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How I See The World

From universal perspective, my 'spiritual gifts' are in fact considered to be 'disabilities'.  I have come into this world disabled from fully 'phasing' with the physical.  In the same way that a radio that cannot tune into only one channel (and therefore receives multiple channels) is considered defective.  But this defect was intentional and it also means that I can see things about this universe that others cannot.  I can know, hear, see and feel things beyond the 'one channel' that most physical people are tuned into.   

eye-4116435_640.jpgPeople often ask me how I see the world (given my abnormal perceptions).    It is always hard to answer that question because I have a limited idea about how other people see.  That's part of the beauty of individual perspective.  You and I could be calling the exact same color yellow when in reality we are seeing drastically different colors but calling it by the same name.  I did not figure out until I was in elementary school that other people were not seeing the same things that I was seeing.  My parents were alarmed by my hypersensitivity and took me to doctors.  But those doctors did not see my extrasensory talents as talents, they saw them as disorders. I was diagnosed with sensory integration disorder (both sensory over sensitivity and sensory modulation disorder).  And it was not until I was 24 years old that I began talking to people to try to actually decipher what I perceive that is different from how/what other people perceive.  I figured it would make for an interesting blog post.  Here is (to my current standing) what I perceive that is unlike how others perceive…


  1. I see everything, not as if it is a solid object but as if it is a "vibration".  The amplitude and frequency of energy, is what determines how (in what form) that energy will express itself.  Everything in the universe is made of moving energy (what I call vibration).  And everything that vibrates imparts or impacts information. This "vibration" is what determines in what form energy will manifest. Physical things are just expressions, so solid objects are more or less an illusion that I do not have.
  2. I see Auras, which are thought forms both transmitting and receiving information to and from the physical structure they are associated with (such as a body).  To me, an aura exhibits shapes, colors, textures, hues, sounds, patterns and emanates light.  Any or all of these characteristics of an aura tell me valuable information about the physical person or thing the aura is associated with.  They can at times tell me a nearly complete story of who you are.  An aura will respond to a thought and change its characteristics to match that thought.  They are also highly receptive to interaction, so I can use my own energetic field to manipulate the energy fields of others to help them to heal (like practitioners of Reiki are taught to do).  Energy fields are as easy to feel for me with my hands as water is to most people.
  3. I see thought forms. Which are thoughts that have enough inherent energy that they have become a configuration, shape or visual appearance and may manifest in a non-static way. There are traditionally three types of thought forms: #1. Energy, which takes the image of the thinker, #2. Energy that takes the image of a material object, and #3. Energy that takes a form entirely its own, expressing its qualities in the matter which it draws round it. So, I can see and interact and communicate with “Entities” (what you call ghosts), “Guides”, “Angels”. It is also due to this ability that I can and have acted as a “spirit medium”.
  4. I can see life paths.  This basically means I can see the future.  But future is not decided.  What I am seeing is what outcome is a match to the current state (which doesn’t often change, because thought patterns are habitual). Information present within energy in its potential state expresses itself based on thought/intention, which is a preliminary thing to physical structure.  So, if a person were able to change their thoughts, their entire physical reality would shift and so would their “future”.  Because of this, I often see and emotionally feel collective future as well.  I have prophetic visions and dreams.  In my past I have had trouble with this, even to the point of having seizures in the days leading up to a natural disaster, man made catastrophe or a war.
  5. I have a hyper sensitive sense of hearing.  For example, I can hear tectonic plates moving.  I’m sure you’re a familiar with how the tide is pulled by the gravity of the moon.  What people don’t understand is that the gravity of the moon affects everything, not just water, it pulls at the earth too, and I can hear it.  Full moons are very, very loud to me.  I hate the sound of cotton balls (a sound I gather many people can’t hear).  People talking in other rooms, which would be inaudible to many, is not inaudible to me.  I have hearing that is able to pick up the extremely high frequency of thought forms so I have clairaudience. In other words I can hear thought forms.
  6. I do not see negative space (what many people call air).  Instead, everything looks like energy with no spaces in between.  Every energy field bleeds into every other energy field creating one huge existence of inter-being.  And because of this, I perceive how everything that is, effects everything else that is. Metaphorically, a pebble dropped into this energy that makes up all that is would create ripples that affected the entire field.  The only reason humans seldom consciously perceive it that way is because sensory organs (like sight and taste and touch) give people the impression of objects being solid and finite with a boundary of separation between them and other things.
  7. To most people, skin is a finite boundary where the body stops. To me, the skin is a certain point of density within the energy that is making up a human.  I can see impressions of what is below the skin.  So, when I meet a person, I am able to see their bones, organs, nerves, veins etc. I am also able to see the energy channels within a body (which have been labeled by some as chakras and meridians). So, I can see where a person’s energy is not flowing properly and what physical ailments they have. I can also often see the vibration that is leading to the “WHY” they have the particular energy blockage or physical ailment.
  8. I astral plane very easily and instantaneously.  I used to have the problem of doing this spontaneously.  I had no control of it at first.  To “astral plane” is the act of consciously or subconsciously shifting consciousness from the perception of physical to the perception of non physical which is unlimited by distance and time.  Because of this, I am sometimes able to practice remote viewing.
  9. I have an open and conscious connection to my higher self.  I did not lose awareness of this connection or ability to communicate with my higher self during childhood (even when I chose to ignore it).  Because of this, I did not lose memory of what WAS before I came into this life and what WILL BE upon death. I came into this life endowed with objective universal truth, much of which certain subjective, individual truths are in direct opposition of.
  10.  I have access to the Akashic record.  The Akashic record is the totality of information about all that ever was and is, which is encoded in the non-physical plane of existence, also referred to as the mind of god. It is a collection of unlimited information, which can be accessed from the state of Source-like consciousness such as when one is in meditation, while astral planning or under hypnosis.  Accessing the Akashic record allows for omniscience.  This means I have accurate awareness of past lives.  It is a form of retro cognition.
  11. I can perceive these same things I perceive with humans, with animals as well. So, I can commune with animals and the direct physical language barrier does not prohibit connection or understanding.
  12. I have Synaesthesia.  A neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.
  13. I see thoughts and emotions.  Thoughts and emotions come across as recognizable geometric patterns that once they originate, are fed by the stream of consciousness that most people call a “soul”, into the physical body.  Because of this, I can see what thoughts and emotions are causing chronic patterns of disease within the body.  It also makes me adept at doing shadow work.  I can see thoughts that are “subconscious”, and this means I can help people to see aspects of their mind that they are unaware of or have forgotten.

