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An Explanation For My Non-Response Approach

Hindsight makes so many things clear. One of the best things about hindsight is that it clearly spells out what you ‘should’ have done differently. And one of the worst things about hindsight is that it clearly spells out what you ‘should’ have done differently. This fact is especially painful when you are still suffering the consequences of what you did and didn’t do in the past.  

painting teal.jpgWhen I chose this path for my life, things were very simple. I wanted to help people with what I see and what I know. I wanted to use my ‘medicine’ (as the indigenous people would say) to make this world a better place for all life forms to live in. This is still what I want. But things are much less simple now. When this is the original intention that you have, you imagine that everyone is going to see your value and want what you have to offer. You don’t imagine the things you have not experienced yet. And so, to be completely honest, it came as a shock when the first personal conflict I had with someone in my life after getting famous, led to them turning against me and trying to turn the media and public against me too. This has become a repetitive pattern (as it so often does in the lives of people who are famous). But it was even more of a shock, when they actually found success with it. I came into this life path ready to debate and find alignment with others regarding the actual concepts that I teach and actual content that I put out there. I did not come into this life path ready to debate about my ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’ as a person. And I did not come into this life path ready to debate false accusations.  

cofus.jpgFor years, I have been trying to figure out the exact right approach to this. Which is exceedingly difficult when everyone you consult on the matter seems to hold a different and opposing opinion. This person says “you must address these claims and immediately give your side of the story to the public”. That person says “don’t engage at their level, you only draw attention to them. Just keep doing you.” The other person says, “don’t drag the public into this drama and instead hire a lawyer to deal with it.”  

For years, people in the public have been urging me to come out of my non-response mode regarding my critics and haters and directly, point by point, refute or confirm each thing they say. Or at the very least, present my side of the story. And with the exception of clarifying my stance on my teachings, I have not done this. Nor has anyone on my team. Recently however, I have had to accept that the result of this is that all people have in front of them to see is 1. The content that I, myself produce and 2. The anti-Teal content splashed everywhere by individuals who are vehemently opposed to me as a person and who dedicate all their time and energy to spreading their misinformation and personal opinions about me. For the most part, people don’t have two sides of the argument to look at so that they can clearly see all the information on both sides and make up their own minds.

I have also had to accept that silence on my side, has not been interpreted as social maturity. It has been interpreted as an assumed confirmation that what they say about me is true. I have not shared with you all the horror stories about what has happened to me and to my loved ones and even to many of my fans as a result of it. I have tried not to involve you. I can see that this approach did not work the way that I hoped it would. I can see that some of you were hurt as a result of this lack of response. And I can clearly see that I owe you an explanation (my side of the story) regarding why I have been largely non-responsive so far regarding what my critics and haters say about me. Let me offer that explanation to you today. 

1. I did not come here to this life to spend my time embroiled in a publicly displayed, Maury show style conflict over my ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’ as a person. In fact, this is no kind of life to live. Unless your personal joy is the fight itself, it sucks joy and purpose out of the life you are living. I came here to share the information that I have with you. Spending all of my time fighting for my reputation and disputing claims means that I no longer have that time to dedicate to what I actually came here to do. My actual purpose. Every hour I have to spend fighting my critics and haters over what kind of person I am, is an hour I can’t spend with someone who is hurting and who genuinely wants my help. Every hour I spend fighting them is an hour I can’t spend creating more content. And this conflict takes all of the attention off of my content, which is where people’s attention should be. It becomes all about that instead of about what my career is really about. In the same way that if a professional basketball player enters into a public conflict, all the attention is on that conflict and not on their basketball game anymore. It is a sad statement about humanity that so many people would rather watch a public conflict spectacle for the sake of personal entertainment, as opposed to focusing on things that offer real value regarding making their actual life richer and improved.     

