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Teal Swan's Stance On Suicide

Tealon1.jpgThere has been a lot of confusion and misconception about my stance on suicide.  Specifically what my stance is and why...

To be crystal clear — I am against suicide. My ultimate goal is to help people who feel suicidal to get back in touch with the desire to live and the belief that their lives can feel good instead.  Hence why I did a video specifically to help people who are struggling with suicidal feelings and thoughts. It is a topic that touches me on a very personal level; therefore I cannot express my level of caring towards people who are suicidal and my level of desire for them to enjoy life instead.     

The standard, mainstream approach in the psychology field to suicidality and mental illness does not work as well as it needs to and even they know it.  I’m not the only person saying this. If it worked, people wouldn’t be looking for alternatives. This is the reason that psychologists and psychiatrists flock to my trainings to learn new methods for approaching mental illness.  Just this week, the head of the University of Pennsylvania mental health services committed suicide. It is an epidemic that we all need to solve together and we need to get really creative to do that. Having attempted suicide myself and spent years suicidal and having worked with people who are suicidal for years and having access to the ‘extrasensory’ information about the way that people’s thoughts and emotions really work, I can tell you that the standard approach doesn’t work. 

Suicide-How-To-Talk-about-It.jpgThe perspective of someone who is suicidal is unfathomable to most people.  And actually understanding their perspective is critical if you want to change it in any way.  Suicidal people are in so much torture in life that death feels like relief to them. They don’t see death like most people do.  They see it as a “cry for mercy escape hatch that stops all the pain”. Mainstream mental health professionals would say we need to encourage suicidal people to put that feeling and perspective out of their minds and focus on the goodness of life.  But this approach actually makes suicidal people feel worse. People who are genuinely suicidal are constantly rehearsing suicide, whether you are aware of it or not. If they are sitting in a room, they are thinking about the multiple ways they could do it and running through it in their heads.  This, on top of choosing the way they would choose to do it if it were planned, is an unconscious rehearsal process much like day-dreaming. It brings them relief to think about. Telling them not to think about suicide doesn’t work anymore than telling someone not to worry about what they are worried about.  Telling them not to do it because if they do, they will ruin other people’s lives doesn’t work to make them feel better. It makes them feel worse because now, on top of being in so much pain that they want to die, they are made to feel worse by the pressure of guilt and the responsibility for how other people feel.  What if there was another way that worked better? An approach that seemed counterintuitive to people who are on the outside looking in? What if we said to them, “sitting here in this safe space, let me humor you for a moment.” -- And we consciously play out the tragedy of it all and what happens afterward regarding their family and friends and we play out the “what then” after the initial relief they think they are going to get through death.  What if this kind of counterintuitive approach allows suicidal people to understand that suicide isn’t the answer they are looking for. What if they also clearly see that they don’t really want death; they just want life to feel better, which they feel totally powerless to making happen. What if this counterintuitive approach is what will help them clearly see that the best choice is to commit to life?  

Psychiatrist-Near-Me-2.jpgThere is a push right now for it to only be legal for licensed professionals who are trained by way of mainstream education to be speaking about and treating the mind and emotions. I’ve always been clear — and I’ll say it again now — I’m not a trained doctor or psychologist. I’m a personal development revolutionary and a spiritual leader. While I can appreciate the risk of people who really don’t know what they are doing, doing more damage, this scares me.  This scares me because there is a huge conflict between professionals who think the brain gives rise to consciousness and professionals who think consciousness exists beyond the brain and in fact gives rise to the brain itself. Because of this argument, problems with thoughts and feelings can’t be classified as purely a medical concern related to the brain. It also scares me because of how backwards the mental health field is at this time. Let’s not forget that all medical students at one time (and for a long period of time) were taught that bloodletting was the way to heal someone from illness.  This as we know, killed them. It just never occurs to us that psychology and psychiatry students are learning things that are equally as de-railed today. This scares me because it closes the door to many fields of thought, many of which have better answers. This scares me because it means that spiritual teachers and people who have found amazing cures themselves who want to share what worked for them with the world and self help experts would now be prevented from their purpose and unable to do what they do. Imagine telling the Dalai Lama or Socrates or Eckhart Tolle or Anthony Robbins “it’s not ok for you to talk about depression, in fact we can fine you for practicing therapy without a license if you try to help someone with it because you’re not a psychologist”.  On top of this, it is a scary world we are coming to if someone has overcome suicidality and no one is interested in hearing their perspective on how they did that because they are not a psychologist themselves. The way the world is headed today, if an extraterrestrial being landed on earth with the answers for mankind, he would be asked for credentials and then turned against.          