extra sensoryPeople often say that they wish they had my “abilities”.  But throughout my life, I’ve maintained the sentiment that I would not wish my abilities on my worst enemy.  This is a difficult world to live in when you have no filters.  Imagine trying to have a romantic relationship with someone, when you can visually see their thoughts.  Every person on earth has disturbing thoughts; thoughts that could really hurt other people if they were privy to them.  Just think about some of the things that go through your mind when you’re in a social setting.  Imagine trying to make a phone call and having entities in the area tap into the signal or electric current.  It takes two minutes before I’m hearing so any conversations at once that I can’t decide who I’m supposed to be listening to.  Imagine seeing the impressions of fatal car accidents left along the highways.  Imagine receiving all of this information (listed above) at once from every person who comes into contact with you.  Now imagine standing in a crowded room, like a subway station and receiving it from everyone in the building.  I could go on forever with example upon example about the ramifications of coming into this life like I did.  The good thing though is that my choice to come in this way is positively affecting many people now.  My extrasensory perspective can help people to live happier and more fulfilling lives.  

teal swan

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Thank you Tea!l :) Another dynamic which I'm confident you are thoroughly familiar with is how people are shocked or "triggered" into non-response, skepticism, or fear by the surreal capabilities you possess & innovative views you express.  ( I can't share much of myself either.. at a lesser level)

Of course, at this point for you much of this shock 'n' awe may be seen in more of a remote way or indirect way like..

The appalling fact that NO ONE has yet commented on this tremendously authentic & AMAZING blog of yours!  They just run way and hide when things get seriously "paranormal" - ha-ha

Not me.   (What IS actually scary is your sleek beauty, tho!:star-yahoo-emoticon: )

Thanks for sharing. :muahh!: Love, Kiel :love-struck-yahoo-emoticon:


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Hi Teal

I have been trying to see auras and I can see a "brightness" or a "presence" around people and objects but no discernible patterns or useful information.   So far I cannot reproduce your ability to see useful information.      

Once a long time ago I was out on a date with a girl.  We were talking and I got the impression that a sensation went up her spine.  Of course I couldn't see it or feel it  but I definitely had the impression that she felt "energy" rush up her spine.  I am reluctant to say for certain that she experienced kundalini energy rushing up her sushumna channel but that would be consistent with the descriptions I have read. 

I am trying to say as politely as possible that I am skeptical but I would love it if your abilities could  be proven.   I would love if you could arrange of a mutually satisfying test with the James Randi organization and win the James Randi million dollar prize!

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Thank You. A  very amazing post Teal and thank you so much for all the wonderful reminders of what a beautiful person you are and such an open and honest strong person you are. truly thank you for sharing and reminding  us to focus more and to always be aware of the truth rather than succumb to the illusion.

I actually have a question. A friend of mine says next week is the beginning of true catastrophe in a physical sense related to ww3. do you feel this to be true?


