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Rewind or Fast Forward?

Two feet of fresh snow has accumulated outside my house in the past three days.  The sun is illuminating it this morning to the point that it is so white, it hurts to look at.  Last night the temperature dipped to minus 17 degrees fahrenheit (-27.2 Celsius) at the house.  The cold has put the town to sleep.  There are hardly any cars on the roads, which are covered in a coating of ice and hard packed snow.  Across the valley, smoke and steam rises from the tops of houses.  Horses dig with their heavy front hooves to reach the grass.  The sky is like an electric blue counterpane overhead.  The landscape is surreal.

I got a Christmas present this year that was quite interesting.  My parents joke about being blue blooded English and Irish.  But I have some very unusual features that do not fit with the traditional mold of European looks.  I have some features, like my eyes, that look very Persian.  I was also the only one in my family on either side born with black hair instead of blonde hair.  But, I have NO ancestry from anywhere except Europe.  I am 100% European.  Just in case the results are interesting to anyone, I figured that I’d share my results with you...

Teal Swan: 100% European Ancestry - Celtic (Predominantly Alpine Celt)

England and Northwestern Europe: 49%  (Ancestry Specifically from Cornwall, Devon and Luxembourg) 

Germanic Europe: 35% (Ancestry Specifically from Bavaria and North Rhine Westphalia)

Scotland: 7%

Eastern Europe and Russia: 5% (Ancestry Specifically from Northwest Poland and Central Pomerania)

Sweden and Denmark: 3%

Ashkenazi Jewish: 1% 


Middle Eastern & North African 0.0%

Middle Eastern 0.0%

North African 0.0%

Broadly Middle Eastern & North African 0.0%

Sub-Saharan African 0.0%

West African 0.0%

East African 0.0%

Central & South African 0.0%

Broadly Sub-Saharan African 0.0%

South Asian 0.0%

East Asian & Native American (Includes All South American populations)

East Asian 0.0%

Japanese 0.0%

Korean 0.0%

Yakut 0.0%

Mongolia 0.0%

Chinese 0.0%

Broadly East Asian 0.0%

Southeast Asian 0.0%

Native American 0.0%

Broadly East Asian & Native American 0.0%

Oceanian 0.0%


My Haplogroup is H7a1, which is a subgroup of Genetic Haplogroup H.  I am related to Luke the Evangelist, Marie Antoinette, Prince Phillip and Napoleon Bonaparte.  I also share a common ancestor with the actress Susan Sarandon. 

I will eventually visit all the places in England and Ireland (like Cornwall, England) that my ancestors settled.  

The genetic testing that is now available to the public both excites me and makes me nervous.  The negative implications of genetic testing and genetic databases within society are great I assure you.  But the positive implications are also great.  Any bit of positive expansion gives rise to its own unique set of contrast.  It is difficult to definitively say whether the risks outweigh the rewards or whether the rewards outweigh the risks.  But I have had fun gaining this bit of self-awareness about the perspective that I chose into for this life.

dna-3539309_1280.thumb.jpg.4f42022a4795e7400a7f3537516a4d73.jpgYou came into this life, not only to progress the evolution and expansion of source itself but also to progress the evolution and expansion of your soul.  You came into this life not only to progress the evolution and expansion of your soul, but also to progress the evolution and expansion of the consciousness of your ancestors.  You are the progression of the consciousness of all that have come before you.  When we inherit their consciousness on a physical level, we call it DNA.  On a mental level, we call it belief.  You are what your ancestors have become. You are your ancestors living in real time. The freshness of your perspective has been added to their chain of consciousness. Any time a baby is born to a family, the freshness of its perspective is added to the chain of consciousness of the family and the potential for great evolution is gifted to the family.  I like to think of heritage like a painting that someone begun long ago.  Each new member of the family comes to amend the painting as it progresses towards the masterpiece that it is to become. Progeny holds the real promise for a family.  If we keep trying to get the progeny to follow in the footsteps of those that have come before it, we prevent the expansion of the consciousness of our own family tree.  A tree, whose growth is restricted, does not live long because it no longer fits with the purpose of life, which is expansion. We have come here to own and embody those exceptional gifts that run through our family lines. While letting go of and transforming those detrimental patterns that run through our family lines.  

happy-new-year-1063797_640.jpg.da7746b7fa4d98c90738990a72f35d8d.jpgI will tell you that the central theme of this upcoming year is stability. All thing related to stability including instability will grace the earth this year.  Great instability will give rise to the quest for true stability and many will find it.  Volatility is an aspect of life that will grace this New Year we are entering into.  We need to take time this year for quiet contemplation and meditation.  The really good news is that good ideas will go viral this year.  Don't you wish life came with some seat belts?  Nonetheless, here we go.

The calendar year does not really begin a new year.  The New Year begins with the spring equinox, which is probably why I am unmotivated to celebrate New Years.  But the act of setting forth an intention for the year, “a new years resolution”, is a very good idea no matter what time of year it is.  I encourage you to think about your resolution and take steps towards it this year.  I’d love to hear your intention for 2015 in the comment section below.  I’ll go first:  I intend to set the world on a path towards integration by making my “completion process” available to the public and also by teaching facilitators.  What's Yours?

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