life. Humanity is totally disconnected in this old paradigm from the truth of who, what, when, where, how and why they are. This disconnection causes the misery and suffering, so you are hunnit percent correct in saying we need to reconnect.

On the surface level, I can say that in treating my condition a product called colloidal gold really helped me, and I always recommend this for people going through depression. In addition, I believe that wireless frequencies and gut flora/probiotics play a huge factor in mental health, so I raise awareness about that as well. In healing our emotional body, we must consider the positive impact of conscious eating to help balance unstable thoughts and emotions, and re-calibrate the spirit.  A supportive community is important, where you can be authentic and intimate and heart-centered and grow together without judgement. Nature is therapeutic, hugging trees and grounding, fresh air, sunshine, pure water, creation. Entheogenic substances used respectfully in safe environments can also really help bring the unconscious to the surface and connect new neural pathways to open up new possibilities previously not thought of.

But what truthfully kept me going was much deeper than all that.

The only reason I am still here is because of my Dharmic soul purpose and sense of self. I know who I am. I know what I'm supposed to do in this world. I know how necessary I am. That's what saved me.

Astrology has given me even more insight and confirmation into this, but it is this deep sense of self and sense of my place in this universe that was the key for me and that has given me a sense of.... unconditional self love? pride? duty? obligation? reason? purpose? courage? I found a reason, something to believe in. 

My Dharma is to establish Anark-Eden (true freedom in paradise) on planet Earth, to inspire and initiate a Conscious Human Uprising 2018-2025. I feel like this concept I have been envisioning and manifesting can provide everyone with a light at the end of the tunnel, where currently people see hopelessness and no way out! This is what it provided me. Anarkeden is astrologically aligned, divinely inspired, spiritually encouraged, and most importantly, it helps people discover their self, creates a beautiful, good and COMFORTABLE life that no one would want to escape from, and it would really connect people with the truth of this universe exponentially. 

Anark-Eden is a decentralized, wild system harmonized with Natural Law; a symbiotic, mutually-beneficial, ecologically-stimulating, spiritually-liberating, automatic-abundance economy, never before tried – except in Atlantis! By rising above the old paradigm and channeling our energy towards mutually-beneficial initiatives, we will create a thriving state of Anarkeden!

The Uprising involves a lot of emotional and personal work, as well as collaboration to co-create a symbiotic life, the solution strategy is available on my website for free. I feel this is vitally important because depression is a symptom of a much larger causal issue which is society is broken and people are unconscious and disconnected from the Love vibration.

It is those whom refuse to acknowledge suicide or any of the darkness in human society that are causing more, through their ignorance and denial and lack of personal responsibility to own up to their own contribution to this condition and their own ability to make a difference.

By working from this causal plane of reality - the why before manifestation - we can provide true and permanent shamanistic healing to this planet and prevent and mitigate these symptoms from manifesting in the first place.

This is the true solution to every single problem humanity faces and I know you are already aware of this. I just feel the word Anark-Eden is a very beautiful vibration and can be used as a mechanism to initiate a RISE in consciousness and LOVE and inspiration in order to reclaim our Right to Freedom in the Garden of Eden. I can't do it alone but I believe this idea has so much potential.


Poor Health
Artificial Scarcity
Violent System
Unhealed Trauma
Unconscious Parenting
Unnatural Environment



Conscious Parenting
Natural Environment


PS: "Never knowing for sure if someone is a friend of yours or just someone pretending to be, so as to catapult their own self-esteem or career manipulatively with your fame as the springboard."

I genuinely think your work is really awesome and want u to know my only motivation is to free humanity, heal the environment, and end suffering on planet earth. I don't want to make a career of it, not looking for fame, of course I'd love some money but I am providing my content for free as a philanthropist. I just want to share the idea with as many people as I can because I am so enlivened and impassioned by it and excited for what it can achieve in reality once enough people see it.

Thank you so much for sharing this. Wowee. Thank you.

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Hi Team. 

I came across Teal give or take 8 or 9 years ago. Via You-Tube. I was severely wounded in all realms of my past and my current life at the time of finding her teachings. 

I was suicidal beyond. Attempts after attempts. I'd been mentally disassociating severely from my body. There was no way I would still be here if it wasn't for finding Teals teachings.

