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The job of a spiritual guide, counselor or therapist is not to “fix” people.  It is to act as a midwife for an emotional re-birthing process.  Just like you cannot save a laboring woman from experiencing her contractions, without robbing her of a crucial part of the process, we cannot save a person from experiencing the waves of emotional pain.  Our job is to support them and guide them through that pain into their expansion.  We do them an injustice when we think that we have to do something to fix them, because by doing that, we miss the truth of the magnificence of their being.  We add to their powerlessness.  We do them every bit as much of an injustice as we do to a laboring woman when we do not trust her body to give birth.

Right now, I find myself in the position of acting as my own midwife.  This is a familiar position for me unfortunately.  But I suppose trial and error with myself is the real heart of why I am able to help other people.  All the gifts that come along with being extrasensory are meaningless without practical application.  Today, I’ve found a simple tool to combat insecurity.  My issues, and for sure most people’s issue on planet earth is that we do not feel secure in and of ourselves.  So we spend our lives trying to find external things that cause us to feel secure.  But this is futile, because we have no control over external things.  We have no control over whether they leave us, or are taken from us and so the security is an illusion, which is merely masking the internal well of insecurity that we actually feel.  How do we develop internal security when we do not have internal security?  This is yet another million-dollar question.  I will answer it for other people some day because I am determined to answer it for myself.  Today I have discovered that a transformative experience is to write a list detailing the internal security you DO have, no matter how small or how large that security may be.  When we feel insecure or afraid, we are focused only on the lack of security.  And so we are a match to more of the lack of it.  If we can get ourselves to focus on the presence of security and safety, not only do we start feeling better, proof of those things begins to show up in our lives.

Here is my list so far:

I am secure about cooking

I am secure about my ability to empathize with people

I am secure about my ability to dive into the shadows with people

I am secure about my intelligence

I am secure about skiing

I am secure about my writing ability

I am secure about my talent and the fact that the talent I have can easily generate money

I am secure about the fact that I am smart with money

I am secure about my ability to inspire people

I am secure about my ability to explain complex concepts to people in a very simple, straightforward and understandable way

I am secure that I will do what it takes to feel better when I feel bad

I’m secure about my initiative

I’m secure about my dedication to self-awareness

I’m secure about my sexiness

I’m secure about doing inside work to help myself feel better

I’m secure about my ability to look up funny videos on YouTube if I’m feeling bad

I’m secure about the fact that I help myself to feel better in every way I can think of

I’m secure about my ability to find a meeting of minds with willing people

I’m secure about my creativity.  I am an artist

I’m secure about my ability to find people who make me feel safer

I’m secure about my adaptability

I’m secure about my sense of style and taste and sense of aesthetics

I’m secure about the fact that I always do what I THINK is right

I am secure about my ability to learn

I am secure about the fact that I care deeply about everything and everyone

I’m secure about my ability to do anything I really want to do

I’m secure about my proficiency

I’m secure about my endeavor

I’m secure about the fact that my life is full of meaning

I’m secure about my passion for things that interest me

I’m secure about my ability to care for animals

I’m secure about finding a therapist, body worker or helper when I’m needing help

I’m secure about my bravery when it comes to shadow work

I’m secure in my ability to sense the truth of how other people feel and their health

I’m secure about my ability to find someone to help me do things I don’t know how to do

I trust myself to capitalize on the resources that are available to me

I’m secure about my athletic ability

I’m secure about my ability to pick gifts people will love

I am secure about the fact that I put forth every effort to practice what I preach

I am secure about my ability to tell a gripping, colorful story

I am secure about my persistence

I am secure about my impactful, deep insights

I am secure about my ability to sense the energy on things

I am secure about sifting through lots of information for the best information


Try creating your own list and pay attention to how you begin to feel while you’re writing down the list!



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