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Hay Fever Nation

gem-1576233_640.jpg The purple velvet of the chair I am sitting in creates a sense of containment.  There are crystals of all shapes and sizes littering every available square inch of the room.  The pellucid 4th dimensional communication streams between them stretch like an elaborate, glittering spider’s web throughout the room.  I designed this little healing room specifically so that people would be bathed in a matrix of the various energies that bring a human body back into alignment.  I have worked with clients here for years now.

In the real world, people hardly connect with one another.  They pretend to each other that everything is going fine.  Then they come to you (as a healer) and “spill the beans”.  This way of being creates the illusion in the world that people are going through their struggles alone.  So often I have wished I could just get everyone in a room and host a confessional so that people could see how many other people have the exact same issue.  I guess this is one function of my synchronization workshops.  What you notice when you start working with people in a healing capacity is that people are innately connected to one another.  This connection expresses itself in “trends”.  For example, you may not have had any interaction with someone who is suicidal in months and then in one week, you get 5 on the same day.  We tend to go through collective healing cycles.  This week, I have noticed a rampant trend… allergies and hay fever.  In fact, I have only had one client this week that is not suffering from allergies or hay fever.

allergy-18656_640 (1).jpgThere is a vibrational discord at the root of all ailments.  Sometimes that discord shows up in the body as a sore throat, sometimes it shows up as cancer and sometimes it shows up as allergies.  The person who has allergies, is a person who has been insensitive to their thoughts and emotions to such a degree that they de sensitized to the discomfort of the emotion and so, their body had to develop the sensitivity.  If we have allergies, we have been stuck in negative emotion and we simultaneously believe or have believed (around the time that the allergy developed) that there is no resolution and no answer to improving those emotions.  Because of this, we deny our own power.  We also feel (or have felt at the time the allergy appeared) that is was not appropriate to express those emotions.  The suppression of those emotions (whether it be fear, weeping, sadness, hurt or anger) builds up and builds up until it manifests through our body.  There is always some kind of trauma or fear at the heart of whatever it is that you are allergic to.  This fear or trauma can be emotional blocks in your subconscious or bad experiences that you link to the certain things that you are allergic to.  A great many things can cause trauma or fear, which is why every allergy must be deal with on a case-by-case basis.  There are many one size fits all remedies for symptom relief when it comes to allergies, but there is no one size fits all remedy for curing allergies.  Here is what mean:  A person could have had a negative experience with a cat when they were a baby (in many cases so long ago that they don’t even consciously remember it) and so now, they fear them and because they fear them their body mobilizes it’s defense mechanisms to them and now, they have an allergy to them.  Or, they do not believe that becoming “allowing” and “relaxing” brings things to fruition.  They think that allowing and relaxing means that they will fail and be rejected by everyone for that failure.  Because of this, when they are around the allowing, relaxed energy of a cat, they feel resistance towards it and that extreme level of resistance, causes their body to have an allergic reaction.

sage-3650534_640.jpgAnother example is: Someone is afraid of conflict and negative emotions and so they go to great lengths to avoid both. Sage is a neutralizing energy.  It is used to neutralize conflicts and negative energies, which is why people use it to clear houses and facilitate harmonious conversations.  But because it holds a vibration that confronts and neutralizes energy, they cannot harmonize with it.  They want to run the other way.  So now, they have developed an allergy (a vibrational incompatibility) with sage.

Many children are born into families that reinforce the belief that the world is not safe.  And so they develop allergies to reflect that belief in their incompatibility with the world at birth.  Everything holds a vibration.  If we do not harmonize with something, it is because that thing holds a vibration that does not resonate or harmonize with ours.  It is a vibrational incompatibility.  But the thing that creates that vibrational incompatibility is thoughts.  You will notice that when you are thinking thoughts that are holding you out of alignment (not feeling good), you are drawn together with foods and animals and pollens and materials that you believe are out of alignment for you.  When you are in alignment (feeling good), you are drawn together with foods and animals and pollens and materials that you believe are in alignment for you.  For many people, it just so happens that when they are drawn together with things that they believe on a subconscious or conscious level are bad for them, the body’s natural defense mechanism (the immune system) releases histamine which triggers an inflammatory response in the body.

pry-1332305_640.jpgOn an energetic level, the reason the histamine reaction so often affects the bronchial tubes and lungs (the culprit in the characteristic allergy or asthma attack where someone can’t breathe), is that breath is the doorway to life.  If we think life is dangerous, we don’t want to take life in.  So that resistance to taking in life, manifests as the body not wanting to take in breath.  Allergies give you an excuse to withdraw from invasive/hostile energies (often the world itself) so you can feel safe in your own comfort zone.  So if you are experiencing allergies or hay fever, ask yourself:  Am I experiencing powerless feelings about an invasive or offensive or hostile person or situation in my life?

To protect something is to keep it safe from harm.  It is a state of preservation.  Therefore if you want to protect yourself, you’re interested in self-preservation.  Protection is in fact a state of defense and the state of defense is a state of resistance.  What do we know about this universe?  Whatever we resist, we get more of.  So the more concerned we are with protection, the more there is in our reality that we need to be protected against.  Protection is what we call a mixed vibration.  It’s pattern contains both what is wanted and what is unwanted.

I’m including one of my Ask Teal episodes here so anyone who is dealing with allergies and/or hay fever can work on feeling safe…

Today, I have decided to take the second half of the day off.  I have been so immersed with work that I am living like I have forgotten there is a life to live outside of my various endeavors.  I’m going to cook a feast and sit on my back porch with the people that I love.  I’m going to sit there long enough that the stars consume the sky.

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