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@Scot [" We were talking and I got the impression that a sensation went up her spine.  Of course I couldn't see it or feel it  but I definitely had the impression that she felt "energy" rush up her spine. "]

I THINK(?) you were being serious here and not sarcastic. If so.. well.. that's a rather interesting event, since it very well could mean the lady may have been your twin-soul/flame.  Spontaneous, energetic "activations" would be one of the more unique and glaring symptoms of interacting with your twin-flame. It can even happen just talking over the phone before ever meeting him/her. Connecting or meeting your twin-flame is a huge spiritual event. However, due to varying emotional error accrued from the experience of your different paths up to that point, TFs may not be attracted to each other or may pose excessive challenge to other that prevents (re)union.  The TF phenomenom is actually real.. even though most people who get into it are just into relationships, dating,a nd love and have no real idea of the true spiritual depth of the topic.

[" I would love if you could arrange of a mutually satisfying test with the James Randi organization and win the James Randi million dollar prize! "]

This is not a thought you'll ever want to have again. James Randi is simply deplorable and there is NO valid way to overcome his skepticism and win that prize. Committed internal belief is NOT altered my external events like that - especially when they are presented upfront as a challenge to them. Plus, the VERY WORST thing you can be is a skeptic...which is  a stultifying and limiting and paralyzing life viewpoint to wield. Not believing others is one of the most foolish positions a human can ever take.. as the soul inside that person is just like you. It is tantamount to not believing yourself.

From a higher spiritual perspective Randi has done a great job playing his role as a leading skeptic. Kudos to him for that. Although he represents a point on the journey for many, its not a point you really ever want to be at..since it is a DEAD-END within the maze of life that one MANDATORILY has to turn around from and move beyond to continue evolving.. just like a heroine addict who has OD'ed and hit rock bottom must change to progress.

In sum regarding Randi, Randi claims in a 100% psychic universe that psychic abilities don't exist. Uh.. that's ALL that exists. It's just consciousness restructuring and affecting light and energy.. for experience, joy, and expansion purposes within simulated real worlds.


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I'm not really sure what to say here. I'm scared to post anything because I typically don't comment anywhere on the web due to negative feedback. I'm going through the Self-Love e-course right now and on the 'Trojan Horse' video. Teal mentioning her extrasensory abilities in that video inspired me to Google search around extrasensory perception. When I searched 'Teal Swan extrasensory', it brought me to this blog post. I understand Teal wouldn't wish these 'abilities' on even her worst enemy, but even the points made at the end of the post still don't scare me or make me second-guess my desire to see the world how she sees it.

I've told my therapist multiple times that this reality is boring to me and that I want to see more, hear more, know more, and feel more. I've been wanting my own extrasensory abilities ever since I was a child. I want to see frequencies just like how Teal does, so that I can make them as moving graphic images on the computer for those grounded in reality to see. I want to know when others are in distress, so I can comfort them and raise their vibration. I want to meet my higher-self and spirit guides as well as other people's, so I can realize my higher purpose for being here and guide others on their path of higher purpose as well (without telling them what exactly that purpose is). Essentially, I want my own extrasensory abilities to help heal the world the way Teal does.

Besides sleep, I've never been able to release my consciousness from this body, even when doing the exercises in the self-love e-course to become certain aspects of myself. Even after saying to become that aspect, I still remain conscious of myself the whole time. Astral travel and out-of-body experience sounds like a marvel that everyone should be able to experience. To be able to travel the Universe and see all of the beauty within is a dream of mine.

Teal, if you're reading this, please connect to my being using your extrasensory abilities to understand how I feel about this. I want to be your student, so I can help you on your mission to help others be authentic and heal the world one puzzle piece at a time.

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i feel like I have abilities coming through and my senses are overwhelmed. Hearing, seeing feeling. I have migraines and I feel it's somehow suppressed and the resistance to it is causing the migraine maybe? Its very hard to describe and I've always had  abilities but something is happening to me and it is so intense and scratching at the surface. I feel like no one understands but you teal. I keep having visions of talking with you 

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Wow mind-BLOWN. That is such a different view on the world than how I see the world. So interesting. I can only imagine indeed though that must be very hard to live like that, pfew. Amazing how you present yourself and what beautiful things you bring to so many in this world. Many blessings.

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I believe you. Since I was a child, I perceive so many things, but I have been afraid of telling people, or accepting them. It is funny because sometimes I just know things. I see true intentions before anyone notices, and then something happens, and I was right. I understand animals and plants. I have not developed them as much as I would like to. I don't like to rush things, still, I am very curious of how this abilities will be in the future. I feel relieved and excited to meet someone that has superpowers too.

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