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Covid-19 (A Manifestation of Narcissism)

In this vast universe, we are not just neighbors if we live on earth.  We are roommates. We share the same ‘house’.  And yet, relative to the majority of beings (including people) who live here with us, we live as strangers.  I have lived in neighborhoods where if I passed someone who lived right next door, I wouldn’t know it…  Neighborhoods where no one says hello.

shutterstock_1033259008 (1).jpgThe loneliness is growing in the human race.  Its cold, sharp edges numbed by the addiction to our technological devices.  All species are suffering from our ability to disconnect and separate from that which we see as ‘other’.  They say that if you put a frog in cold water and heat the water up slowly, the frog will not jump out.  He will acclimatize until he boils to death.  This I fear, will be the story of people and separation.  The human race is becoming more and more aloof by the day.  And I watch the chill of this aloofness making people more afraid of one another.  The Covid-19 outbreak is just the "cherry on the cake".  This makes my heart ache because people need the warmth of each other. 

What those of us who see the pain of this ‘boiling water of separation’ can do is to become that warmth… To be the one to speak first.  To be the one to smile.  To be the one to act in a manner that relieves the tension of other people’s fear.  To act in the best interests of nature itself. 

shutterstock_1150971305 (1).jpgToday the world is boiling in the water of fear.  The Covid-19 outbreak has become the tipping point for the human psyche with regards to this fear.  The fear that people and governments feel makes openly speaking about the outbreak in and of itself a very risky proposition.  I will simply say this:  Back when people began speaking about the fact that the 2008 financial crash was caused by big hedge fund companies, insurance companies and banks creating mortgage backed securities and giving subprime loans for their own personal profit, people considered it a conspiracy theory… until it became obvious that it was reality.  There is nothing insane, paranoid or kooky about the understanding that money is the root of most every decision made in the world today.  It certainly isn’t the care for our fellow men.  That is a gaslight. And you must understand that the reality of economy is that when changes happen in the market and many people become financially ruined and even die, others become very, very rich.  But because we have been socialized to comprehend that self-centered motives (such as wealth or campaign strategy or irresistible headlines or personal safety) is immoral, no one will ever admit it.  Instead, they will cover it over with a veneer of morality. 

If the safety of people is the concern at hand, we get to look directly at the reality that according to statistics, as of today about 337 people die in fires every day.  Around 1,418 die of the flu every day.  About 3,792 people die from car accidents every day. About 7,671 people die of obesity every day and some 21,000 people die from hunger every day.  There is almost no global reaction to any of these threats.  There are two main reasons why there is no reaction.  1. People see minimal to no profit in solving them.  2.  Uncertainty is the food of panic.  We have the tendency to not panic in the presence of a very real risk if it is familiar and known, but panic anytime we encounter something unknown and unfamiliar (even if it ends up posing a minimal risk).  Covid-19 is an invisible threat that we feel is novel and foreign and that we feel we have no control over catching or not catching and so it suddenly feels like a survival risk to all of us.  Not just to “those people”.               

shutterstock_1448686568.jpgWhen people are afraid, people become narcissistic.  It is not that people are ‘bad’ for doing this.  It is simply that the focus naturally shifts to self-preservation.  It is a knee jerk reaction...  One that is biologically wired into us.  The irony is that this knee jerk reaction so often makes us even more unsafe.  Especially in a modern world, where the threat is so much more complex and multifaceted than simply immediately reacting to escape a physical threat.  Fear can make us completely blind and also controllable.  So many of you have been asking and even pressuring me to comment on the Covid-19 crisis.  What you want is an answer.  Many of you want me to tell you what to think and what to do.  That is the normal reaction to have when you are in fear.  All I wish to reflect to you about that before I continue is how easily fear can open the door for people to control you in whatever direction suits their own best interests if fear puts you in a state to want to be told what to do. 

The real problem with Covid-19 will prove to be the reaction to it.  In this case, the governments have different motives and reasons for panicking than the citizens do, because they have different information.  The reaction to it has the potential to kill more people and ruin more lives than the “organic virus” ever would.  The many conflicts that will arise as a result of the reaction to it are the biggest threat of all in this situation.  It is the beginning of what I was writing about when I released my 2020 forecast earlier this year.  Most people will not be facing how to respond to a virus, but instead how to respond to government action and the reaction that companies and citizens have relative to those government actions.  The world right now is set up like a house of cards, more interdependent than most people have awareness of.  The domino effect is already proving to be colossal and will continue to prove to be so.  But never forget that each and every one of you has the power relative to how you respond to the situation

shutterstock_1079173076.jpgAre we going to respond by making the world a safer place on a physical, mental and emotional level?  Or will we make it more unsafe in the delusion that we are taking steps to ensure safety?  In the name of safety, people have the capacity to destroy life as they know it.  This is what creates vicious spirals.  For example, imagine that people began to fear that the financial markets would crash.  And so everyone tried to withdraw their money from the markets overnight.  They would create the very thing they are afraid of.  People who foresaw this would be in a very difficult position themselves.  Because if they are the only one to not do the same thing, they are left with nothing.  So it would seem their hand would be forced by the rest of humanity to participate in the very thing that creates the downfall of human society… To act in their own best interests.      