2. I have spent the last several years doing everything in my power behind the scenes to leave the public out of this fight. And everything in my power to instead try to deal with these conflicts directly with the individuals creating the conflict so that everyone doesn’t get pulled into the fight. When this has not been successful, dealing with them directly has involved, legal action taken. Our goal so far has been to get the false information taken down from the internet so that no one has to be sucked into the conflict. In fact, on December 15th 2021, a judge approved a settlement in a court case Against the Daily Mail in the UK for defamation and they had to agree to take down the article they printed about me. However, because this information has been spread so widely, and is so difficult to take down in the information age, where the internet is a legal grey zone, the damage regarding how the public sees me has already been done. And so, even if it is false information and even if because of that, we are able to make it disappear, it is still in people’s minds. And it is still polluting their opinion of me as well as anyone associated with me.    

3. When my critics and haters have the power to take my attention off of my work, so that it is entirely dedicated to them, it feeds their need for significance as well as the incredibly manipulative and damaging way that they are going about getting that significance (by being against someone who is significant to the public). Consider whether any one of my critics or haters would have any views or traction on their videos or articles if my name wasn’t attached to it. When their strategy for getting this need met in this way works, they have no reason to stop. Instead, they will continue it

4. If I directly refute the claims made by specific critics and haters, I will only increase the attention on them. People who have not become aware of them yet, will then become aware of them once I speak about them directly. This also makes it so that they are in a sense ‘immortalized’. Because any attempt to solve the conflict directly with them, so that their false claims have to be taken down and thus disappear from public view as if they never existed, is then impossible.      

5. In the beginning of my career, I (as well as my team) agreed to take the ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘don’t sink down to that level’ approach. We thought the more "mature" and “be the better person” approach was to not engage in it. We thought it best to ignore what was being said and simply pour all of our focus, time, energy and action into what we really wanted to create. We approached this with the thinking that the strength and purity of focusing on what we wanted to create (instead of on fighting against what we did not want) would pay off in the end and the fight against me would eventually fizzle out. We were wrong. Instead, it made people confuse non response with confirmation. Instead of nipping it in the bud early, this approach allowed the opposition to grow into a formidable bramble of a problem that is now extremely overwhelming to sort out, sort of like cleaning up a mess that has been accumulating for ten years.  

6. In the beginning, when people say terrible things about you in the public, you imagine that to be able to continue instead of to lose confidence and quit, you need to learn to stop fixating on what other people say about you and stop taking things so personally. How many times have you heard people say: Stop caring what other people think about you? So, you try to accept that having people say terrible things about you is just part of the game that you have to get used to and let roll off your back. After all, it’s just your ego that is wounded. The problem is, people who say this are wrong. They are missing a crucial truth. When people see you a certain way and hold a specific opinion about you, they will not just speak badly about you. They will take direct action against you. If you don’t believe me, ask all the people who were burnt or drowned as witches in the 1400s to 1700s. The things they said about me had very serious tangible consequences, which is what they wanted. Had all of us been in reality about what these actual, tangible consequences would be, we would definitely not have turned the other cheek thinking that all it would amount to was gossip and verbal slander.     

7. I struggle with this entire public debate over false information and freedom of speech. Anyone who does not comprehend the complexity of this issue, is not looking into it deep enough. There is no easy answer. On the one hand, who is to decide what is false info vs. real info? If the entire Covid pandemic experience has showed us the danger of anything, it should have showed us the danger of this. A person who has the power over a public discourse forum might have a personal motive for saying that something is ‘false information’ when it isn’t, and then be able to completely control the narrative regardless of whether it is true of not. And then we will find ourselves in a truly totalitarian world. There is VERY good reason for freedom of speech. I would fight for it myself even for my critics and haters. On the other hand, false information can be very dangerous. It has serious consequences and it can ruin lives. As people, aside from trying to create better, less corrupt, methods for proving information to be true or false, while at the same time creating public discourse arenas where people can see both sides of an argument and side by side, we have no perfect answer for this philosophical and social conundrum. And I recognize it as a conundrum. It keeps me up at night.   

