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Major Life Change In The Making

Familiarity gives us confidence.  It provides a certain security.  But familiarity can trap us in a holding pattern in our lives, a holding pattern that prevents the new.  I am nearly thirty years old.  I have built a life for myself here in America.  I own a house in one of the most prestigious locations in the country.  My house is fully furnished; I have investments here that provide passive income.  By all means, I have found the security of familiarity here.  I have a very good set up.  But for the last six months, my intuition (along with the confirmation and urging of my non-physical guides) has been speaking of the necessity to leave the country.  Today, upon waking, my guides were at it again.  Conveying again that same sense of urgency.

urgent.pngI used to fancy myself a “trench worker”.  Someone who was deep in the trenches with everyone when suffering really broke out in this country as a result of financial and social collapse.  But as time has gone on, it has become obvious to me that I cannot help people if I am dead.  And staying in this country, whilst conveying the information I am conveying, is a recipe for disaster.  Thanks to the information age, I can convey my message from anywhere in the world.  And thanks to the travel industry, I can pop in and out of any country I please.  But it is no longer safe for me to live in America.  I have lost a great many friends this year to “targeting by the establishment”.  The bottom line is, if your agenda runs counter to the agenda of the corporations that currently own and run this world, the more famous you get, the more they seek to destroy you.  It would take a long time for me to explain all the events that have led up to this decision and many of them would fill you with dread instead of hope and empowerment.  So the details are unimportant.  All that is important is that I fill you in on the changes in my life.

airplane2.jpgAs of today, I have decided to move to Europe.  I am spending the day cleaning up my house and taking pictures of it so I can list it for sale.  I do not know exactly when this giant move will take place.  The sooner the better, but it will be an extremely expensive move so I need to do some careful planning.  I will be selling basically everything I have accumulated over the last ten years, I will be picking up my entire life and everyone in it, and I will be starting from scratch in a foreign country.  My son will grow up as a European citizen.  Without going into all the gritty details, finding amnesty in another country is simply the only way I can continue this important work I am doing.  It is the only way I can continue on unimpeded by the corporations and people that seek to gain by other people remaining powerless “parts of the machine” that is making them money.

europe2.jpgI will do whatever it takes to continue on with this world vision of mine.  When I set out with this plan in mind, I knew that I would be risking death.  Anyone who comes up against a large establishment ultimately does risk death.  But it is worth it.  The goal is simply to stay alive for long enough to effect as much as I possibly can and to pass over the movement to my successors.  We are merely in phase one of the plan to institute positive world change.  This company I have founded will grow to the point where it will rival the corporations that currently exist.  It will eventually effect change on a governmental level.  The establishment of these intentional communities worldwide puts the freedom back in the hands of the people.  It means humans will again be self-governing.  The workshops I hold and videos I produce, will be a lifeline for people who feel lost in a world of chaos and an opportunity for me to meet my worldwide family (and fellow movement members) who are just as dedicated as I am to creating a new world for us all to live in; cause we all know how much I like to socialize and talk.  Human connection is the fuel, which will superglue this movement together.

Yes, I am a person who “thinks big” and yes, I subscribe to the idea that we should either “go big or go home”.  To me, the only goals worth reaching for are the goals that take us all the way to the moon.  I will continue shooting for the moon regardless of what I come up against, until it no longer fills me with passion to do so.  But I have never known one such day in all my life.

This is scary, but it is perfectly in alignment and so it is exciting in that way that blows life back into your lungs.  It will be as if I am barely 18 again, setting out into the world to establish myself all over again.  After I sell everything, including my house, I will transfer my money overseas.  Then I will embark on a scouting mission to find a place to settle for a while.  I will establish the household and what little possessions we are keeping will be shipped to the new address.  After that, the rest of the family will join me in our new home for the first time.  Blake will be coming with the dogs and cat in tow.  Many, many details have to be worked out between now and then.  But where there is a desire, there is a way.  And when something is in alignment, it flows relatively effortlessly.  So that is the plan as of now.  It will be humbling to start over from scratch after all of the success that I have accrued here in this country.  But I welcome it and what it will teach me and I welcome the solace it will provide me in the end.

On a less dramatic note, I’m ushering in the Christmas season by attending a ballet performance of The Nutcracker.  I make a point to watch it every year.  I love the theatre.  To me, it is like entering an isolated, magic little world.  The light reflects off of the chandeliers, bringing to life a rare kind of old-world glamour.  The richness of the red velvet curtain perfectly accents the gold and marble embellishments on the walls.  I love the all-consuming murmur of the voices of the crowd and how that murmur gives way to silent anticipation when the lights are dimmed.  I love how the company of performers creates for the audience a separate world that completely disconnects us from the life we leave behind when we enter the theatre doors.  For a time we are immersed in another reality, full of sparkles and beauty and artistry.  I am so looking forward to it.  It will be a welcome calm before the storm of this giant life change begins to take place.


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So did you move to europe? (Im reading all your blogposts from the beginning, and havent come further.) Exciting!?

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