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California Coast

atmosphere-blue-blue-sky-296234.jpg.ba046fbbbb677c0fc3c6325cb7024557.jpgThe pale white California sunlight is delicately bathing the restaurant patio of the Naked Café in Carlsbad California.  The atmosphere is slow and friendly.  The other people on this patio are all wearing yoga pants.  Smiles accent their conversations, which are mostly centered on relationship problems or life struggles.   The beach boys are playing on the speakers in the background.   I feel like I have stepped back into the glory days of the California coast.  I am wearing a skirt and a shirt, which exposes my midriff… in February!  I can feel my body expanding in the warmth of the sun.  It is a welcome feeling after the contraction that the bitter winter cold causes in the body.  I love how all of California seems to wake up together and slowly; as opposed to the 24-hour rush of the east coast or the perpetual depression of the southern cities.  It seems like most people are on the same page at the same time here.  They wake up slowly; they work as hard as anyone.  They go home, they go to sleep.  They seem to prioritize quality of life more so than other demographics of people.  With the exception of Los Angeles itself, California is very conducive to health and wellness.

I am utterly in love with health and earth conscious restaurants.  Perhaps the greatest joy of my travels is the opportunity to eat at all the best vegan/raw/vegetarian restaurants that the world has to offer.  I meet like-minded people all across the world because of it.  I discovered a website called Happy Cow that lists all the vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants in the United States.  It’s my new favorite website.  Every time I travel to a city, I look up restaurants on the website and try to make a point of visiting as many of them as I can.


  The meeting with Reid Tracy and the editors at Hay House yesterday has left me very happy.  Upon entering the Hay House lobby, I was struck by the warm feeling of the place.  For a corporate company, I think it is perhaps the most personal and friendly feeling collection of offices I’ve ever been to.    On the lobby coffee table, sits a giant bowl of tarot/affirmation cards.  It felt homey to me, walking through the hallways adorned with pictures of the Hay House megastars.  It felt like I was falling into my place, like this is nothing more than the next logical step for me.  I’m utterly in love with the editors that I met.  I got the feeling that they actually really care about the material that they help perfect.  They were easy to talk to and emotionally available.  I met the editor who has been assigned to my new book.  She is not what I’d expect an editor to be like.  As an author, I half expect editors to be judgmental, hypercritical people, who have no grasp for the beauty of content because they are so focused in on grammatical errors.  My editor for this project is very warm and open.  She wears a kind of endearing humility on her sleeve and expresses a deep understanding for the motivation and vision that is backing this book.  I already trust her greatly and value her professional opinion.  I love when I feel like I can release control to other people who are good at what they do and watch their talents get the job done.

hay-house-inc.jpg Reid speaks with a southern sounding accent, even though he is from California.  He comes across like someone who you could easily have a normal conversation with at a local bar.  And yet, he is the president and CEO of the largest and most influential self-empowerment publishing company in the world.  What sets him apart from other people in his position is that he cares deeply about people.  I observed that it is obvious to him that the people his company serves are the legs that the company stands on.  More than that it seems that the content he helps produce, is close to his heart instead of just a means for making the company money.  It is fascinating to watch his thought patterns. He is constantly braiding what will benefit people with what will benefit an author with what will benefit the company. After feeling me out and talking about projects, he gave me some very shrewd suggestions for my career.  I get the feeling that after so many years in this business, he has developed a keen sense of timing and that he will watch me lead my career and offer direction and contacts intermittently when he intuitively feels the time is right.  I am very happy to have met him and the editors in person.  We now have a more personal connection and so far, I am thoroughly impressed with Hay House and feel confident that they are the right publisher for this new book.

flav-and-teal.jpg I met up with Flavia as well.  Flavia moved back to San Diego a month ago.  Having her gone from the community in Park City, feels like we are missing an arm.  It feels so natural to have her back in our presence.  She drove us around to see the area.  We visited La Jolla to see the wild seals.  A large flock of them were dividing their time between sitting on the tidal rocks, playing in the water and barking at each other incessantly.  I was in heaven watching them; it is like watching a band of feral, ocean bound Labrador retrievers.  We went to Coronado Island, where we watched the sunset from the gorgeous deck of Hotel Del Coronado.  The sand there is littered with tiny golden flecks.  When the salt water washes up on shore, it kicks them up and they glimmer like the sparkles in a snow globe.  It is exquisite.  We drove through Del Mar, which I have decided is the Park City of Southern California.  We ate at the Bombay Indian restaurant in Hillcrest, San Diego.  I had perhaps the very best Indian dish I’ve ever eaten there.  I realize that it is a little abnormal, but when I eat a really good dish, I get teary like I’m about to cry.  It’s an overwhelming sensory experience and an overwhelming emotional experience for me.  I gave my compliments to the chef.  I highly recommend eating there if anyone finds themselves in the area.

Tomorrow, after watching the sunrise over the ocean, we will fly home.  I am not excited to be back in the bleakness of the cold of March in the Rockies.  But I am looking forward to getting some final days to ski before spring consumes the snow.

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