8. People expect two opposing things from me. I am in fact in a damned if I do, damned if I don’t situation. If I don’t publicly respond, people assume that what is said about me must be true, especially if the same lies are repeated by several individuals (and picked up by the mainstream media) and it becomes a consensus statement. Many people are hurt by this, not just myself. But as a spiritual leader, if I do respond, people will discredit me. People expect a spiritual teacher to remain non-reactive and ‘above it all’. If I engage with my haters and critics, I will be told I am succumbing to my human ego and be accused of getting drawn into an ego game. I will lose credit in my position. I will be accused of being ‘in resistance’. And many people will think I have been derailed off of the things that really matter. People are very firm in their pre-conceived ideas of what a spiritual leader should and shouldn’t do. And the reality is that defending yourself and participating in a publicized conflict or scandal is not one of those things that is seen as acceptable for a spiritual leader to do.             

9. My decision to not publicly directly engage with specific individuals who have publicly made it known that they are against me was not only done to stay in alignment with my conscience by being the better person. It was also done because I mean what I teach. If I directly call them out by name and reveal my facts and also my side of the story regarding them to the public, there will be severe consequences for them. And I have wanted to keep them from these consequences because no one knows what those consequences are better than me. And I would not wish these consequences on anyone. The reality is that I understand people. Several of the people who have come out publicly against me are not well mentally or emotionally. If they were, they would be taking a different approach than the one they are taking. They are highly traumatized people. They are flailing around trying to find a way to feel better by doing what they are doing (even if it is against me). That is not to say that they should simply be allowed to do it. They shouldn’t. But I know what it is to be highly traumatized too. I know what heals this trauma and I know what compounds it. I have no desire to compound their trauma. I genuinely believe that they cannot handle a “dose of their own medicine” so to speak. I want to be careful to set the record straight without making the very problems I came here to this world to solve worse in certain people.

I don’t have a perfect answer yet about what truly is the right way to respond to it yet. But I want you to know that I have not been ignoring it and doing nothing. In fact, it has absolutely consumed the last few years of my life and has prevented a great deal of movement forward. I have hesitated to admit that publicly, because it is exactly what my haters want and they will be celebrating to see it written here. I am ever in the process of making conscious and rational decisions about exactly what to do about each element of it. Rest assured that I have involved some heavy weight professionals that are sorting out the situation. But I am also always interested in your perspectives or unique ideas that I may not have thought about regarding the situation. Today, I offer you an apology for not giving you an explanation for my public non-response until now. And I ask for your forgiveness for any pain this lack of explanation may have caused you. 



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Please give them a taste of their own medicine. Please, I beg you Teal. They need it, they need to see the mirror, through tasting that medicine. There are consequences to their actions and they need to experience them and it would be so satisfying if it came from who they did it to.

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"The salmon swims against the current as it is inherent at spawning to do so." Teal you fertilise our lives with your energy, wisdom and passion. What becomes obvious in your words is you never, ever give up on people. The same should be your succour; there are those that will never give up on you. Being quiet about all this is not wrong or right, good or bad. Doing something that limits the consequences is not good or bad either - just a way forward; like walking through another door rather than staying locked out of the one in front of you.
Being hurt and not wanting to hurt is to be human. Finally doing something is totally fine as you have a way of knowing the 'timing' (wink wink). We are human nonetheless, you and I and all your 'family of people' you help and others that pass on your Teachings to help spread your Teachings... I love the comments people leave for you to read. It feels right that you need our help in words as much as we do, your words.

So dear Teal, I leave these final words to 'bump your hip'...
"To cross the stream, feel for the rock."
"There is no Right or Wrong, no Good or Bad - but thinking makes it so."
Love and Light, Crystal Rob

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Everything possible has been done, now those people need the boundaries resulting from the consequences when you speak the truth. Share the evidence and facts, who obliged you to protect them? We create karma when we don’t do appropriate boundaries bc we reinforce people thinking that behaviour is okay. Yes trauma makes it understandable but being traumatised doesn’t mean you need to be abusive- it helps compassion to explain why. Completely understand your approach no blame- agree engaging is negative reinforcement, fighting is activating the amygdala too much but you can still show your trademark strength and humour in standing up to this terrorism via testimony. Stopping it now will protect your legacy of knowledge becoming discredited and lost, it’s part of preservation work, protect your baby.

