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Sydney, Australia

travel-82917_640.jpg I will never live the day of January 21st 2016.  We left in a snowstorm on the morning of January 20th.  We flew through the night, southwest across the time zones and arrived in Sydney Australia on the morning of January 22nd.  I traveled for so long that I arrived feeling rootless and as if I had wilted.  I made the mistake of watching the movie Interstellar to entertain myself on the flight across the Pacific Ocean.  I can officially say that it is a bad idea to get into the apocalyptic vibration of that film for three hours while sitting in a rudimentary metal object, making a turbulent trip across the wide-open ocean.

sydney-opera-house-354375_640.jpgI have come to Australia for a short Australia to New Zealand workshop tour.  I have never been to Australia (in body) in this life.  But my physical presence being introduced to this area of the globe at this time is as usual, no coincidence.  Yesterday, I took my first dive into the frequency of this foreign land.  I then spent time out of body (just before entering an 11 hour sleep cycle) surveying the collective consciousness of Sydney. I woke to the exotic sound of Australian birds this morning.  It is a little detail most people don’t think about.  But we become accustomed to the certain sounds that birds make in our native area and so one of the things that alerts the body to the fact that it is in unfamiliar territory is the unfamiliar sounds the birds make.  It sort of jars the nervous system into a low level anxiety.  I have come from a snowstorm on the other side of the world into the heart of summer.  The heat here sucks the sweat from your pores with a possessive passion, as if it is trying to drink it from you.  Sydney is humid right now as well.  And yesterday afternoon, I found myself in a downpour of rain, except the rain was the temperature of lukewarm bathwater.

the-sea-657043_640.jpgSydney is beautiful.  The ocean here is not cruel.  It may sound strange, but there is a kind of “good will” in its waters as they roll into shore.  The air is gently perfumed by the slightly chocolaty scent of hibiscus and the exquisite frangipani trees that drop their fake looking yellow and white flowers on the sidewalk.

I have seen so many foreign insects already that once could say Australia belongs not to man and not to animal, but to the insect kingdom.  Being an extrasensory here is a strange feeling.  The collective consciousness of the insect life closes in around you like a buzzing cloud that is always aware of you and is always watching you.  There is no such thing as privacy in this universe.  But here, it is taken to an extreme.  There is no privacy in Sydney Australia.  You are always being watched by something and that something is connected to a collective that then becomes acutely aware of your presence.  The information transfer here from plant to plant and insect to insect and plant to insect is so developed and fast, it feels like an organic high speed internet system.  It is painful to my skin at times.

2a9dcd778f051075cb2f6c7479292837_0.jpgAs for human consciousness, the dominant negative vibration here in Sydney is: Abrasion.  Having been to the Norse countries, I can tell you that the Vikings have left their mark on their progeny.  But the Viking aggression has been watered down.  Now, the lasting mark they left is a lack of intimacy.  A distant “every man for himself” energy that renders people isolated.  This is what granted Oslo the energy diagnosis of “emotional chill”.  The Viking aggression seems to have made its way across the waters.  It now belongs to Australia.  There were multiple Norse expeditions to this area of the globe long before the area was officially “discovered” and made known to the European Court.  But really, I say there is a Viking like aggression here as a way of describing the tonality of the aggression.

boat-151887_640.pngBetween 1788 and 1868 over one hundred and sixty thousand convicts were transported here to various penal colonies by the British government.  One could say that for a time, Great Britain’s policy for preventing prison overcrowding and dealing with their criminals was to ship them to Australia.  Due to the continent’s isolation in the middle of the sea, it was considered to be an ideal place to banish them to.  They say only 20 percent of the population here are the decedents of convicts.  But that figure surprises me given the social style of the average Australian.  In my opinion, the convict era did shape the national character of this area immensely.

download (1).png I have spent time around Australians from various locations around the country before.  What is different about their energy field is that when it comes into contact with another human energy field, it tends to rub and even scrape against it.  It is grating.  It produces a unique auditory sound.  The people of Australia seem to love through the language of friction.  Let’s talk about this in terms of what I observe in Sydney.  People seek out ways to feel a sense of self.  In Sydney people find this sense of self in opposition.  Opposition of mind, opposition of emotion and opposition of body.  By perceiving opposition, the ego can suddenly be soothed by a sense of boundary or containment.

band-24298_640.png It is an uncomfortable social style for a person who is more sensitive and is thus rendered uncomfortable by this abrasion.  It is a bit like emotional road rash.  But I found myself backed up against a wall on the street chuckling last night as I observed that like a social fetish, the people of Sydney seem to feel pleasure when they feel this abrasion.  Some people feel a kind of pleasure in pain.  This is why S&M is a popular fetish.  And I can tell you, the pleasure centers of the brains of the various people I was observing (both male a female) were lighting up with activity when they were scraping up against one another.  The people of Sydney revel in energetically “bumping into you” in a way where the opposition of energy fields creates a scraping and sparking.  They may not be aware of this dynamic on a conscious level, but it is a truly unique thing to watch. I believe this is the deeper reason that Australian’s have a reputation around the world for being rough and having grating personalities.