I am very aware to this day, that I have Teal and Blake to thank for those early videos. 

I reflect back from time to time as to the very reason I have healed so much and am still  in this 3D dimension. And it was all because of you.

So there's a feather in your cap.

A suicidal person has the seed planted from the very first suicidal idiation and it becomes a tunnel vision kind of focus. Essentially a bad habit that they keep practicing whenever they feel pain. The responsibility is entirely on them as to how they want to move away from the bad habit of feeling that suicide is the only solution. I had to find a way to call forth the strength to choose a way that was healthier. Less victim oriented. Beforehand I blamed my suicidal habitual thinking and way of being on an array of things. People. Circumstances. Instead of saying "my life feels bloody awful. How can I navigate my way out of it."

In your position, when faced with suicidal people, refer them to your videos. That's what you created them for.

You gave me those tools and I was serious enough to follow them. 

I have cast aside so many spiritual teachers. A new one pops up every day. And you are still my go to spiritual anchor.

I have followed you precisely, blogs, workshops, vids, articles. I'm not interested in what any haters have said. Kat Von D has the most hateful fans on FB. Yet she is an absolute gift of a human on this planet. Her entire nature and her being does not deserve it.

If someone is suicidal, as a suggestion, as you requested us to send.... Just keep referring them to the videos that would help them most. 

We share birthdays, the struggle that we experience with our birthdays is that we are super sensitive and feel deeper than words can describe. We will literally lose sleep over an animal in distress. We feel everything at once. And we feel a great responsibility towards helping fix the entire world. We recoil when we feel judged or blamed. Because at essence, we are really constantly trying to assist in helping every being experience the very best of this life. 

Wow. I wanted to keep this short. But you need to know that you are touching more lives than you can even fathom. 

I'm in South Africa. You have been the only true constant in my life in nearly a decade. 


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On 8/15/2018 at 5:16 PM, MXO said:

Since you wrote "I am curious if anyone has any thoughts to share in the comments below this blog", below are my thoughts.


Backstory: I have been suicidal for a lot of time, and still am. Also, I have tried to commit suicide multiple times; however, in a way where I personally have a chance to stop it while in progress, rather than doing it the sure way and then accidentally being found and rescued by others.


Regarding the question in that slander flyer: "Goes to Teal for a session and commits suicide…  What would you think?"
I would think that even Teal could not help her at that time.
But can Teal help everyone?
What if we all would put such pressure on her, and require that she would and could help every single one?
What if we all also require that LeBron James would hit every single shot in every Basketball game, and also would win every game? And blame him if he doesn't.


Regarding the reputation of being a person who is specializing in suicide
TBH, you specialize in a lot of topics (including food haha), and you obviously are a specialist in suicide field as well. I don't know if your way is THE most effective way, but it is the most effective way I have seen so far.


I agree that people who are suicidal have (almost) no advocates. Most people that you tell about it just look at you in a strange way, and tell something similar like you wrote it:
-You just have to have hope;
-Well I, see the beauty in life. Of course, not everything is perfect, but I'm not walking around talking about suicides;
-You just have to see beauty in life, and stop being so pessimistic;
-You are dragging me down;
-Think how your family would feel;
-Well that's just an easiest way out, you have to be stronger, look at me, I also have bad days but I'm not complaining like you;

And so on.
(vomit emoji)
And later I'd be even in worse situation, thinking that I tried again, and got some stupid lecture again, so is it worth to try again?


Regarding those 3 problems:
1. Threats to commit suicides in order to take you down. In such case I would be just public about it (which you are haha). What is there to do about it? Hey, LeBron James, if you don't win that game, imma gon commit suicide.
2. The same answer as first one.
3. I think people are flocking to you because they feel relief, and the feeling that someone understands, for the first time in their lives.
"What happens if someone who was suicidal comes to me for help but commits suicide?"
- Nothing.
"Am I to be blamed for it?"
- Yes and No. Yes, because you are the universe and they are a part of you, haha. No, because ultimately it's their decision, and all other circumstances in person's life that led to that moment cannot just be ignored, and it's not like you force them to do it.


