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Interdependence Day

man-791505_640.jpgToday is Independence Day. Today is a day on which we, as Americans, celebrate the feeling of freedom that we gained by separating ourselves from another country.  We celebrate by overeating dead flesh, dressing in red, white and blue and blowing up stuff.  The irony that today is Independence Day feels is a bit of a cosmic joke because of the way that my day began.   

One aspect of the seventh dimension is that you can interact with entire time-space realities that are not consensus realities like earth is.  Your dreams for example are not consensus realities.  With the majority of dreams, they are not being co-created.  They are simply the direct and highly symbolic reflection of your personal frequency.  For this reason, one could say that dreams are like personal journeywork processes that take place each night.  Some of us consciously integrate these journeys.  But for the majority, they are subconscious attempts on behalf of the being to integrate.

space-travel-2368412_640.jpgWhen you develop the capacity to travel without your body (with your consciousness and at will) you can access these time space realities that are not consensus realities.  One of these time space realities some of us have nicknamed “The Journey Room”.  The Journey Room is like a space filled with liquid black mirror.  A black mirror in which merely by setting intention, your own being will cause it to transform into images and messages and experiences.  It is as if it is answering your conscious or subconscious asking with an answer in the form of an experience.  It is more of a two-way mirror because the universe at large (or any aspect belonging to it) can communicate with you as if from the other side of that mirror by generating experiences as well.  The best way to imagine what happens there is to think about what happens on a shamanic hallucinogenic plant medicine.  Frequently, they will cause your consciousness to leave your body and as a result, you have much more than visions.  You have entire experiences ‘out there’ in the cosmos.  They are called journeys because that is exactly what they are like.  It is as if you have surrendered and some ‘force’ beyond you is showing you what it thinks you need to see.  It is taking you where it thinks you need to go for your own growth.  It brings you to beings who will be integral to your growth.  When it is complete, you will often feel slammed back into your body and your life.  But your life is now only familiar to you because you have been changed so much and have been gone for what feels like so long.  The Journey Room is like this.  It is a place where you have a shamanic journey, but one that you go to at will as opposed to getting there by rupturing your attachment to your physical body and brain with plant substances.  Long story short, I went there today. 

light-switch-shadow-switch-927546.jpgTo understand what is to follow, I must begin by saying that one coping mechanism that some people use is to ‘disconnect’ from others.  Some people use this coping mechanism so often and subconsciously that it is as if the disconnection happens TO them and not that they chose to disconnect.  From the outside, this disconnection mechanism is terrifying.  It is an emotional abandonment even if they don’t physically leave your vicinity.  You can go from feeling as if you have the closest, warmest, most permanent closeness of spirit, mind, emotions and body with this person to the opposite.  To feeling like you are standing in front of a person who does not know you, who is suddenly someone different.  Suddenly they are cold in their movements and words and energy. Suddenly their life is theirs and your life is yours.  They talk to you like you are strangers.  They cannot feel you.  You feel as if either you have lost the most precious thing in the world with no warning and no way to get it back or that you have dreamed the entire thing up and it never existed.  You feel desperate to get that connection back and to figure out why it suddenly evaporated.  But the horror is, you can’t figure it out any more than you can get them to reconnect.  You are 100% at the mercy of them deciding to reconnect.  And then that becomes a trauma...  The constant insecurity of the connection that is always coming and vanishing, like quicksand in your hands.  You can never HAVE them.  This is a disaster if this person is someone you genuinely need, a person who is not replaceable to you… like a mother, father, best friend or primary partner.  The worst part about relationships is that here in the third dimension, it takes two to have any relationship.  It doesn’t matter if you want a relationship.  If the other person doesn’t; you’re dead in the water.  The powerlessness of this state is unparalleled.  So is the suffering that comes as a result of it. 

metaphor-3694454_640.jpgI have one such person in my life that copes in this way.  He cannot stay connected if he encounters certain triggers or when he is physically away from people.  The result is that he is constantly re-traumatizing people with emotional abandonment.  Today is one of those days where he is disconnected.  He is aware that it is happening, but is unable to do anything about it.  The thing is, when a person is disconnected they are not in a place where they choose to be open to other people helping them to do anything, including re-connect.  This is because even that would require connection.  They withdraw instead.  An aspect of them that has hijacked their being is disconnecting because that is what it wants to be doing and it doesn’t actually want to connect.  So they may say, “I want to be connected”.  But it isn’t fully true, they are just out of control and not in a space of awareness of the aspect of them that doesn’t actually want to.  Addressing that aspect directly as well as the trauma that caused it to cope in that way is actually the answer.  But seeing as how they are disconnected to the degree that they WANT to withdraw, there is no way to force them to connect.  This put me in the position today of doing journey work to assist the other person in the community who was most effected by his 'withdrawal'. I sat with her in meditation, holding her hand. 

Sitting in meditation pose on my chair, I decided to use the Journey Room to do it…  A darkness started to consume my consciousness like it does when you are about to fall asleep.  That is the window that the consciousness can use to access other dimensions.  My eyes were closed.  But looking down, I could clearly see my own hands on my lap and what I was wearing.  This is the indication that your “3rd eye” is open.  You do not need your eyes to see beyond the body.  This seeing is the sight you use to journey inward (where the universe at large actually exists). 