This all sounds much more amusing than negative.  But let’s take a look at the deeper damage.  The reality is that the people here abrade each other.  This is not a soft culture.  This is not a gentle social environment.  It may be a collective belief that this rubbing and scraping down of one another creates a polished stone.  But what if the material you are dealing with is not stone?  In this case, this rubbing and scraping can corrode and turn a person raw.  It wears them down to a hurt and fragile pulp.  I have news for the people of Sydney… People, are not made of stone.  The emotional self is especially not made of stone.

shakedown-1340048_640.png Bullying is a dominant theme within the collective consciousness of Australia in general; this (in tandem with a general panic at there being a shortage of job opportunities) is in fact what has called me out of body to this area of the globe in years past.  I have come to this area of the globe by no mistake because I am meant to teach people about the emotional aspect of life and most especially how to properly care for it.  In the abrasion that dominates the social sphere here, there is little to no concern for the feelings of others.  People are harsh with themselves and harsh with each other.  This place could do with a heavy dose of soft-care.  And FYI, if you just had a resistant reaction to the words soft-care, you are probably Australian.  And you have probably been raised on the idea that soft-care creates weakness.

beach-1246646_640.jpg The dominant positive vibration of Sydney is: Gregariousness.  This is what makes the average Sydney Australian so damn confusing.  You’d expect a person who is abrasive to not be sociable.  On the contrary, the people of Sydney are very sociable.  And the most striking thing about the social atmosphere of Sydney is that it is a social atmosphere that lacks segregation.  Humans tend to form “cliques”.  They congregate and socialize only with the limited group they identify the most with.  These cliques can feel impossible to penetrate.  And I have to say; some of my least favorite places to be on this earth are places where social groups and spheres are closed.  The social sphere in Sydney is the opposite.  Even when people go out in groups here, those groups are not closed to others.  In fact, there is a ‘reaching out’ in the collective energy field.  It would not surprise me if Australia were one of the first locations worldwide to openly embrace polyamory in the future.  Open relationships are more common here than in other places.  On an emotional level, this means many people here suffer from the feeling of painful loss and low self-esteem that accompanies feelings of jealousy.

volunteer-422598_640.jpg Coming here from the outside, it feels as if people here energetically reach out to you so as to be able to feel the pleasure of bumping up and scraping against you.  It is easy to feel wanted here.  I would love to bring people who have been ostracized here.  This social atmosphere would be like tonic for them.  I’m convinced Sydney could rehabilitate anyone who has suffered at the hands of prejudice and segregation.  To generalize, in Sydney, people are people.  Everyone is a potential new opportunity for friendship.  People in Sydney are as aggressive in their friendliness as they are in their opposition.  It is not hard to socialize in Sydney.  It is a pleasure to be around a consciousness that is so generally fond of company and whose city is designed specifically to support social interaction.  The ease inherent in interacting with this socially open culture is so relieving it is palpably felt as relief in the body.  This yet again is confusing because it is as if the people of Sydney are so friendly, they cause you to drop all your defenses and pretense, only to rub up against you and scrape you on the inside, only to then act shocked and confused by why you withdraw and act sore.  There is an atmosphere of “free association” in Sydney.  This has influenced the architecture.  This has influenced the social structure.  This has influenced the collective consciousness.  Restriction and segregation are the chosen enemies of the day in Sydney.  And so, they are kept at bay to the degree that it feels as if they have run with their tails between their legs never to return.  May god have mercy on the soul of anyone who tries to impose any form of either restriction or segregation in this land.

 Ironically, given the positive diagnosis of Sydney, I am off for a full day of socializing.  I am sure that over the course of my stay here, I will make some life long friends.  I am also reuniting with one of my old friends, Tyler who lives here.  Some of you may know him through Spirit Science (who I produced some content for in the beginning of my career).  He is known publicly as “The Atlantis King.”  In honor of his overwhelmingly unrestricted personality, I will end this blog with a quote.  “Restriction is the greatest injustice you can perpetrate against yourself”.

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