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Away We Go

The sky was steel gray when I woke up this morning.  The sun would not show its face.  I have four hours before I am headed to the Airport.  My suitcase is open on the floor, packed in a haphazard manner.  No one else is awake.  The house is making shifting sounds as its materials become warmer.  There is a lonely feeling to today.  I have started writing an Ask Teal episode about boundaries.  The topic fascinates me.  I know we will be talking about boundaries in London.  That is how the law of attraction works.  Whatever information I have been inundated by lately, applies to the people who will sit before me in the next workshop.


I find this morning that I am apprehensive to go to London.  This will be the longest I have ever left my son for.  We discovered the hard way last month that he is not yet ready to accompany me on business trips.  This sentimental sadness that I feel when I start missing him before I even leave, has to be one of my least favorite human emotions.  Thank god for the invention of Skype and Face Time.  It is funny that I have a job that entails a ton of travel.  Once I get somewhere, (after an adjustment period) I am able to enjoy myself and I tend to digest the culture like a mad scientist.  I feel like everyone at that new location is a close friend already.  But in general, I am quite attached to my “safety zone”.  It is definitely not second nature for me to travel.  I’m so able to entertain myself with my own mind and I can go out of body any time I wish to experience a different scene (without the trouble of having to spend 16 hours on a flight) that physical 3-D travel does not occur to me as a genius way to spend my time.  It is worth it though because of my passion for interacting with people who are dedicated to being conscious as they are living their lives.  Meeting them is one of my favorite parts of my life.  As we all know, I could loose hours and even days engrossed in discussion that leads to life improvement.

As we all know, I will be writing lots when I am in the airport as it is prime people watching territory and I will be writing tons on my trip as well because we all know that I love taking you with me on my trips.  Maybe I feel like the familiarity of my readers are a source of security now?  Haha.  Ok, just so we’re clear, I love you all more than you know and prepare yourselves for a seriously awesome trip starting a bit later today!

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