 Spiritual peeps miss our duty when we let people go unchecked, sometimes our mission is to put the lost people in their place. Inaction and apathy can create so much harm and part of it could be the same strand that stops people doing anything when they suspect people are being abused. The negative results are happening for you anyway so might as well take control in managing the direction. Sensitive folk all over the world are subject to this dynamic in micro and macro, what we need to see are examples in leadership of how to challenge, resolve and end these sorts of conflicts that are deeply disruptive to lives, communities and humanity.

Be explicit in what harm was perpetrated, it’s context, followed with the impact and far reaching consequences (this doesn’t necessarily have to be done in a public forum). Britney has just showed us how to do it, let’s build the momentum towards ending this oppressive, distorting impulse in the collective. People have a reaction to hearing truth because we are not so familiar with it anymore, a free and questioning mind is a threatening burden. Am fighting a similar, much much smaller battle and just want to tap out but universe is all no, stop being ‘meek’ and go inherit that earth back from bullies. Claim back what has been taken from you for the sake of honouring all that you have already given.


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It hurts me hearing you asking for forgiveness ❤

It is so hard to be ahead of your time, and twice as much if you are a public figure along with being a seer. There's real dangers in your path as society in psychological and emotional level seem to not have changed much ever since jesus was here. 

May you have the strength and recompensation of joy and love and passion and wonder in order to continue in internal innocence 

Much love to you 🌹

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Only because of your "responding" videos, I became aware about the recent documentary. To me it didn't feel right that you had to make these videos, but maybe that's because I hadn't seen the docu and therefore didn't need an explanation. I still haven't seen the docu, because I don't think you and your team deserve any of my energy going towards this false image of you. I too think it would make me very mad to see it.

So it seems I don't value these "opinions" from other people because I know how your content makes me feel and helps me. That's why I think that any defamation that would happen anyway with certain people because (maybe of resistance) they would use this as an excuse to not really listen to your teachings. And the bad attention can actually reach new people that are sincerely curious and can make them listen to their true feelings about you.

Like for me I had certain opinions before the covid crisis because I so strongly believed certain opinions that were pushed in the mainstream. But then with covid, my own experience and opinion triumphed those believes I had before. And very fast a whole world opened up for me, because I was ready to finally value my own truth more then those "truths" that were pushed on to me. So I think what I want to say with all this, is that maybe you may have to have trust in people that they will know/get to know what the real truth is.

But I'm really sorry for all the hardships you and you're beloved have to go through. That maybe you are being used to push humanity to the real truth. I've a lots of respect for the work you do and the sacrifices you make.



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 I lost all respect for you many years ago. As long as you are part of your team led around by your Effeminate Master Blake, you will be useless to yourself and the world at large. And by the way, you are not Famous, except in your own mind. So put that delusion to rest once and for all. You alone are responsible for all the hate and resentment directed at you because you turned away from your original path of helping the mentally ill, the criminally insane, talking about people like Elliott Rodgers and mass shooters. Instead, you chose a pussy level life of ease, prosperity, and became the lowest of the lowest by becoming a Hay House pussy level teacher. Pussy level Hay House teachers and their level of thinking will always counsel you to not engage with the enemy because Hay House teachers are gutless cowards only concerned about the comfort of their bodies, finances, and minds. And that is what Blake your effeminate master has led you to become. And it was your choice to be led and collared by him and follow his pussy level wishes.


