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Forecast for 2018

fantasy-2437944_640.jpgAt 3:00 am, the stars still hover against the black.  An occasional car navigates the topography of the landscape far off.  Most beings have retired their conscious minds.  They are absorbed in the exploration of their subconscious minds.  It is a process that most of them will not be aware of when they wake.  They will simply start off where they left off.  I find it both endearing and defeating to think that most people will remain unconscious of their subconscious minds.  Being in a house full of people who are dreaming is very much like being in the center of people experiencing the latter part of a mild group Ayahuasca ceremony...  One that they will soon forget.  They have all been sucked into a journey within.  And I am sitting squarely in the world during the witching hour.  I am sitting in the consensus reality that like a vesica pisces exists between our individual perspectives.             

Because I spend most of my nights consciously out of body working as a kind of universal tool for consciousness, nights like this that are so common to people walking the path of awakening are rare for me.  It is rare that I am awoken at this time of night with so much energy that it is a if I have been shot with a universal EpiPen.  It is a kin to being woken in the night with pleasant labor pains.  When this happens, the universe wants something created through you and loves to use the special energies belonging to this time of the morning.  It is a time when the veil between physical and non physical realities is particularly thin.  This time I have been awoken on this, the last day of the year 2017.  And I have been awoken in order to communicate with people about the near future.  It has been a habit of mine to write a kind of forecast about each upcoming year.  But this time, there seems to be a universal investment in me doing so and doing so now. 

new-years-eve-2762630_640.jpgFor some of you, if you stop right here and now, you will notice that your pulse has increased and your body has gone tense even looking at a forecasting message about the upcoming year.  That reaction is a direct reflection of the intensity that you have experienced in the last years.  For many of you, because 2017 was the year of drastic change, that intensity was traumatizing.  You may feel a bit like you do when you are caught in waves that crash down on you and barely let you catch a breath before the next one comes.  You get to a point where you wonder how long you can withstand it.  I see that many of you are at that point in your lives.  And it is with this in mind that I can tell you to take a deep and long breath of relief.  Change is catching up with us this year again.  But this breed of change is different than the breed of change that has been gracing us in the past year(s). 

aura-1079746_640.jpgAll change we make may seem like a deviation. But from the perspective of universal consciousness, it can be said that all change we make is rather a coming into further alignment with our destiny.  There is no actual contradiction between free will and destiny when you accept source or as many people say ‘your higher self’ as yourself.  Both your temporal perspective and non-physical perspective is you.  Therefore, if there seems to be a discrepancy between them, it is really just you disagreeing with you.  All change is a coming into alignment with your life purpose and soul mission.  When we are attached or lost in illusion, that change will take on a form that feels destructive.  It is as if consciousness itself creates a forest fire on the metaphysical level that burns through illusion and consumes anything we cling to that keeps us apart from our awakening, our authenticity and our unique purpose.  When we are sitting in those ashes, after the blaze has subsided, we feel raw and often fragile.  And then, a second form of change arises.  This form of change is a building phase.  And it is this phase of change that is brought with the year 2018. 

child-1864718_640.jpgWhen we begin the process of building, we lay a foundation.  We do this because it creates the stability for whatever structure we are building.  This stability will begin with the most literal meaning of manifestation… To make clear or evident to the eye.  We will begin this building process by clearly seeing and understanding what we authentically and genuinely want to replace the old with.  This is the year that we will become completely clear about the change we want to begin building.  To make good use of the special energies inherent in this year, we must stop focusing on what we don’t want.  For those of you who were raked over the coals of change this last year, this will be easier because most likely what you resisted (but didn’t detach from consciously) has been rather painfully ripped from you by the universe at large. 

The form of change brought by 2018 is a softer form of change.  I will use the metaphor of change inherent in the butterfly.  When a caterpillar changes into a butterfly, it is dissolved into a primordial genetic soup.  The caterpillar’s tissues are disintegrated.  This is a destruction of the caterpillar that once was.  But inherent in the primordial genetic soup, (just like a person’s soul purpose remains like a blue print no matter what is happening in their physical life) the blueprint for the butterfly that is meant to become remains unaltered.  And then, the protein rich soup that was once tissue, begins to be called into alignment with that blueprint.  The blueprint of the butterfly calls the disintegration of cells into organized form.  A building process begins.  A building of all the structures necessary for a butterfly to be.  This is the phase of change brought by 2018.

