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Covent Garden

I was unprepared for what coming to downtown London would be like.  This city’s modern life is overlaid over the top of the most active thought forms that I’ve seen yet in the world.  This is even worse than Beijing China.  The history is not dead here.  It is alive.  It doesn’t feel like you are experiencing what was, it feels like you are experiencing what is.  The locals and tourists keep it alive as well by virtue of their focus on the history.  And the sheer torture of the history here is too much.  If it’s not be-heading and hanging, it’s isolation imprisonment.  If it’s not isolation imprisonment, it is world war two trauma.  If it’s not world war two trauma, its poverty or workhouse trauma.  This city is too difficult to be extrasensory in.  I imagine if I could not see all of this, it would be a fascinating place to visit.  I’m thanking my lucky stars that I live in America, which is so brand new that the only ancient thought forms are Native American.  Suffering follows the human race.  It is the only species that chronically destroys each other like this.

tower of london.jpgI had been trying to avoid the Tower of London, knowing that the most active thought forms would be there.  And what do I teach about trying to avoid something?  Yeah… You run right into it.  And I did.  While trying to visit the London Bridge, we ran into the Tower of London.  A living tribute to what happens when someone with antisocial personality disorder has lots of money.  It is nothing but a glorified torture museum.  I was nearly brought to my knees.  The pain still imprinted in, on and around that building is bad enough that I started to black out.  We had to come back to the hotel.  I could not believe that people were walking into the building willingly.  Paying to get into it even.  If you are sensitive to energy, I would suggest staying in the outlying areas of London as opposed to being right down town.  And as Ralph Smart said to me yesterday, it’s a good idea to avoid all towers and bridges (because we can be doubly sure of what happened in and on those)… hahaha.

Ralph and Pradip (the event organizer) accompanied me yesterday to a vegetarian restaurant in an area of London called Covent Garden.  It was wonderful.  With the bright colors and sense of community there, it felt like its own little world.  It was built in the Italianate style.  It has the energy of an ancient trade and food market.  It doesn’t share the same feeling of depressed torture that downtown London shares.  I was so happy to have some english people to attach to who could lead me around the town.  I felt like I could relax and just pay attention to all there was to see.

covent garden.jpgThe pre- workshop party was also an enjoyable experience.  It was heaven to look into the faces of all the people here whose lives I’ve touched all the way from where I live, across the world.  Such beautiful accents and such wonderfully awake people.  It felt more like an enjoyable family reunion than anything else.  I realize now that because of the people who resonate with my material, and the fact that we have the exact same goals for this planet, I have family all over the world.  The best part about these workshops is that they have a way of banishing that nagging feeling of loneliness that so many of us carry with us.  The thing that always amazes me the most is that no matter where you go on this earth, in general, all people want the same things, suffer from the same things and are made happy by the same things.  It is amazing that we can feel so isolated and different from each other when this is the case.

Time to try to get some sleep before the workshop tomorrow.  Goodnight my lovely friends.



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