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  1. 0:08 How to find your subconscious commitment? 31:08 How to apply "taking you as part of me" in my business? 35:30 I have Ichthyophobia, fear of fish. I've been conscious of it since I was 8, which was the same age I experienced sexual trauma. Can you speak on phobias & fragmentation? 39:55 Why do nice guys finish last? I want teal to disuss why "rougher" people or people who choose to make decisions that are more or so socialy unacceptable tend to "win" or prosper. While ones who choose to move in a way more proper nicer or more polite lose or fail. 50:43 You've said before that by following your joy you'll discover you're purpose, but what if you're not even clear on what brings you joy?
  2. SIster not welcoming real communication Hey guys, I want to ask you about a pattern I’ve been going through with my sister now for a couple of years. I’ll try to explain our differences to paint a picture for you. I understand that I am putting her in a negative light, and explaining myself as if I’m more evolved than her. Off course, from a higher perspective I know this isn’t the case; we all just have different paths and challenges to go through, but from my struggling perspective I see her as the one taking the more immature path and to paint the picture from my perspective, I can’t but portray us in this light. We are complete opposites. She’s three years older than me, just turned 35, and has been married since she was 24 and has had her diploma and steady 9-5 job since. She has three young children and since a few years back live in her house that they bought in our hometown, Sweden. She follows the traditional path in life and doesn’t question anything. Her life is about following the same routine she has always followed. Me on the other hand I have been living abroad since seven years back, in several countries, and since six months back am living in a van. I don’t have an education, been bouncing between jobs, no roots anywhere. My dream is to one day make a living from what I create, mainly my writing. I first came in touch with Teal Swan’s teachings two years ago when I saw How To Heal The Emotional Body which was a complete turning point in my life. I sat down in my room (back in Paris where I was at the time), turned everything off and let my emotions run over me. It hit me completely. I was sitting in meditation position until I had to lie down, and from that point I was sick for a week with all of the symptoms of the flue taking turn. In retrospect I understand that it was a sort of purge. After that my life has been about continuing this healing journey. I soon left Paris to follow this path. Just as my sister, my mom is the opposite in this sense. My mom had an extremely difficult childhood and her way of coping has been to turn off her emotions. I think all of the challenging emotions I’ve had resurface ever since has been centuries of buried emotions, atleast everything that mom has buried that has been passed on to me. Her way of coping is to always tell herself that everything is just fine all the time, and my sister is the same way. I don’t know exactly when this pattern started appearing with my sister. But after I started looking into these emotions in myself, it became natural to start and speak up about stuff that I wasn’t happy with. Perhaps a year and a half ago (I’ve spent some extended time back home on a couple of occasions), I started speaking out to my sister. What has been said exactly I can’t even say, a lot of it is blurry. And in the beginning I wasn’t at all diplomatic in the way I said what I said, but I was rather acting out (while abroad, through some voice messages). The jist of it really was that I felt unseen, unimportant, that it didn’t matter to her if I existed or not. As time went on though I was very mature in how I approached her with this stuff. Last time that I saw her was about six months ago and I gathered her in the sofa after having very carefully thought about what I needed to say, and I spilled it out in the most mature way I could, saying that I feel like there isn’t any comunication, that she isn’t honest with me. “Not again!” she blurted out, saying I just go on and on about stuff that I’m not happy about; that it’s always just the same. There’s just never been any communication. It’s been rare that she’s even been that honest that she was in that moment. Most of the time she’s just tried to say whatever doesn’t upset me in the moment, as to just have me move on as quickly as possible without having to deal with whatever issue is at hand. That time six months ago she said one other thing that was real, she said that since ten years back that I was afraid to kill myself one night she has been afraid to say anything that will upset me. This is a pattern she has with both mom and dad btw. Dad is very absent and they have zero real communication, he is clueless of what she thinks about anything, and she says she doesn’t want to be upfront with mom because she doesn’t think she can handle it. I’d say it’s pretty clear my sister is just doing anything she can to avoid any proper communication. Since living in the van I’ve felt her to be so distant, so I’ve sent her messages saying I don’t know if it would make a different if I was here or not. Last time we spoke (a rare occasion, early May) we talked about this although she doesn’t want to at all. “I will do better to keep in touch she said,” wanting to just move on from the topic. But I asked her, “if I send you an email saying it doesn’t matter if I exist or not, why don’t you just pick up the phone to show me I’m wrong?” This time I got one of those rare honest responses, instead of her just saying she feels guilty and will try to be in touch. She said, “because we always talk about this stuff”. I just don’t know how to move past this. It’s sad that it’s dragged on for so long. Now it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to small talk at all with her. If she doesn’t want my truth, why should she be getting anything at all? I’m also very dissapointed with mom. I’ve expressed these thoughts to her for a long time, how struggling it is with my sister. Not once has she stepped in and tried to make it right between us. I think that if I was a parent and there was this big of an issue between my kids, and I was aware of it, I would step in. Atleast listen to both sides and try to understand the situation to see if anything could be done. But mom doesn’t want to know about it, she doesn’t want to know about anyhing that can make her uncomfortable in the moment. And this I think is insane.. they live and have always lived in the same city, get along fine, but the last time they ever sat down just the two of them was a year ago. A year ago! And neither of them think it’s strange. It’s like they do anything they can to not have any meaningful communication in their lives. Sorry for the very long post but I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m losing my sister. But I can’t play along with the way she wants it because I have a need to speak up when I am not being seen. I know what it boils down to. I didn’t have my needs met in early childhood (dad left when I was an infant), so I know mom couldn’t be there for me emotionally. This plays out in my relationship with my sister. I have a very strong need to be seen, to have my hurt child be seen. But even with this knowledge I don’t see how I can be in a relationship with her while completely ignoring that part of me. Thanks, J
  3. Sanctuary! - The Horror of Needing Help to Meet Basic Needs I cannot meet my own basic needs because of "unspeakable" experiences and the more I reach out for help, the more I feel I am rejected, and the less hopeful I feel. The more I reach out, the more I feel others shut me out of their hearts and their lives. I need someone to look at me and say, "I see that you are doing literally everything you can to the best of your ability to meet your own needs and to heal. I will now help you to fill in the gap of your needs which you are unable to fill AND I will not abandon you at any point because I love you and I understand that you need loving help and compassion and not to be abandoned. I understand that you cannot do this on your own and I see that you know what it is that you need help with to heal and I am capable of providing those things – a safe place to not sleep alone, not ever (if you don't want to) - a safe place where I will not hurt you or abandon you or threaten to do either of those things – where you can eat and drink and bathe KNOWING that no one’s affect toward you is going to alter – that everyone will still be kind to you and you still will NOT have to sleep alone - never ever! – Where you will sleep securely with safe people and animals all around you; where you can heal and make art and watch tv and read books – where when you tell people you are in terrible, excruciating pain in your privates and have been since you were 8 years old they will have true compassion, not annoyance or dismissal – where no one will aggressively or passive-aggressively pressure you to have sex with them and yet will still willingly and lovingly sleep next to you and keep you safe. Where, if you’re having an episode, no one will make things worse – they will comfort you and surround you with dogs and cats and people and books and love and not make you do anything overwhelming – even if it’s something that we don’t understand why it overwhelms you. Where your needs will be heard and met and no one will try to tell you that they know better than you what you do or do not need." I cannot meet my own most basic needs (cannot even sleep alone) and nothing has helped - doing it on my own didn't work - the completion process by myself was not safe or effective - I have to be shown real compassion in real life and have my dependence accepted by others... or I'm never going to get better. I need true, ongoing, incarnated support. I need a real, loving family. I need to be heard, understood, and actively addressed. As soon as possible. Or I'm going to end up institutionalized or worse. And as elusive as it seems, I refuse to give up hope that this will happen. This is the trajectory of my journey. I'm gathering up my courage and reaching out my hand out of hell. And I need somebody to grab it and help me out. Then, I can turn around and do the same for others. Is anybody out there? I'm crying out for sanctuary.
  4. Ego Warrior