Your top priority is to look pretty in your fancy new age dresses while sitting on stage in front of starry-eyed followers who worship you. All you give a fuck about is comfort, financial wellbeing, and being loved by others. And that makes you fucking useless to all the people lost in hatred, resentment, and those consumed with the desire to destroy you and bring you harm. These are the people you claimed in 2013 when I first discovered you that you were here to help. You cannot serve two masters, the pussy level Wayne Dyer type of masters along with Louise Hay and then say you are in service of helping the downcast members of society consumed in rage and their own personal trauma. Essentially you have become fucking useless and deserve all the attack that can be garnished against you. Every time you file a lawsuit to silence your haters and critics, expect the level of attack to increase a thousand-fold, just as it should. The message of “attack against you” is that you have failed in your mission as a spiritual teacher. As long as anyone is trying to undermine you, it means you failed to do your job and believe me when I say, you have failed long and hard. As long as you are part of this useless team led by Blake, your master and keeper, you will always be hated and attacked by thousands who want to bring you down. And yes, they should be allowed to continue with their unbridled attacks, just stopping short of physical violence against you. If you employ security officers at your events, then that means you are a hypocrite and do not trust in the universe or God to protect you. The only reason you would need security officers is because you have failed to do your job in the past.


Your entire blog post on this subject is just one big complaint where you whine and complain that you cannot fly around in planes to faraway places and not have people who hate and attack you. You are delusional if you believe you are so special that you somehow do not deserve this. You deserve the hate and attack because you actually love it and could not thrive without it. You love being embroiled in controversy and criticism. From the day you told your outlandish story of being raped by your family vet and then refusing to expose him to law enforcement for prosecution, is the day you became a fool and set yourself up for a lifetime of attack and criticism. You should bask in this realization. You created it all, all the reasons people hate you, all their bizarre attacks. Yes, you alone are responsible for it all.


There is no excuse at this point for not knowing how you should respond to your many critics. You put off making the decision because you allow Blake to be your Master and keeper and parade you around as his personal parrot squawking his own truth, but not yours. As long as you remain a part of his team, you will always be a useless teacher.


The only people you should ever pay attention to and respond to are your critics and especially those who are the most savage. You state that “they are not mentally well”. I would say a woman who allows herself to be raped for 10 years and then refuses to prosecute the offender is more mentally unwell than any of your critics. You have no room to criticize any of your detractors and haters.


You learn nothing from your pussy level mostly female followers who hang onto and adore your every word. You learn nothing from those who love and adore you except how to be more of a pussy level useless teacher like every teacher and author at Hay House is. I lost respect for you years ago when you started bragging about how much you respected Jerry Hicks, a man who lied about his cancer and tried to convince the world he was suffering from a spider bite. I lost all respect for you when you did not write or comment about the Las Vegas shooting where Stephen Paddock shot and killed over fifty people. The last time you discussed a mass murder was when Elliott Rodgers killed those people in 2014 in California due his sexual frustration and inability to connect with women.


The only people who have anything of value to teach you are your haters and critics, not your pussy level followers and tribe who hang onto your every word. You sadly turned into a pussy level Hay House level teacher because of “Blake” and his influence on you. He is the reason you have failed as a true spiritual teacher. Your attraction to effeminate men has been your undoing. Anytime in your past you encountered a true Alpha male, your relationship did not last two months, and never will. You are incapable of having a real relationship with a real man, mainly because you are a weak woman with no true power of your own. Although you speak of healing on a regular basis, it is so sad and ironic that you remain as unhealed as the day you started out on your journey. If you were truly healed, none of these haters and detractors would even exist. Haters and detractors are always an indicator that you are living a lie and are a hypocritical teacher to say the least. Your haters and detractors will never leave you in your current lifetime.  Your haters resent you because they are jealous of your success, fame, and adoration that you receive from your followers. They have a right to feel this way, because the success that you have obtained, you did not earn, and you do not deserve. It is manufactured success crafted by your Master Blake and his team of puppeteers. The only reason you are successful is because of your team led by Blake who is only concerned with financial wellbeing and wellbeing of the body. You would never be successful at all on your own merit.