The definition of a safe relationship is a relationship in which we take someone else’s best interests as a part of our own best interests.  When we are in fear and thus in self-preservation mode, this is precisely what we are not doing.  And so, by definition we, ourselves become unsafe to others.  This causes other people to go into self-preservation mode relative to us.  As you can tell, this inevitably becomes a self-perpetuating spiral of warring methods of self-protection.  It takes some deep, deep looking to see the vulnerability, the fear and pain underneath those warring strategies.  If we did look, we would quickly see that the best strategy for actually being safe is not to focus on preserving ourselves, the best strategy is to focus on alleviating their fear and pain.  It is a drastically different focus.  It is a step towards taking others as a part of ourselves, which is a far more objective response than strategy. 

shutterstock_273433976.jpgYou will hear a lot in the coming year about how bad fear is.  Fear will never go away. You will never live a life without fear. There is no such thing as fearlessness.  We may try to hide our fear from each other but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

 Fear is neither good or bad.  It is information.  Information about a potential or a reality that is deeply unwanted.  Everything depends how that information is used.  And most people do not know what to do with that information, which is something that the media must understand unless they want more blood on their hands than they already have on their hands as of today.  Reacting to fear causes us to do stupid things.  Ignoring fear also causes us to do stupid things.   And so your task for this year is to master fear.  To figure out how to make objective decisions that involve risk.  If all you can do is to practice this mastery, that is enough.  

shutterstock_569382892.jpgFear is inherently about separation. By its very nature, it is an instinctual reaction to push something or someone away from you. And fear is the number one most isolating experience on the planet. The more fearful we are, the more alone we are.  To help visualize this, imagine that you are standing in the middle of a circle with a bunch of people. Now see yourself feeling fear toward these people in the circle and pushing them away. When you do this, eventually, everyone else ends up outside the circle and you are the only one inside the circle … alone. Now imagine that same scenario but this time, your fear toward everyone causes you to want to avoid them and thus, run away from them. If you do this, everyone else is still inside the circle and you are now outside the circle … alone. This is how fear creates loneliness and prevents connection.  This is a big problem when we fear each other, because the number one human need is connection.  And this outbreak has caused us to fear each other.  I am the first person to say "never mess with a single cell organism".  But there is a big difference between 1. Deciding to take precautions relative to transmission and 2. Fearing everyone, pushing everyone away and separating and isolating them out of that fear.  The trauma and ripple effects, aftermath and implications of forcing separation on people will extend far beyond the potential damage of the threat that people SAY they are trying to prevent.  We must be very careful as well because the threat of separation from loved ones is perhaps the biggest form of leverage that someone can use on someone else in order to force their compliance.                 

shutterstock_1266819832.jpgTo love is the opposite of to fear.  We make very different decisions out of love than out of fear.  To love means to make the decision to take something as a part of yourself.  This means, nothing is more important than to re-own your own fear and to take responsibility of it as if it were a crying child.  When a child cries for help because he or she is afraid of something, the correct response is not to immediately get rid of that thing.  For example, there are children that cry hysterically in fear that their own shadow is following them around when they walk.  You cannot get rid of the child’s shadow.  What you can do in that scenario is to help them to see the reality and to change their perspective.  It is only by really owning and taking responsibility for your own fear that you can make an objective decision in whatever situation you find yourself. 

Because fear tells you very clearly what you don’t want, it means the door is wide open to figure out what you DO want and need.  If you could take your attention off of pushing against the unwanted and put it squarely on putting your energy into what you do want in any situation, life would feel much, much better. 

What is the Covid-19 situation telling you that you want and need?  Is there a way you could put your focus and energy and action into those things in a much more direct way?  Every time a decision is made my someone outside of you, consider it a chess move.  And your job is to figure out what you want and need given the new situation and pour your energy into that.  I’ll give you an example, when President Trump declared a national emergency yesterday, we made the decision to cancel both of our events this month.  I want and need to teach and to see a world full of awakened people.  I want to live out my purpose.  But a bigger want and need for me is togetherness.  When the government created a risk of separation through quarantine or closed borders, we found that we were unwilling to take the risk of people being forcibly separated from their families and loved ones.  It does get significantly harder when you find yourself in a lose-lose scenario in which there is fear on both sides of a decision.  But prioritizing according to your most honest and important wants and needs still works in a lose-lose scenario.  If any of you are interested in understanding what to do about fear in a much more in-depth way, I have an entire chapter dedicated to it in my book titled: The Anatomy of Loneliness.  

shutterstock_265671650 (1).jpgOne of the many gifts of near-death experience is that you get to measure being alive next to so many things.  I am going to say something now that I want you to never forget.  Fear has a way of convincing a person that the most important thing in existence is survival.  It isn’t.  It is quality of life.  Quality of life is what humanity must stand for. 