When you become adept at out of body travel, there is usually no longer a perception of “travel”.  There can be no travel in a unified field because there is no distance and no time.  The intention had already taken me to the Journey Room as if simply receiving a radio channel or going to a website.  ‘Standing there’, I could see my image reflected in its surface.  I come here so often I know that to enter into the ‘substance’ that is the canvass for the journey, I have to choose to walk into my own reflection.  On the other side, I am amused by the fact that I held my breath going through the liquid.  Even though I have no body, the mind is so strong that it carries human expectation into places that do not operate according to the rules that the human mind has come to know.

double-3391536_640.jpgInside the Journey Room, two perspectives emerge.  One, myself as an observer who is watching what is occurring.  The other, the community member that was so effected by his withdrawal but not as an adult, instead at three years old.  I become her.  As her, I am lying on the carpet in the hallway of my childhood home.  I’m crying on the floor.  I am watching someone in my childhood as if I have lost them.  I can feel them disconnected from me.  They look at me with disgust.  I cannot communicate the complex emotional nature of my distress.  As a child there on the floor, I am seeing memories of this person smiling at me as if I am their sun, moon and stars. I remember feeling like I belonged to them.  But now, it is gone.  I feel like it was all a dream I had once.  I cannot maintain connection with them.  I am desperate for it.  I feel as if my entire personality is a threat to them.  I feel some part of them is afraid of me and I feel that they don't want me anymore.  When I cling to try to create that security of connection, they get exasperated at my clinging and push me away.  I am frozen because of it. I feel a complex process of disconnection has taken place between us.  We began to lose our connection with one another.  And what is scary is that I could see that they were consciously unaware of this dimension of our relationship.  This person may have loved me.  But that love was inaccessible.  It was covered over in layers of hatred in fact.  Hatred they would never admit to consciously because that is not how they “should feel” towards me.  They only felt the hurt underneath it.  And I hated them right back.  Because of the hurt that was underneath it too.   

The Journey Room would not let me get out of that perspective.  It felt wrong to resolve it in any way.  It held me there, like a rabbit squirming beneath a hand, for what amounted to over an hour until I could surrender to the reality.  Until I could feel the desperation give way to depression.  The reality was that there was no way I could do anything to get this person to reconnect with me emotionally.  I was powerless.  An entity without form came to lie with me on the floor.  I needed it to cling to me.  I had a realization… In my life, I am the one who clings to people.  My connection with all people is like quick sand. I feel like my being is always tense with trying to KEEP connection to them.  What I realized is that I am done doing this.  What I really need is to feel someone cling to me.  I need to feel the feeling of people being so committed to being in connection with me, that THEY are the ones taking responsibility for their connection to me.  That way, I can stop being in charge of their connection to me and be responsible for the only part I am actually responsible for, which is my connection with them.

My observer self heard a knock at the door.  When I looked to see who it was, it was me (as Teal).  I watched Teal explain as if she were a visitor from the future, the emotional dynamic that was taking place between us (the three year old and the people in the scene). I watched her explain all the chain of events and tragedy that would come as a result of it and of not facing it directly now, before all of those events occurred.    

At that point,  Teal picked me (as the three year old) up from the floor.  An angel flew us both up into a gold and blue palace room in the clouds.  I was still motionless with the weight of having to accept I had no control over forcing other people to be connected to me.  The angel tried to explain that it wasn’t my job to ‘earn’ them in that way.  It wasn’t my job to take responsibility for making them connect to me.  

matrioshka-1631194_640.jpgFor a log time, there was no resolve.  The feeling in their air was that of wanting to get a secure connection.  But it was a stalemate.  If they could come, they could go.  I watched a third angel, but this one in the form of a light being with no wings, come into the room with a blue blow up kiddy pool.  She put it into the corner of the room.  She asked me to go over to it.  I started to dry heave as if I was going to be sick.  I threw up, but what I threw up was me… at age 6.  Then that 6 year old threw up another version of me at age 12.  I watched as each one vomited an older aged version of me.  They were all suffering from the same wound as the first.  They were all suffering the lack of connection.  They were all emotionally starving. 

abstract-3168416_640.jpgThe light body picked each one of them up and placed them into the pool.  She then asked me (the little 3 year old girl) if I was ready.  I nodded.  When I nodded, I began to dissolve like the melting of a wax candle. So did me at all the other ages. I felt the divine relief of losing myself and beginning to merge with the other aspects of me until there was such a thick togetherness, I couldn’t touch the feeling of “alone”.  Soon, there was nothing left but a pool of beautiful multi-colored swirls.  

“This is merging…  One step before oneness” I thought to myself.  For what felt like an hour, the angels kept finding people from my life and bringing them to melt into the technicolor pool.  It felt like heaven.  There was no lack of freedom in it.  There was interdependence.  

The ego in a state of fear is the thing that pushes other things and other people away.  Selfhood is only glorious to the degree that you can also maintain connection with others.  Self hood without connection is a hell on earth.  A hell that so many call ‘normal daily life’.  To be honest, human connection is so fucked up on planet earth that we all wear masks before the world.  Masks that keep us safe.  Masks designed to earn the connection we need from others.  But by earning their connection, part of us knows that once we stop earning it, it will be gone.  We keep clinging to other people without realizing that anyone is clinging to us.  As a result, we do not take care of that connection.  The truth is, we don’t really want independence.  What we want is to be able to depend on other people.  Independence (different from autonomy) only feels like relief if we cannot depend on other people.  Hell on earth is a world where there are over 7 billion people and most of them feel completely alone.               

Today on this 4th of July, I share the message with you that there is a state that is much better than the state of independence.  

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