All forms of avoidance will eventually bring you down in the end as a pathetic and useless teacher. To avoid people who hate you is actually a direct attack against them. To ignore another’s anger and rage at you makes you far lower than what you perceive them to be. You are not the “better person” as you claim to be. The people who hate you are far above you in integrity and honesty because they are not afraid to be perceived for who they are. You on the other hand are afraid and timid all the time. Anytime you listen to Blake and your useless team, you will always end up a loser in the end. You cannot escape the wrath of those who hate you, because YOU are that wrath and every word you have uttered, and every action taken since the day of your preposterous “I was raped for nine years by our family vet story”. has sealed your fate. Quite frankly, people do not respect you except your pussy level followers and worshipers. You have chosen your fate. You decided you wanted to rank along with Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, and every other Pussy Level teacher on the planet in a feeble attempt to avoid attack. How has it served you? Blake and your team are your worst enemy of all and you do not even see it.


Hey Teal, I thought you were a teacher of contrast. You know, where you state we cannot have expansion without the negative contrast to inspire us to want a better and happier life. With that being said “from you and your idols Abraham and Esther Hicks”, YOU need to stop your whining. YOU cannot just have followers who love you without having followers who hate you just as intently. That is what you Master Blake wants for you, a perfect life of ease and followers who love you. Maybe one day in the future, you will finally get around to healing the only person that matters, and that is YOU! However, I will not keep the light on for you while waiting. I personally will not accept any apology you have to offer and will offer you no forgiveness on a subject you should have handled on your own years ago. I also know YOU will never read a word of what I have just written, because Master Blake will make sure you never see my words. It does not matter what heavy weight professionals you have engaged to help you sort out this matter which is all bull shit. Only you and you alone are responsible for the mess you are in and only YOU will find a solution which in the end will involve total honesty which you are currently incapable of exhibiting.

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Wayne Williams. You are absolutely the most mentally ill person I have ever read a comment from. It must be hard to hate yourself so bad and reflect it out into the world. Seriously... "I would say a woman who allows herself to be raped for 10 years". .... REALLY???? The fact that you even say a woman "allows herself to be raped" just shows your character and sick-perverse personality. You are fucking insane.  And "Master Blake" What are you fucking two years old? Just a lonely little piece of shit that thought he might have a chance with Teal and now realizes that will never happen... Can you say, Psycho?

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2 hours ago, Heather Driscoll said:

Wayne Williams. You are absolutely the most mentally ill person I have ever read a comment from. It must be hard to hate yourself so bad and reflect it out into the world. Seriously... "I would say a woman who allows herself to be raped for 10 years". .... REALLY???? The fact that you even say a woman "allows herself to be raped" just shows your character and sick-perverse personality. You are fucking insane.  And "Master Blake" What are you fucking two years old? Just a lonely little piece of shit that thought he might have a chance with Teal and now realizes that will never happen... Can you say, Psycho?

Glad I could be of service to you. Good luck in dealing with your own unhealed RAGE & ANGER that I thought Teal healed you from. 

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Hello Teal, it's been a while since I last said hello although never forgotten. This Morning I woke up at 5am with you on my mind. I notice recently on 3 August you returned to London. Thank you x

Maybe these words will offer some comfort as you find yourself searching for your answers.

You see the need & positive impact your teachings have on others. You see the abuse of trust time & again. You see damaged people & people causing the unnecessary damage.

You have reached a point where attack has overpowered you. The law of attraction has a firm negative hold so what should you do?

If you fight you will cause harm. If you do nothing or flight you get harmed. The answer is when you can avoid conflict you do everytime. Plan for escape the best you can.

When conflict is unavoidable you defend yourself well. Whatever the result you know you did your best & that fact is your comfort.

Remember this your contribution to this life is amazing & your brilliant work shall remain. Words can never justify my appreciation. You have been a positive inspiration & motivation in my life. You are a gift to us all. Love Mark x




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