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Orlando, Florida

swimming-Teal-copy.jpg30 yards out into the ocean, just before the waves break into white, the jade colored water extends in all directions.  Like a whole separate world, the sound of the ocean drowns out the more familiar sounds of the shore.  Even though you may be with other people, by stepping into the ocean they become distant.  My new event coordinator, seems completely at home in the ocean.  With a huge smile, unaffected by the cold and unpredictable sea, he rises to the surface only to dive back down again, like a merman who has been temporarily lost on land.  I am holding my son tight against me.  He counts one…two… three in anticipation and then squeals when we jump up and over each swell.  He is shivering, but refuses to go back to shore.  I kiss his sea soaked face and taste the tender bite of salt water. Graciela has closed her eyes.  She lets the waves crash into her like a bulwark.  She looks like a serene lighthouse in the face of adversity. Blake is waiting for us back on the sand.  He has been sick every day of this trip so far.  He has made a place for us in the sun on the pure white sand of Lido Key Beach.  I am seeing the appeal of family vacation in this moment. Daily life cannot inundate us here.  And in the absence of the relentless pull of ‘things to be done’, all that is left is closeness. I have been to this beach once before a few years ago when I was hired to give a talk for the Return To Atlantis Seminar.  I fell in love with this place the last time I came.  It is a magnetic place.  The kind of place spiritually attuned people would gravitate to naturally.  The quartz sand creates an enormous haze of crystalline aura, which washes over the adjacent towns.  To be here is to literally bathe in crystal energy as well as to be infused with the depth and healing of a gentle ocean.  

orlando-981657_1280.jpgOrlando is a strange city with no distinct cultural flavor or aesthetic appeal.  It rises from the swampy landscape of Central Florida.  Similar to Las Vegas, Orlando feels like an emptiness that someone wanted to fill.  An unsuspecting plot of vacant land that someone simply built an attraction on and around that, a city was synthetically formed. The dominant negative vibration of Orlando is the vibration: Try.  We generally have a positive association with the word try.  But that is because we see trying as a step we must take so as to achieve.  But what if the very attitude of trying kept us from achieving.  The phrase that comes to mind was spoken by one of my favorite movie characters in history, Master Yoda from Star Wars… “Do, or do not.  There is no try”.  There is an emotional “glueyness” bogging down the people of Orlando and as a result, the city at large.  This glue seems to tie people down to ‘where they are’ emotionally, physically and mentally and prevent progression.

possible-2499888_640.pngIf you talk to the average person, you discover that there are many things “preventing” them from doing what they want to do or getting what they want to get.  They try to move in the direction of what they think they want, but it never seems to work out.  Because they expect it to not work out, they do not throw all of their energy into what they want.  They extend very minimal effort towards their goals.  This begs the question though, if you extend minimal effort towards a goal and make it an option to not succeed, is the goal really a reflection of your true desires?  Or is your goal a reflection of what you have been told you should desire?  Orlando is a city whose dominant negative vibration is so dominant that it is absolutely inescapable.  Ss a hyper achiever personality type, it is very unpleasant to be around.  The team became a match to the worst audio problems we’ve had at any event.  It felt like everyone was “trying” to put on a good event the whole day.  So, even the team was affected by the “try” vibration in Orlando.  It would be fabulous if collectively, the people of Orlando explored their shadows relative to success, making it, achieving and determination.  But, assuming that this isn’t likely, if a person wanted to progress or succeed or to produce greatness, I’d advise them to leave Orlando post haste.  On the other hand, if progression isn’t your aim, Orlando is a fabulous place to stagnate.

disney-2692578_640.jpgThe dominant positive vibration in Orlando is: Fantasize.  Yes, you guessed it, the fact that Orlando is the home of Disney World has in fact created the dominant positive vibration of the city.  Contrary to how adult society views children, children are in fact powerful beings.  There is immense purity to the intensity of their thought process because their thoughts are raw and unfiltered through the limiting conceptualizations of ‘reality’.  We are all familiar with the idea of someone peeing in a pool.  The urine is localized around the one who did it and then slowly diffuses out into the entire pool.  Keep that analogy in mind as you continue.  While visiting Orlando, I paid a visit to the famous Orlando Eye.  It is an enormous Ferris wheel of sorts.  From there, I was able to take in a bird’s eye view of the city.  And what did I see?  I saw the collective vibration of excitement and fantasy belonging to all the children at Disney Land, localized and then gradually diffusing out across the entire city; like pee in a pool, but this time good pee!  Think about how many children fly from all over the world to go to this one place.  Think about how excited they are and think about the activity in their imaginations leading up to their arrival, as well as while they are there.  They are in the pure, unfiltered act of fantasizing.  And you know what?  Fantasizing feels good.

princess-869721_640.jpgWe create with our mind.  Everything you see in this world was once an idea.  It was someone’s fantasy for what is possible.  We must never take for granted the sheer power of imagination.  It is true that there is a real negative side to fantasizing.  We all know that fantasizing can prevent a person from actually achieving something.  Instead of being the thing that calls reality into positive change, fantasy can be a mental escape from reality so that we never actually change reality into what we want it to look like.  And it is true that this is the form of fantasy that most adults in Orlando are currently exercising.  But on the other hand, I can personally attest to the fact that when we are literally stuck in unbearable conditions, any form of escape is a vibrational improvement upon where you are.  It is a beautiful thing to me that a man who is stuck in a jail cell can transport himself wherever he wants with his mind.  It is beautiful that we have the capability of experiencing something in the mind that we are not currently experiencing in the body.

While I was sleeping, in the wee hours of the morning, I had a prophetic dream.  Rather than dreaming about something apocalyptic, I dreamed of something that put a smile on my face.  I dreamed that I walked in on a Teal Tribe gathering where the “theme” of the party was the root chakra.  The room was decorated entirely red. Everyone was wearing red from head to toe.  All the foods at the party were red.  The people in attendance were sitting in a circle doing a root chakra meditation with a person playing a root chakra singing bowl in the corner.  They had root chakra stones scattered all across the room.  Essential oils that stimulate the root chakra were being passed from person to person.  They did activities and processes that related to the root chakra.  I was hovering over the scene, like a ghost.  When I woke up, I thought to myself, how awesome of an idea is that?  I love the idea of themed gatherings that are entirely focused on a single chakra.  Think of the impact this would have on the world at large. I have been fantasizing about the idea of single chakra themed gatherings today.  But in honor of Orlando, I must say that I do not intend to let this particular idea stay in the realm of fantasy.  I do not intend to ‘try’ to do it.  Instead, I will do it.  And not only that, I will call every Teal Tribe group around the world to follow suit!  Consider this blog your call to action!



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