I have been teaching relentlessly for a while now about the importance of taking that which you see as ‘other’ as a part of yourself.  At the most objective level of perspective, the Covid-19 outbreak is a manifestation of the failure to do this.  The failure of humans to take nature as a part of themselves and thus to commit environmental abuse.  The failure of the individuals running major corporations and governments to take citizens as a part of themselves and thus profit off of their suffering.  The failure to take the most basic human emotional needs that we have as a part of ourselves, and thus make decisions that will damage our capacity to thrive. 

The most important thing you can do as an individual, which will change the way you respond to anything you fear, is to take that which you see as ‘other’ as a part of yourself and by doing so, to take their best interests as a part of your own best interests.  To do so is to fix the root of the entire weed of suffering that has grown rampant within the human race.  And I believe that each of you, whether you decide to do it or not, are capable of doing so.  You are capable of popping the bubble or narcissism that fear has the tendency to cause you to build.  You are capable of lovingly caretaking your fear.  You have the power relative to how you respond to any situation.  You have the power of transcending herd mentality and not doing what everyone else is doing.  You have the power to ask yourself what your fear is telling you that you deeply want and need and focusing your energy and actions on those things directly.  You have the power to take the best interests of others as a part of your own, without sacrificing your own best interests.  Because YOU are capable of the practice of love.        



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"In this case, the governments have different motives and reasons for panicking than the citizens do, because they have different information."


Do you have this information?

You are also implying further above that these whole measurements are actually carefully planned moves by companies who want to make a lot of money by them.

Can you elaborate on that?


I would love to understand more deeply why this is happening as, like you say, it is very extreme given the actual statistics.


I agree 100% with what you say and the very most important thing to do now is to stay calm and focused. And mainly loving. To ourselves and others. 

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Thank you so very much for this blog, Teal. Another wonderful teaching on collective human fear and what to do about it. I am sorry if my question on the topic may have made you feel pressured to comment on it. The pandemic has spread so widely and taken such a huge scope that it is hard to make a sense of it with my own limited perspective. Your teaching and thoughts on this are eye and heart opening. 

Synchronistically or not, yesterday I happened to watch the movie Interstellar, starring M. McConaughy, A. Hathaway, and Co., although I had been postponing it for so long, thinking that it might have bored me. Turns out it's a movie about humans collectively fearing and fighting for the survival of their race by researching the way to move to another planet or galaxy. How fitting with the current situation surrounding many of us. Moreover, the movie also attempts to explain vaguely about the 3 and 5 dimension, time and space reality. Frankly, I did not get it. I have heard and read that Teal has also touched on these topics in several of her teaching episodes. One day I may get it :-))

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@Teal Swan. So it seems like your saying we should have continued our social gatherings, even if it means we contract covid-19 covid-19. Please correct me if I am wrong and will you be having online workshops to fill the void of your regular workshops. 

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Brilliantly said!! One other thing that human beings have also, in some instances,  forgotten to take part of themselves is the animal kingdom. I wish that compassion could extend to all living beings.💕

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This virus is being used by governments around the world to justify removing basic human rights. People are praising the Chinese and other authoritarian regimes now before they were criticizing them. The reality is that this virus is NOT natural it was created by the Chinese Government as a weapon. But it's release was due to incompetence not deliberately. It was not ready otherwise millions would be dead by now and it would have been more targeted.

Edited by Mick
More information.
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15 hours ago, Far said:

"...Do you have this information?

You are also implying further above that these whole measurements are actually carefully planned moves by companies who want to make a lot of money by them.

Can you elaborate on that?..."

An instance would be governments are concerned about borders and the flow of money - as Teal said this world is interdependent.
If you take a country and it's governors down to a smaller scale to that of a family unit, the mother out of work has consequences - maybe they reduce spending and adapt - the children will not necessarily see any change. But have the father lose his job and not be able to get govt assistance (here it's a 2-week stand down period - although today our Govt announced with Con-vid outbreak the stand down period won't apply - benefits of a small adaptable country)... if a father cannot get assistance his children will notice the difference after a period of time. The heads of the family (mum and dad) will make changes and some of them are way over the children's head and no point going into financial why's and wherefor's - although the sooner children see the value of money the sooner they can be more responsible.
What I'm saying is the mum & dad act for the family unit without the children necessarily knowing what's going on.