To understand this metaphor in human terms, I’ll give you an example.  Lets imagine that in the past years, someone has been struggling intensely with relationships.  The violent energy of the phase of change we are coming out of, may have led to a divorce in their life.  The old relationship disintegrated.  It is this year that this person will discover and clearly see what ingredients will act as the building material for the relationship they have always wanted.  It is this year that they will begin putting that material into place within themselves so that the new relationship and any other residual relationships they may have with other people will become that relationship they have always wanted.     


This year, I am smiling because the energy of New Year’s Eve will not be a one a day celebration.  Instead, the entire year of 2018 contains the energy of New Year’s Eve.  This is the year that you will step into genuinely having let go of what was and instead building what you have always genuinely wanted in your heart of hearts.  Many of you will ‘find your tribe’ this year.  Many of you who have never known what internal stability is, will figure out what it is and begin building it.  Many of you who have not been able to have a secure relationship, will find all the necessary building materials and begin creating one.  Many of you who wore a mask towards the world will begin living an authentic life.  There is a harmony inherent in this phase of change because it makes integration of the disintegration.  There is an inherent harmony in this phase of change because when we begin building in alignment with our soul purpose and life mission, we are following our north star.  In our physical embodiment, this feels like ecstatic rightness.  It feels like inspiration.  It feels like relief.  It feels like a yes that is holding the very meaning for our life itself. 

zen-3652353_640.jpgThe thing that I am the most looking forward to about 2018 is that the form of change that we are coming into is no longer that of chaos energy.  Instead it is a kind of change that promises greater stability.  It is a kind of change that promises rooting and grounding.  The building of a foundation and a structure that is in alignment with our soul purpose and life mission inherently brings with it both structure and order to our lives.  But we will not build this foundation and structure in our lives by following our rational minds.  Instead our rational minds must be following the instruction of our intuition.  Our inner wisdom, like a north star or an encoded blue print, will be the foreman of this building project.  And we will be challenged to move slowly instead of frantically so as to build the most stable and long lasting structure possible and we must trust in the universal timing to do this.           

Having said all of this, the forecast for 2018 is that it is the year of building.  The reason I cannot call this year the year of rebuilding is because we are not rebuilding anything.  The things we are going to build in our lives this year, will be things that we are building for the very first time.  To rebuild is for a caterpillar to dissolve and then to build a newer and more improved caterpillar.  What we are going to be building this year metaphorically speaking is our individual (and naturally to follow, collective) butterfly.  This year is infused with a very powerful and pure energy of conjuring.  We will lay the foundation and begin building the life we want to live and more than that, the life we were always meant to live.  We are not meant to realize that life is an illusion so that we can escape from it by pulling our energy out of the physical dimension.  To the opposite, we are meant to make what is non-physical (our divinity so to speak) tangible and material.  It will be in perfect alignment with our unique blueprint… The life purpose and soul mission that we were encoded with before we came to this life.


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Dear Teal

I am glad to hear this. Thank you. I hope Timing indeed improves for me... as it was crappy in 2017...or so it seems to me now.  I am  learning Reiki and seeing one of your wonderful CP. practitioners; I feel now so different after my first session with her. I also do the C.P . sometimes on my own, but I like the connection w/ her.  Reclaiming oneself is  so self-loving. I  am also getting a pigeon  or two  as companions- my favorite animal - s/he will help me transition into  interspecies telepathic communication  ( and I also will be learning animal Reiki).  So, I hope that what my heart longs for is truly what my soul has in mind for me. (you've said it is so it must be).  I've also bought your Frequency Tarot; I will have fun with that!!

I haven't so far been able to manifest my change of location to a warm tropical location yet.  But certainly not for want of trying; We went to Hawaii and Ecuador this year. So, my greatest prayer is that I can make it happen in 2018 - or as soon as possible.

I remain afraid of 2020 as you said that would be the climax of the Forest Fire of Transformation. I want to be OUT OF NEW YORK before  then. I wish you would again update us on that Fire. In your original blog about it you promised to keep us updated and guide us (through "code") on the best path .... please do this. I don't really want to stay in this country.

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Dear Teal,

I am so relieved to hear that we can build now.  This past year 2017 was full of hits and misses, mostly misses, but I am READY to let go of that

and start building.

