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Is Pain a Necessary Part of Birth?

birth.jpgWe are blind to what is coming when we are drowning in the tyranny of our pain.  That is the worst part about pain.  Pain, whether it is physical or emotional, closes you up in a prison of “now”; and the now is not a wonderful place when it hurts.  The now hurts when we introduce mental concepts about the now, into the now… which is a reality for nearly all of us.  Pain convinces you that pain is eternal.  You cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.  In many ways, emotional pain is exactly like birth.  When you are deep in the contractions, you begin to panic because you feel like it will never end and you can’t take one more minute of it.  You are desperate to be over with it.  You lack objective view of the full picture of what is occurring.  Only when it is over can you see the outcome of it all.

I went out of body a long, long time ago to discuss birth in general with a group of non physical entities.  The discussion was whether it is possible to give birth without pain.  Their perspective was paradoxical.  Their perspective is that all pain is the result of some form of resistance and that if a woman could fully allow herself to give herself over to the process of life moving through her, her tissues would not resist the opening and the child would be birthed without pain.  But then they said that the pain Is a necessary part of birth. They said that great creations are born of great contrast.  Their perspective is that when a woman is in the extreme amount of pain that occurs with birth, she is deep in the contrast.  Out of that contrast, great levels of desire are being birthed vibrationally within the universe.  She is desiring for the opposite (joy, harmony, vitality, calm, to hold her child etc.) to such a degree, that it occurs.  It is a “dramatically accelerated process of creation” whereby the intensity of contrast gives rise to an intensity of creation that is capable of bringing forth a new point of perspective within the universe (a new life).  They then explained that without that necessary intense level of desire, the “pull of creation” would not be strong enough for the baby to be born at all.  So the answer they gave me was a sort of yes and no.  It became obvious to me that from their perspective, pain is not seen as a bad thing and they seemed profoundly not aligned with our intense resistance to it and our intense desire to escape it; as if we have forgotten its use.  They projected an adoration and sense of awe at the conversion of contrast (pain) into creation (joy) that takes place within a woman’s being in the moment of birth.  They expressed a kind of sensuality for the process, a sensuality that is inhibited in both the father and mother when their birth becomes an attempt to avoid the contrast instead of move through it together.  

The conversation got me to thinking about the fact that we are so blind to the potential of future beauty when we are suffering.  When we are going through a difficult time in life and we are miserable, we are in an intense, accelerated process of creation.  We simply cannot yet see the promise of that new life.  We are absorbed in the now-ness of the pain as if it is eternal.  But it is universal truth that to the degree that you experience pain, you give birth to that same degree of joy within the universe and the real “work” of your life, is to allow yourself to flow in the direction of that joy which you have birthed as a result of the contrast, so as to live the experience of it.


If you are suffering, you are in the process of creating what you want right now by virtue of experiencing what you do not want.  You may not be able to feel it yet; you may not be able to see it yet.  But it is my promise that metaphorically speaking, the new life you have so been looking forward to will be born.  And the more you allow it, the quicker it will be born. 

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