demon tea.jpgI am in a very difficult position teaching about suicide as a spiritual leader because my theories often differ from the mainstream psychological community. This focus that people in the media have put on me in relation to suicide has painted the opposite picture of me than is the reality.  They never speak about the psychologists and psychiatrists who specifically seek me out because they agree with me and see what I’m doing as a step forward for the mental health field. They don’t interview the abundance of people who say their lives were saved by my material. What they do not get is that when I talk about suicide, everything I say demonstrates that I get people who are suicidal better than anyone else does.  Therefore, more and more suicidal people come to my events and social media platform every day. I would welcome this except now I find myself in slippery territory. I now have a disproportionate amount of suicidal people being driven to me in droves and am being told that if any of them commit suicide, I may be held responsible. The reality is that overcoming suicidality is about changing a person’s life circumstances so their life feels good instead of bad.  As much as I want to, it is impossible for me to personally make sure that each of the millions of people that watch my videos or are part of my social media platforms are doing that. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee that no matter how much I may want to or try to help, someone who begins to follow my material might commit suicide. And I grieve every single one, because suicide is a tragedy. Its painful ripple effects are astronomical. All this being said, it is my opinion that our attitude towards suicide and our unwillingness to explore the right way to approach suicidality is reflective of our own fear of death. That fear might just be preventing us from exploring the perspective that suicidal people hold deeply enough to figure out what does really work for them, which in my experience is distinctly different from what we think will or should work for them.     

I am getting the message that it is better to not take any risk by not talking about suicide at all.  What does this say about our society today? This ‘taboo’ we have painted around suicide, paints suicidal people themselves as taboo, which is something I am unwilling to do.  I do not want to fight the mainstream mental health system. I want healing to be integrative and that includes those from a clinical background. But I am compelled to represent these individuals and what I think they truly need, which is not something that society is currently recognizing.  People don’t want to die. They just want to stop hurting. Unfortunately, they feel so powerless to create a life that feels good instead of hurts that they think dying is the only way they can stop hurting. And we need to stop approaching them with methods that are intended to help them feel better, but that instead hurt them worse.


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What you experience shows the emotional  state of the majority of people  and  their level of consciousness.

So I hope you will continue your work, but I understand that this will only happen if you manage to set your boundaries properly.

If this doesn´t turn out to be possible, I´ll understand if you retire.

Lots of love


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There is nothing I can say about those feelings, I’m not famous thank fuck.

And for the abuse you receive for caring about the suicidal, that is disgusting.

If you weren’t cursed with beauty Teal, you may have been able to get away from it all from time to time.


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Teal I want you to know that you have ended up a target but the thing they fail to realize is that you are still here having a human experience with us.  This is the shadow side of being a spiritual leader that most don't see because they fake it. Authenticity is your over arcing message and you actually live by it. This is why I think you gain such momentum with both sides of this. The people who really see what your trying to say are truly becoming themselves and thats the beautiful part but the darker side is that some of these people are gonna take the information you gave them and use it against you. You sharpen their swords for them only to have it used to cut you down.  Hurt people doin what they do best I guess. It sucks when people turn out to be someone different from who we thought they were. It makes you question yourself and your judgment  but sometimes its really not your fault theres really nothing you could have changed. They did this for themselves not to you. We have also manifested a way of life here that these fake people are getting real good at fooling even our extrasensory and perceptive people. They can disconnect from reality to a degree that they almost channel another persona whether its to fool us or just because they dont feel like they can be themselves either way I wont justify it I just suggest that aside from all the actually stuff they are doin to Teal that the community not entertain these negative people in their pointless endeavor to stop this wonderful woman from healing our world with us.  I get why people are clinging to you for dear life but I feel like they forget that you are just as human as they are.  I also want you to know that you've helped me out of countless dark lonely nights with your messages of self love and just the fact that someone exists that thinks the way you do has given me and I'm sure many many others hope for our world.  Always in step with the collective despite it all.