Thank you, Anne Lindstrom

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Thank you dear Teal for the positive predictions for 2018. I have been feeling also the positive energy of the year ahead in the ways you are sharing. Im so excited for us all. Much gratitude to you for all the love and hard work that you share serving the Universe. We are blessed. Happy new year everyone and much love to you all. xxx

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Thank you Teal for helping humanity make sense of what it means to be a part of life in these times.  I can't express how very grateful I am for you and your wisdom.  I hold a very special place in my heart for you.  Love Teri

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I was just doing some internal work last night (actually in 2018, as it was after midnight) on why I've been afraid of people, why I've been wearing a mask in social situations, what has been preventing me from being as authentic as I aspire to be. I came to a breakthrough: I've been feeling that I can't afford a single drop of evidence that I am unwanted, isolated from others, too different to relate, etc. That mountain of evidence is too high, and I've been trying to protect myself from collecting more evidence . . . By isolating myself. I've proven my own point by attempting to avoid collecting more proof. This realization is the start of a new foundation for me.

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Currently, my room and apartment are a mess. They got this way as I started to purge my space of unnecessary clutter. I felt it appropriate to do towards the holiday season because, yes, as you mentioned Teal, the universe kind of "ripped the band-aid off" so-to-speak.

What I mean is, my relationship ended, multiple family members passed, parents divorced, I faced many shadows, I questioned my career, my motives, other's motives, and reality. All the while, my intuition, sensitivities, and powers were becoming more realized and actualized. It felt like my third eye just flew open at one point, even colors stated to feel like they were moving (I still can't figure that one out). Simply put, I experienced a lot of change in every aspect of my life this past year.

Looking back at the chain of events, I can't help but feel like I was "forced" to make changes in my life. No matter how much I tried to frantically keep things together, or try to figure out solutions, the only manifested scenarios were seemingly irreparable or finite in nature. And, I almost think that it would have been nicer if the universe had given me ultimatums. Ultimatums would have been better because an ultimatum would have at least meant that my physical perspective had a decision to make or had a choice in matters. However, many of my circumstances only had one answer: death, termination, conclusions or surrender.

And, ah, know that I could feel the resistance some folks (maybe even you Teal) will have to these last lines I wrote.

Of course, I had choices based on my focus. And yes, in many ways the universe gave me ultimatums. Like when I was choked out by a panic attack when I was not letting go of my relationship. In which case, I was communicated to by spirits guides with regards to allowing myself to be helped. After that communication I drove myself to the emergency room with a blood pressure of 172/104, almost seizing, blood vessels bursted on my face and drool sliding out of my lips. I reached out for help.

I wish I could say that this major panick attack was the only way that I was "pinned against the corner" by the universe. The reality was that many decisions I ended up making this past year came from a "rock bottom" sort of place. I remember thinking "the only way to go from here is either up or out." It was frustrating. I battled myself (and in some cases I still do) during this disintegration experience. I had started reading "Shadows before dawn" and felt overwhelmed with all the self-love "work" I had to do. But finally, at one point during my internal battle, while everything was crumbling around me, while my perspectives were changing drastically, I remember thinking one thing: "fuck it!"

I said "Fuck it to this pattern. Fuck it. Fuck it! Fuck it!"

I was sick and tired of fighting with my internal monologue, of doing the “convincing” of people around me, and of trying to understand the "meaning" and application of what was being reflected to me in my three-dimensional reality. And it dawned on me: I had resistance to all this change. 

So yeah, here I sit in my messy bedroom and apartment at the start of the new year in the process of making room for what is to come. I have decided to make “positive aspects” my project of mastery in the near future and am challenging myself to take inspired actions for my life. I've cleaned out hobbies that were stale, removed myself from organizations that no longer brought me joy in belonging to and I have reached out to some contacts about changing my career. I'm starting to feel some forward momentum.

On the flip side of this, however, I still am having bad moments. Today, even before being inspired to write this, I had been sitting in my boxer briefs binging on burger king, soda, and Netflix. I see the clutter around me and feel overwhelm. And I get sad about some events that transpired.

But here I sit, yet again, thinking only one thing: Fuck it!

I am finally moving forward. I'm finally going with the flow. So, I think I’ll clean up my room now….

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