"It is such a problem that even the government is trying to figure out what to do."
hehe lol


You ARE changing the way that the mental field approaches suicidal individuals, by being you. Eventually, when there is a new, working, way, the old ways will have to dissipate. And of course no one measures how many times you prevented suicide, how do you even measure that? For example, you helped me with that multiple times, and you were a key factor in helping, but I'm not in any statistics for sure.


How to solve the problem, when someone is actively threatening in the crisis to commit suicide?
I don't know the universal answer, but I can tell my personal answer.
If I actively tried to kill myself, I would be fine (and even consider to not kill myself) if the person beside me would be like:
OK, I have no fucking idea what to do now.
I want to tell you something: I won't blame or shame you if you don't kill yourself, and I won't blame or shame you if you do kill yourself. And I also won't tell anyone about this, unless you want me to tell.
I assume you are in pain and suffering right now.
But I have no fucking idea what to do now.
And then, they should just do nothing, but just like sit there or something.

Another situation, is if someone is actively threatening to commit suicide from a distance or if it is some random person;
in this case, some of your hacks look perfect to me and helped me a lot:
(below is paraphrasing, not necessarily your words)
H-1: You can always kill yourself tomorrow (meaning, not now).
H-2: Try to find anything that feels like relief, in the next 1 or few minutes; the again, only for the next few minutes; fuck thinking long term, think what feels good now; something like play a video game, or take a bath, or play a song, or pet a cat, or something.
H-3: The knowing that you can end it all, is kinda liberating, and you don't have to heal it or fix it, you can always have this knowing as you friend actually.
H-4: The knowing why you are suicidal, helps: it's because you are in pain; in pain alone (even if among people); and see no end to it.
H-5: If the thought does not feel good it is not true from objective perspective.
H-6: You don't have something, it's because there is an aspect of you that doesn't want it.
H-7: We suffer not from the thing itself, but from resistance to that thing.
H-8: The life that you genuinely want to live is just on the other side of WANTING to be you, instead of agreeing with your antagonistic parent, that you should be someone else.

TBH, referring suicidal people to current-day hospital looks like wrong move (although I see how there can be situations when you are left no choice).
The person could be like "Really Teal? You are referring me to the fucking modern-day hospital?".

Referring them to crisis hotline could help, if that hotline is any good, and if you tell suicidal person - look, this is not a RANDOM hotline, this is a fucking GOOD hotline. But, TBH, the hotline operators should be trained by Teal, haha. Or, trained by those who are trained by Teal to train.

I think that your decision to refer them somewhere is good, and actually inevitable, because: if some hundred people would flock around you to help them, you could not do that physically. So it is inevitable that you have to refer (redirect). It seems to me that the problem is you don't have a good place to refer them to, so you are left with an option either to create that good place, or find it, or like now, to refer to some shitty or at-least-not-so-shitty place..


I love how you try to make a suicide topic not a taboo. Because of you, I already talked about this subject with like 5 people in a few years span. And they told me (all of them) that they actually know some suicidal people (but it's a taboo to talk about it). And I told them some of your hacks and how the fucking "life is beautiful" line does not work. So, your work is propagating, like ripples, across consciousnesses.


I love how you said that you will continue to speak about it.
Despite the shit going on.
It's not that you are fucking forcing your opinion and forcing to be it your way.
For fuck sake, if I don't like how someone does some shit, I just unfollow, ignore, and just don't give attention basically. The problem with you, is that your shit works.


Sorry for the long 2 cents.



Seriously I have read every line and you have come up with some incredible, well thought out ideas on how best to navigate this very tricky, and pervasive problem. Great feedback. Hats off to you.

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"This too shall pass".

Be very clear that you are not responsible for people's well being, they are.

We are given the wheat, but it is we who must make the bread.

As you well know, because of your position, you will often be the target of unconsciousness.

Any truly intelligent person can see that blaming you for someone's suicide is crazy.

But people want some one to blame, it's easier than facing the vulnerability, the horror, the darkness, the fragility.

You are pushing into some tender places, kick back is definitely to be expected and is perhaps unavoidable.

I for one, respect you deeply for taking this on regardless.

Root yourself deep down in the belly and keep plowing on, I know you will.