A high vibration doesn't mean no problems 

It can however mean that your problems get as real as you do 


I hope we can move through these problems as a community 

We need to take this opportunity to help Teal tackle this problem

We all want to live in a better world some even want to start intentional communities

We should be looking at this blog post thinking about how we can better help our community

Our own people are crying out for help lets reach out sometimes all they they need is a hand

Sorry I type a lot lol

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From my own experience and knowledge those that choose suicide do go back to source energy, but when they reincarnate they get to experience the same kinds of situations they did in their previous lifetime until they grow from it. So choosing suicide just prolongs th misery. 

As far as helping, invest in energy healers who have a proven track record of shrinking the pain associated with suicidal tendencies/thoughts. In my practice I’ve seen some really amazing things happen for those who are stuck in those kinds of low vibrational patterns. 

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In the same fashion that you presented to Leslie Wangsgaard before she suicided, when you told her to either commit to life or to death, you are now faced with a similar choice. Either commit to your job as a spiritual teacher who helps the unlovable, the broken, the despised, the suicidal, the forgotten, the dark ones, or commit to fame.


Only you have chosen this dilemma you are in. So far you have wished to be famous and adorned and now you find yourself at this unbearable crossroads. It all began with your fabricated “rape story” of the family friend who allegedly raped you for 10 years until you were 18. You claim there was no evidence or proof to bring charges against him. So he goes unpunished or imprisoned. Yet the great entertainer Bill Cosby’s career and reputation has been utterly destroyed by women claiming he sexually assaulted them while they were drugged over 20 years ago. Without a shred of physical evidence these women have managed to bring this man to trial and destroy his career. Whether or not he eventually ends up in prison has yet to be determined. The point I am making, when you make an outlandish claim of sexual abuse and rape that cannot be substantiated, then you have automatically set yourself up for a lifetime of scandal, attack, criticism, and hateful followers who turn against you. No police agency in the world would ignore a young woman’s claim “yours” that you were repeatedly raped and tortured by the veterinarian who was a friend of your families. If this man had truly done all these things, then his behavior would have surfaced in another of his chosen victims. Your rape story is a lie, plain and simple. You used it to launch your career and now you have to deal with the fall out.


So the choice for you is Choose fame or choose to be a spiritual teacher. You cannot have both and be an effective teacher to those who need you and who suffer. You are the only teacher embroiled in such controversy. I don’t see Mary Ann Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Mike Dooley, Deepak Chopra, or any other teacher being attacked and hated as you are. Only you. And you love it in every degree. You have orchestrated it and created it to the magnitude of which it now exists. You have chosen yourself to have your picture plastered over every magazine from fashion to New Age. You choose to giggle and act silly in front of interviewers while on camera when important and sensitive questions are asked. You choose to be immature and act flippant when the really serious questions come. There should not be a doubt in your mind why you have attracted so much hate and resentment.


I do not blame or condemn you for the suicide of Leslie Wangsgaard. But the question arises? Why were you not able to help her? You like me have been incarcerated within mental institutions on numerous occasions. You know the trauma, the negative attitudes and neglect present within a mental health crisis unit. You of all people should understand suicidal thinking while none other around you have the foggiest notion. Yet you could not reach Leslie? You never identified within Leslie the specific beliefs or unmet conditions that were causing her enormous pain. You tried techniques. Techniques are useless and never substitute for true understanding which you never established with this deceased soul. And then you add further insult to her pain by publicly stating that she reincarnated two days later after her death into another family with the exact conditions that created her pain in her previous life?


