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ancient-architecture-building-161077.thumb.jpg.6e437fb82a96898182e2976aa9a33a8c.jpgThe oppressive pain of communism has stained the buildings of this city.  Oppressed people have one choice, and that is to find their sense of comfort and freedom by coming together.  And so they have.  Beneath the chilly soviet feel of the architecture, is a culture of warmth and depth.  Like anywhere on earth, you can find amazingly wonderful people in Prague and also people whose pain has turned them into those who hurt others.  But I will tell you that in general, the Czech people are some of my favorite people I’ve ever met.  There is great emotional depth to them.  These people, are not a ‘surfacey' race of people.  It is easy to establish intimacy with them.   It is so easy to see my own consciousness mirrored in the consciousness of the Czech people.  They have been victimized.  They have had to find a sense of freedom and piece their lives together under the rule of a perpetrator.  As a result, they have discovered what really matters.  They have found each other.  They have become better for it.  And now, like me, they are free from the terror of the oppressor, but they are not completely free in their hearts yet.  The past is now a stain on their city and on their lives.  They are ever in the process of becoming more and more free.  

Everywhere we go in Prague, people bend over backwards to make us feel welcome and supported.  The people here are absent of pretense.  They are real.  They are genuine.  Yet still, they are effected with what I am now calling “the iron curse”.  The iron curse is a mental condition that comes out of having to survive extreme emotional circumstances.  It is the idea that you have to just “get on with it and be strong no matter how you are feeling because there’s no other option”.  It is a common vibration amongst people who have been victimized and literally have no other choice but to die or physically ‘get on with it’ despite dying inside.  They are not hardened or cold people, but they expect themselves to be as strong as iron inside.  It is solitary condition.  It is a condition that expects to receive no nurturing of any kind.  This vibration, which is a byproduct of this nation’s history, has now been passed from grandparents to parents to children.  It is by far the most unanimous vibration I’ve seen in the collective conscious of this country.  It is hurting the people here greatly.  But it also makes the Czech people the least ‘entitled’ people i’ve ever met.  They expect next to nothing from other people.



architecture-baroque-building-2588956.jpg.c28ac71d9ab803afcd8bfaac41a02c74.jpgThere is a heavy roman influence in this city.  It used to be the capital of Bohemia.  The Vltava river flows through the city.  It is like the lifeblood of the city.  There are healing properties to the water.  The Prague Castle, which dates back to about 870 AD is the largest coherent castle in the world and it looks like something out of a Disney film.  The city essentially began at the foot of the castle and throughout time, graduated and grew outwards from its walls.  The president now lives there.  The energy of Prague is a “threshold” kind of energy.  It feels like a place of beginnings.  It feels like a place of great change because of this energy.  The ‘threshold' energy of the land here, lends that energy to the consciousness of the people.  It means that Czech people may just be the people who stimulate the world with enough intensity (the intensity of their own expanding consciousness) to effect a change in mass consciousness of humanity.  That essentially makes their consciousness a catalyst for the rest of the world.

Yesterday, I spent the whole of the day doing a live panel discussion with other spiritual teachers.  There were 4 different languages being spoken.  No one had a clue what anyone else was saying.  It was a comedy of errors really.  I suddenly understood exactly why the governments in the world can’t seem to avoid conflict.  If a group of new age, peace and love freaks can’t coexist and communicate naturally at a meeting, there is little hope for peaceful treaties or understanding between government officials.  I am very much looking forward to the development of one unanimous language, which is taught to all people of earth, so that regardless of the other languages we may speak, we all share one unanimous way to understand one another.  Traveling around a country where you don’t speak the language, starts to make you feel like people are not so much divided into different races as they are divided into different species.

I have decided to go sightseeing today.  At six o'clock tonight, I am giving a presentation on emotions to a huge audience that has come to Prague for Festival Evolution, which is a superbly popular health and wellness festival they have here every year.  It should prove interesting to watch the translator attempt to translate my already complex ideas about the origins of human emotions.  There will be more intrigue to come in the upcoming days I’m sure of it, so stay tuned.

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