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Full Circle London

bird-s-eye-view-curve-drone-photography-1658967.jpg The muffled grating of the wheels on the train track comes up through the bottom of the train.  Out the window, Swiss farmland wizzes by, shimmering an emerald green in the rain light.  There is a lush softness to the energy of this place, which is very rare for a place so violently beautiful.  Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I have just come from London.  Usually when I hold an event, I spend hours meeting people in person and on this trip, I didn’t even have time to do that.  It didn’t feel very good.  I felt sort of “ripped away from my people”.  But the interviews, speaking engagements and book signings themselves went well.  I loved the stage on this trip.  There was something especially delicious about being bathed in the stage lights at the venue and the crowd was very conscious which always gives me much more energy to mold and play with so as to challenge old thought and create new thought.  I stayed in Marylebone, which had a better vibration overall than many of the places I have visited in London.  It was close enough to Regent’s Park that I could walk there and spend time by the fountains and in the flowers.  I have seen nothing so far to rival an English garden.  I think the key to having a great trip in a new place (especially overseas) is to find someone who knows the area and who also ‘gets’ you to help plan the trip.


architecture-big-ben-bird-s-eye-view-1837591.jpgI have found a side of London to love and to want to return for.  Never have I seen history in such a state of preservation.  This is a large part of why London holds such a dense vibration overall.  The consciousness of mankind has evolved so far beyond where it was hundreds of years ago.  But a culture that is so permeated by tradition, a culture that holds to the past as its claim to fame, maintains the old consciousness well beyond the time that it has been replaced in the rest of the world.  People of London are proud of their history.   And when people come to London, they come to see this history and so, by virtue of this focus, both parties fuel the thought forms of the past.  They are so energized that the dimension of modern times and the dimension of memory, is laid upon one another, drenching the city in the vibration of nostalgia.  Nostalgia is a beautiful fragrance in small doses, in large doses, it grips the heart and digs its claws in, to the degree that you can almost feel yourself begin to bleed.   Look no further than Great Britain’s obsession over their Monarchy (an outdated thought within human consciousness) for proof that in general, it is a place that seeks to keep the past alive at any cost.

To the flip side, the positive side of history does have a certain appeal.  It is an enjoyable sensation to sit below a row of glimmering chandeliers with tea steaming over the rim of an elegant porcelain cup.  It is enjoyable to see men dressed in elegant dress coats and shined shoes.  It is enjoyable to hear the sophisticated notes of the various English accents. It is enjoyable to breathe air that is rich with moisture in a carefully manicured garden that extends farther than the eye could ever see.  It is enjoyable to walk the streets below architecture that has stood the test of time.  The deep, dark feel of all who identified with it, etched into the stone.  London boasts a cold grandiosity to its architecture whose craftsmanship makes you stop dead in your tracks.  London is proud in both its essence and appearance.  It screams of power both old and new.

architecture-bridge-buildings-220887.jpgI have decided that my favorite thing about London is that when you’re there, it feels like the whole world is spinning around you.  It is the most worldly feeling city I have ever been to.  There is a very unique feeling I get sometimes when I’m there, a feeling of being at the center of it all.  Like a heart, it feels like all cultures and all governments and all races and all news and all trends come and go from London.  London has its finger on the pulse of the whole world. I can feel that pulse when I’m there.  It causes an inner sense of significance and importance.  And when you leave, it can feel as if you are suddenly left out or have fallen behind.  For personalities who like to be “in the thick of it” and at the center of things, leaving London would be very hard to do.  Even I feel the sting of it today.  

cars-city-communication-6618.jpgThere is beauty in both movement and stillness.  Both are manifestations of the divine.  People tend to fall in love with one or the other.  Those who love movement, tend to gravitate to the cities.  Those who love stillness tend to gravitate to the wilderness.  Being a lover of both, I prefer to be on the fringes, able to choose whether to indulge in movement or stillness.  The movement of a city brings excitement with the chaos.  There is so much to see and so much to do that the mind does not eat itself like it so often does when it is immersed in stillness.  Its activities are drowned out by the entertainment that presents itself around every corner.  You do not have to contend with boredom in a city.  There is too much to consume to feel the emptiness inside.  You can escape yourself.  So many experiences to be had.  So many different kinds of people to meet.  Sometimes that movement is soothing.  It is soothing to feel like you’re a part of something that is moving forward instead of standing still.

zermatt-3236569_640.jpgNow, I am venturing into stillness again.  We arrived in Geneva by plane this morning in order to take a train to Zermatt.  I have been dreaming of Zermatt for months now.  Prophetically, I keep returning again and again.  In each of the dreams, I arrive by train.  In each of the dreams, I know I have to be there as if it is a mission to arrive.  And in each of the dreams, the essence of the mountain, the Matterhorn, penetrates me like a possession.   Zermatt  has been calling me on a soul level for a long time now.  And so, I am answering the call by making a detour before arriving in Basel for my next European Synchronization Workshop.

It is disorienting to be riding the very train I saw in my dreams; so far away from home, but in a place that I know in my heart already.  It feels surreal.  Sometimes certain places you go to and people you meet on travels do not feel any more real than the places you see and people you meet in your dreams.  They are such a departure from the life you are used to that they are imbued with a thin ethereal, temporary quality.  You wonder if you ever went there or just imagined you did.  You wonder if you ever met them or just imagined you did.  Then again, sometimes, the places you go to and people you meet on travels, make the life you are used to obsolete and the life you are accustomed to living begins to feel as thin, ethereal and temporary as a dream.  This kind of experience creeps up on you by surprise.  You never see it coming.  This is a far scarier experience because the only possible outcome in the days and weeks and months that follow it… is drastic change.

vogue-london (1).jpg

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