You complain now that you and your staff are afraid because droves of suicidal people are showing up at your workshops demanding help. And they should be showing up. Why? You are the only person on the planet who claims you understand their dilemma. Having body guards around shows you do not really believe in the law of attraction nor trust God or the universe to protect you in your chosen mission. To be afraid of suicidal people is to further condemn them and you to pain and oblivion. Do you not trust the universe to protect you while you deliver your message? No, you do not apparently. If your staff which is probably only Blake to afraid of the mission you have chosen, then choose different people who are not afraid. You call all the shots.


No one but you is making the decision to travel to far away exotic locations to conduct workshops that only the privileged few can afford or attend. You created the retreat in Costa Rica that only the well to do can afford. I do not believe you when you say you do this to raise the money so that you can provide free content to the less privileged. In the time it takes for you to produce one book, other authors have produced five. Yet writing is the least expensive and the most direct way to reach millions. Yet you disappear from your blog and article section of your website for weeks at a time. You are more concerned with sitting on stage and being the center of fame and attention.  You are probably the most hated new age teacher on the planet right now. I don’t hate you like I did. I have followed your work for 5 years, but I don’t hate you no longer. I am deeply disappointed in you and feel betrayed by your obsession with fame and the unwillingness to carry out your mission of helping the disturbed and unlovable people who follow and pursue you.


Solution: Have workshops just for these people. Have workshops in the U.S. and not in Costa Rica. Have workshops for the suicidal and depressed and for their families and invite them and sit with them for a day or 3 days. Do not let your staff dissuade you with lies about how dangerous that would be. You cannot be afraid of being held liable by the mental health community for not having proper credentials. You and I know the mental health community is your and mine’s enemy and the enemy of all trapped in suicidal feelings. Have these workshops and come up with solutions. Let them talk, let them share. Yes!, you may have to have security there to control someone if they get upset or restrain them. That is the risk you must be willing to take. Quit hiding from these people. You are not going to get rid of them because you have shown compassion and understanding towards them where no one else has. If you avoid them, then it could turn into a dangerous situation.


I support you 100%. I totally agree with you that no one in the mental health community know how to help these people and that by seeking help through a crisis line or getting hospitalized will result in further trauma and pain for them to resolve.

Edited by Wayne Williams
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Great piece Teal.  Consciousness rises through heroes and victims. Some succumb very early as they can't take the pressure. Others significantly add to universal expansion. Some move small mounds while others move mountains. We each come to do what we came here for. My brother used to tell me: Jaime, seed but don't harvest. It is for the other to harvest when, how and in whatever way he wants. Just keep seeding. Some seeds land on fertile soil, germinate and sprout. As Anita Moorjani says a lot: "My Heart goes out to You Teal".  Love you.

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I have been thinking in all what you have written for a while. The reality of our society can be seen very clearly with the relationships we have to celebrity. When I see a celebrity drunk on stage and all their fans laughing at this celebrity jokes, I realize the hopelessness that someone who is "seen" by everyone is still invisible to everyone. The human species are very far from reaching its full potential. We are as species, basically quite dumb  and sort of emotional cannibals. We need to stay strong and go through this to learn how to direct this energies as real magicians.

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Hi Teal, Teal’s Team, and Teal Tribers,

You asked us if we have any thoughts about solutions for the suicide epidemic… (forewarning I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, just a human who has suffered a bit and has a little self awareness) I think what you are doing, referring people to suicide hotlines when they are in direct physical danger, and then using your outreach through videos and workshops to help people recover in the long run, is the best solution, but not the perfect solution. Most mental hospitals and suicide hotlines are so “out of alignment” right now, but in the future as more people commit to self awareness and helping others I hope that suicide prevention centers will evolve. Ultimately what suicide teaches us is that our life is our decision and responsibility, so I don’t think it is fair of you to hold on to the responsibilities of someone taking their life. But if you can save one life, it is worth it to speak up, right? And I think you already know that you have. You are right in that keeping silent perpetuates the isolation and numbness suicidal people feel.

I am sorry to read that you have been struggling with the negative aspects of gaining fame. When I feel into you, I feel someone who is extremely sensitive, open, perceptive and attuned to others, and unconditionally loving unparallel to anything I’ve ever felt in a person. It is unfortunate that content creators are emotional and sensitive people who are especially vulnerable to isolation and negativity from fame. You, more that most, understand that true connection and intimacy is vital for yourself and your team. It sounds like to me you guys might need a break and some redirection.

