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Lido Key

Lido Key is a barrier island that is part of a large energetic vortex point on the gulf side of the Florida coast.  The Paleo and Calusa natives used to use this spot as a ceremonial area to worship the sun.  There is an unhurried energy about the area; a kind of slow, relishing lifestyle that is so common in tropical areas.

Lido Key is famous for the surreal sand that makes up its beaches.  It is made of 99% pure quartz crystal.  The sand is so fine and white, that it feels and looks like powered sugar.  The energy emanating from the quartz sand crystals creates a halo of energy that is blown in waves across the town as the tides rise and fall.  I had one of the best night sleeps of my life last night because I was in essence sleeping inside the cleansing energy of pure quartz crystal.


Last night, I attended a New Moon Galactivation ceremony (Hosted by Dr. Dream and Laura Eisenhower) with the attendees and fellow speakers of this conference.  We met on the beach as the sun went down and turned the sky to a pristine span of neon pink. Like a web, the sunset held the eerie purple color of twilight underneath itself.  Our skin and faces were bathed in the soft darkness and residual heat.  When members of a soul family come together in ceremony (or in play), all faces are familiar.  Last night felt like a family reunion.  After the Galactivation, we stood in the darkness up to our knees in the ocean surf talking and laughing together.  I love that feeling of being sucked into the sand as the waves pull back towards the body of the ocean.  And I love the feeling of being surrounded by other light workers.  It’s like being in the center of an army of awakened souls.  It fills me with promise to see in one breath the power of their being and in the next breath the gentle care with which that power is carried out upon the world.

Here is a picture of all of us gathered for the Galactivation:


I went to the beach again for hours today with three other people, including my son, Winter.  Traveling with a four year old has proven to be really hard on this trip.  But it was all worth it for today.  I held Winter close to me in the shallow surf and we let ourselves be lifted up and over the crest of the waves again and again as he cackled and screeched with delight.  He rode on the waves towards the shoreline by jumping on Blake’s back and holding tight to his neck.  Then he and Blake spent another hour looking for seashells; there are so many seashells here that certain portions of the beach are a literal graveyard of them.  Little fish nibbled at our feet and ankles and a manta ray made its way back and forth between the people swimming.  In some places on this earth, the ocean is chilly and violent as it tosses and turns towards the shore.  But the ocean here is as warm as pool water.  Its small, jade colored waves swell slowly towards the sand and then tear themselves into an expanse of bubbling white cream.

I am not famous for my love of oceans.  I prefer the ridges and forests that owe themselves to the mountains.  But it is magic to be near the ocean.  The ocean puts you together again.  It feels rather final in its dominion over man; nowhere to run from it, nowhere to hide from it.  The vastness of it is overwhelming.  Looking out into it, this feeling arises from your chest; almost like your soul has begun to cry.  You can feel yourself being drawn out into it, like an offering to something greater than yourself.  As if you could walk slowly out into it and disappear beneath the surf.  As if you would willingly let it consume you.  At times, that urge even takes effort to resist.

We are going out into the town this afternoon to see the people who call this place home and to give them some business.  I love collecting things from my travels; little visual reminders of the memories I now keep.  And then at seven, we are attending a beach party.  I fully intend to spend my time in the water again, socializing with wonderful people and softening in the energy of this place.

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