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In less than two weeks, I will be flying to England to hold a synchronization workshop in London.  I resonate intensely with Europe. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that I’ve spent more lives there than anywhere else on earth.  Every day between now and then, will be spent making sure all the plans are in place.


As my fame increases, I am being recognized more and more now on the street.  I’ll be shopping or exercising and someone off in the distance will stop and give me this look, like my skin has turned blue.  For a moment, it causes me to feel self-conscious, like something is seriously wrong with me.  But then, they come over to me and with caution, they say “Oh my god…you’re Teal Scott aren’t you?”  I have to tell you… To me, there is a kind of heaven inherent in those moments.  Every person that runs up to me on the street has some kind of wonderful story about the effect that my material had or has on their life.  And for a moment, I feel like my life has all been worth it.

In my day-to-day life, I am removed from my impact on people.  From my perspective, I am here, in a house nestled deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  I spend my days buried in my creations.  I struggle with the typical aspects of my own personal life (or should I say not so personal life).  I have relationships, whose emotional tides rise and fall.  I struggle to balance motherhood and communal living and my career.  In my day-to-day life, I am largely ignorant of what my material is doing for the world.  In my day-to-day life, I am ignorant of the amount of people I am reaching.  Then, as if out of nowhere, I am asked to sign autographs or take pictures with people on the street.  I show up to my workshops and hundreds of people are there in front of me in one room.  They have flown there from all over the world.  Many of them cry as they greet me. Many of them seem to know more details about my life than I do.  To them, I am already a familiar fixture of their lives.  I’m that person, who made them feel as if it would all be ok.  I’m that person who helped them get through cancer, or survive a divorce, or end up in a wonderful career.  And In those moments, I feel like I could die and go to heaven.  I am dumbfounded in the best way.

teal swan

There must be some kind of emptiness still resident in my being, because when I run into “fans”, I can feel myself filling up inside with a sense of completion.  My life makes sense.  For a minute, I can clearly see the whole picture of my life and the “why” of my life, has an answer.  All the puzzle pieces fill into place.  In truth, I have enough passion and purpose to fuel me for centuries.  The vision that propels me is loud enough that I would be doing this work of mine even if every person on earth hated me for it.  But there’s nothing quite like meeting people who share your vision.  There is nothing quite like having your vision and purpose validated by people all over the globe.

I have a secret, which will not be much of a secret after today.  I have started writing a new book.  The book I wrote on how to love yourself, is currently the subject of a three year contract with a writer’s agent in New York.  It is a big deal to get a writer’s agent, so I was thrilled when it happened.  But now, I cannot do anything with the book for three years.  Until my writer’s agent gets a publisher to commit to the book, it is pending.  And without going into great detail, I will share the same sentiment that so many authors around the world share and tell you that the publishing industry is the bane of my existence.  I wanted to go the traditional route with this book because I do not have the time to edit and design and promote a book right now with everything else I am doing.  But there comes a time when having to make time to do all of those things, is worth material being available to the world NOW.  And so, it is highly likely that my next book will be self-published.  My company can make a lot more money that way anyway.  And, since I retain the rights that way, it is easier for foreign publishers to buy translation rights so they can publish the book in their individual countries.  I’m especially excited about this new book.  I don’t know how long it will take me to write.  But I will promise you that once I finish it, I will make every decision in regards to the book with one thing in mind, getting it into people’s hands as quickly as possible.  I love when I have a new creation in the works.  Feels like I’m about to introduce the world to a brand new baby.


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