Love, Lia

P.S. I am the woman who was uncomfortable on stage in New York when you were talking about my suicide ideation. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for the event here ?

P.S.S. I know that this is an extremely sensitive and taboo subject, so I hope everyone can feel my words come from a caring and loving place. Please let me know if anything I said was insensitive.

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@Wayne Williams Are you doing any of the things that she is doing? I am not doing so I dont keep any rights to criticize. Do you know how much it takes to find the ultimate truth and then share it with people inspite of few ungrateful people trying to attack her? Its too much! So, have respect for someone who is a saviour of many and who is also trying to be there for everyone through her every video where each of her word is precious and its brilliant. What is the problem in doing homework for few people? If such people dont like her then let them search for another guru. It so simple! Why to kill yourself? If she gets famous and some people dont like it then pls let them look within. What do you think, how long she will stay famous? Everyone dies one day, so let her live and spread the knowledge. Is that okay?

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Hi Teal, 

Some thoughts that emerged while reading this: 

Since the beginning of time, beings carrying the light incarnated to bring it down to the humans on planet earth. Their message was able to light the fire in many souls, while others would decide to kill those carriers of the light. This was the story of many prophets and other famous examples. Some centuries ago, "witches" were still burnt at the stake. Nowadays (but still depending on the culture we were born in), we can luckily not condemn someone to death that easily. The methods have changed but the aim is still the same: to harm someone at a point that it puts them to silence, deep crisis etc. So no matter what you do, no matter what you say, they will always find something in the aim of harming you deeply and create fear of you and around you. But I guess you knew all this before you incarnated and learning to accept those circumstances is probably part of your soul’s mission. 

Who is responsible for the life and decisions of others? And who can change anything in the life of someone else? We can only try to light the fire of hope, of the will that can enable them change their lives, but whatever the person seeking help is doing with our work is never in our hands. 
If someone is asking for help and it feels like they need help, I will always try to help them. If I have the feeling that a person is not seriously looking for help but mainly crying for attention (without realizing it themselves), I have to decide whether I want to give in or not. At the moment, it still happens that I am getting trapped but I am working on it as I am aware that manipulation only works when both parts are willing to play the game: the manipulator and the one who allows to be manipulated. I do not want to be manipulated and even less by someone who is obviously trying to manipulate. So I am learning to no longer enter that game. Who knows if a person who is threatening to commit suicide will actually commit suicide? And who will be responsible if a person who is threatening to commit suicide will commit suicide? In my eyes, no matter what we do, no matter what we have been through: we are entirely responsible for our own lives, any single one of us, including all of our actions, thoughts and feelings. 

Do you want to carry your career around suicide? If not, why would you allow others to turn it around suicide?
You have rectified in public what has been said about you: you have done your part. Those who want to hear it, will hear it – those who do not want to hear it never will. 

People who want to harm you will always find something to harm you, using all their strategies to bring you down. But the people really looking for light, for help, for a way out will never care about what the haters and medias say, they will go to find their own opinion and take what is best for them to help them change. So to put things in a positive way: the campaigns of the people who want to harm you are helping to make a selection between those who are decided to make a change in their lives and those who allow fear to take over the responsibility for their own lives. It separates the wheat from the chaff.  

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I personally think much of  this can be averted by  implementing population control methods.  We have too many needy humans on this planet and whether or not the planet can meet these needs is up for debate.  I have problems handling human beings they are so needy and desperate. I feel energies in my head and I want to grab a can of psychic raid just to kill them off and keep them at bay.  Cutting way back on human breeding will significantly increase the quality of life for all life forms, once it reaches a stable level (enough workers to support the retirees). We need to teach abstinence at a very young age and that people can be perfectly happy and have productive lives being childless or having only 1 child.  It is also expensive to have children this day and age and I'm kind of glad because people will think twice about bringing a child into this world if it is unaffordable.  I'm not anti-human, I am pro-balance.

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