Luke x







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Hi Teal, I enjoy your posts but I really REALLY like this particular blog because I have been suicidal in the past and the subject fascinates me AND because I’d always thought that being famous would be a nightmare. But it occurred to me that fame (my thoughts on the subject only scratch the surface, and you’re  saying the list isn’t  even comprehensive) hang ups would be good themes to address with a combination of the Completion Process and Byron Katie’s “the Work”. I have been doing both on myself and with others and the combo does such a brilliant job at diffusing the charges (that feel so real and substantial before CPing and “Work”ing) and I bet it could remove the charges listed. It would take some time, but to not be a match to the nightmares of fame would go a long way in making your  “Anatomy of Loneliness” book skyrocket to the top of the bestseller lists. Since I’m not famous  I’m prioritizing other themes BUT I’m completely enthralled by the “Connection Process” already. If that’s just an appetite whetter for AoL, I wanted to offer my two cents worth that if you can address a couple of the themes on your list with your own CProcess, I bet your AoL will be flying off the shelves and be virtually “selling themselves”. I’ve read about how hard you’ve worked doing interviews like crazy so the groundwork appears to be fully laid... maybe doing these processes would make things easier AND give you more peace in your upcoming mega-your. I personally can’t wait for AoL to come out...

Thanks for all your awesome efforts. Sending you good full moon energies today and congratulating you in advance for your AoL bestselling successes deep into the future!!!


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There's one part I want to question: You comparing yourself to Osho.

Osho came to a foreign country and basically took over a city. Shouldn't this "spiritually enlightened being" have known that he's basically taking away the city of Antelope that the locals really really want to be intact? Agreed that he wasn't responsible for his followers being unstable, but he should have known that his commune is ruining lives. Why didn't he know that his followers are resorting to arming themselves with AK 47s to protect themselves against the US government? As far as taking over the city bureaucracy is concerned, I don't know how responsible he was for that.

You're doing a really great job as far as inspiring people is concerned. You are wading some really uncharted territory and I perfectly understand your fears related to that. While I understand why you would want to compare yourself to Osho, I am a much bigger fan of you than I am of Osho! (to be honest) I really love you and I wish you all the best in facing your challenges.

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On 10/30/2018 at 3:24 AM, Parth said:

There's one part I want to question: You comparing yourself to Osho.

Osho came to a foreign country and basically took over a city. Shouldn't this "spiritually enlightened being" have known that he's basically taking away the city of Antelope that the locals really really want to be intact? Agreed that he wasn't responsible for his followers being unstable, but he should have known that his commune is ruining lives. Why didn't he know that his followers are resorting to arming themselves with AK 47s to protect themselves against the US government? As far as taking over the city bureaucracy is concerned, I don't know how responsible he was for that.

You're doing a really great job as far as inspiring people is concerned. You are wading some really uncharted territory and I perfectly understand your fears related to that. While I understand why you would want to compare yourself to Osho, I am a much bigger fan of you than I am of Osho! (to be honest) I really love you and I wish you all the best in facing your challenges.

I agree she is the most enlightened person I've found so far and I watch a good amount of content 

I feel like she has a great grasp on what people need 

Its odd that people meet her content with such distrust

She even has a degree

I'm not sure why people take information from people without using discernment

Thats my only explanation for why people are freaking out and buying guns to defend themselves from the government

Its as if they hear the content but take it out of context

They then use it justify their fears instead of fighting them within or ending the internal battle 

Which does help aid in healing the collective issues we all worry about it but the solutions are found within

before you can change the world you have to change yourself ya know 

this doesnt always get solved by just buying a gun 

that may actual just make the world worse off if you do it out of that type of fear

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hello Teal,

I know about suicide from both sides just like you do: my very own attempts, and how I lost 2 of my very bestest friends to suicide as well.

We both know how fast inner demons, memories and traumas and (perception of) the lack of a connection  can trigger somebody to wanna quit this hell at the speed of light. In other words, people really motivated to kill themselves may eventually do whatever the manner and sometimes without any prior warning like sending distress signals. We should never ever judge them.

From the text you wrote on the topic and from the standpoint I was when I read it I really don't think you are more of a suicide preacher than I am,  my dear Teal.

My inner little girl wants to hug yours, can she?












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