Our economy here in New Zealand is dependent upon foreign investment and a balance of trade and raw resources being exported so that no one thing affects us as much as some other countries like the USA. We don't print paper money to make people think they are still earning a decent wage for example, but america does. Our population is smaller and less dependent on imported goods because being smaller means being more adaptable. We still have a huge trade relations with China but because our needs are less we could probably survive - but watch what happens when China stops trade with america.  At least the US govt will have a good excuse to stop paying out the 421K retirement to a huge population of america that's getting set to retire. The US govt and Donald will be able to use the sharemarket crash as their excuse - convenient huh? The US govt doesn't have the money anyway but what better excuse than to blame and point the finger elsewhere as though world events caused the fund to dry up.

On a more positive note -
I was thinking this morning walking our dogs that after seeing my grandchildren last weekend how the young children these days have this innate willpower that seems confrontational to parents until they see that their own children are the advanced model upgrade of themselves; the culmination of two genetic lines come together for a specific purpose - advancement of the human species paving the way for the rest of the universes. Maybe the same thing is also already going on in other universes - I don't know - but if I can think it maybe it 'is'..?
A lot is already said of Crystal Children, taking over from Indigo Children - so maybe, just maybe we fight for their cause and support them until they are ready and able - and we now days help create a world they can grow up in to properly caretake by being taken care of by us, the adults, who need to come together and create and support communities that act for the common good not the needs of a few.

(OMG, I am sounding like a NZ Labour Party Supporter now... what is the world coming to)....

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16 hours ago, Mick said:

This virus is being used to justify removing basic human rights. People are praising the Chinese and other authoritarian regimes now before they were criticizing them.

And who's using the virus?

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The current proven transmission routine includes respiratory droplets,  intimate contacts and potentially feces and aerosol under certain conditions. So i can already see wearing masks, washing hands and avoiding unnecessary physical being three very valid  precautionary steps. On top of that, let's say someone is tested positive for Covid-19, then obviously the next sensible step to take is  professional medical care and potentially isolation.  Because by doing so, this person is exactly taking others as part of himself, assuming we don't want to catch the virus in the first place.  Why would it still be healthy and loving for this person to stay with their family since everyone is gonna catch it for sure and facing potential deadly outcomes?

Also, i recently read about UK''s "herd immunity" strategy, which basically says that they want 60% of the population to get infected so as to develop group immunity. I want to address my concern with this strategy. Let's say every government in the world adopted this strategy, and so to get 60% of the world population infected, that's 42 hundred million people. And what about the death rate in relation to covid-19? 1%. That means 42 million death worldwide. How is this figure even comparable to the figures that Teal has outlined in her post ? This is a much more potent threat than the average flu (about 0.1% death rate). In addition, let's take a look at how long it would take for each of the stats that was listed above to level up to that number (42 million). 5.5 years for hunger; 15 years for obesity; 30 years for car accidents; and 81 years for the average flu and 341 years for fires. Relative to covid-19, this might only take 6 month to a year. 

With these comparisons, i'll have to say that people, companies and governments have valid reasons for their reaction to this outbreak and i'm afraid that Teal might be losing the bigger picture here cause even the data doesn't support her claim. 

On a side note, the origin of covid-19 is still unknown, as researchers have found that many cases have absolutely no connections to Wuhan or China.

Don't get me wrong, i love Teal and what she's pushing for the world. But this has to be out, i feel like more people need to see the data because it is a potent threat that we're all facing.




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On 3/15/2020 at 12:26 AM, Ryuraven said:

Even before reading this I had already wondered what affect this would have in terms of connection. No touching and avoiding going out seems really bad for several emotional and physical needs, especially with the governments backing it up.

What I feel about this whole thing is equivalent to being next in line at checkout of the supermarket, and the person in front of me is technically done, but they're having a really long chat with the cashier and I just want them to pay so I can go on with my day. That's the same feeling. It's taken long enough, be done with it.

Dear Ryuraven,

the person at the checkout might just fulfil their emotional need for connection by chatting with the cashier. Seems to be a great opportunity to implement/apply Teal's advice to take other people's best interests as a part of your own best interests. 💗(expand your heart)

As Teal suggested: The most important thing you can do as an individual, which will change the way you respond to anything you fear, is to take that which you see as ‘other’ as a part of yourself and by doing so, to take their best interests as a part of your own best interests. 🧩⭕(different part of the whole; ONENESS)

Additionally, you could take care of the unwanted feeling that arises while waiting at the checkout 🛒or while thinking about "this whole thing"/the virus 😷. You can take this feeling also as a part of yourself (love it) and take responsibility of it as if it were a crying child. 🌞🦋(shining your light initiates transformation)

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