    Feeling the Feelings

    In this video, Teal explains how multi-layered trauma makes it difficult to heal, and how to go about this dynamic.
  5. How to Overcome the eating order Bulimia is a video in which Teal Swan explains how to heal from bulimia. Bulimia is largely connected to the childhood experience of being Gaslit and gaslighting. Bulimia is closely tied to your experience of love and intimate relationships. If as a child your boundaries were violated and your needs were ignored your reality was not validated you may have developed the coping mechanism to control the intake of energy and developed an unhealthy relationship with food, therefore causing Bulimia and Bulimic tendencies. Referenced Videos Emotional Wake Up Call: 19:32 How to Develop Healthy Boundaries: 20:48 How To Heal the Emotional Body: 21:41 Fragmentation - The Worldwide Disease: 22:25 What is Healing: 27:41 How to Improve Your Relationship with Food: 28:35 How to overcome the Eating Disorder Anorexia: 29:18 Subscribe to Receive a New Video Every Saturday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teal Swan is a revolutionary for personal transformation and is ranked 27th on The Watkins Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2018. As a renowned author, speaker and social media star, she travels the world teaching self-development and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily Updates, Monthly Online Synchronization Workshops & More: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Meditations, Books, Merchandise & Frequency Paintings: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  6. GabijaCij

    Fragmentation In Trauma

    It's very important when we encounter trauma to weave it into the story of who we are to become. It has to become part of who we are moving forward. If this can't happen we never move beyond the trauma.
  7. In this video, Teal explains how to guide children with love instead of pressure and guilt. She demonstrates how developmental trauma occurs and what healthy development looks like.
  8. Schooling Vs education We all know that the purpose of formal schooling today is accreditation but I always hated schools and college because I love freedom and I love learning on my own I hate being ordered what to learn and how I hate examinations I hate having to assist to classes or doing homework I love curiosity I love acting upon curiosity and follow what my intuition guide me to learn about and I love helping others I don't know what's my problem and where to fit in society with this character I would like to open a conversation about how and why schooling sucks today ? especially for someone on a spiritual quest to find out the truth of who she is and what a real education should looks like ?
  9. Enmeshment Trauma + DEADLINES! Hey everyone i was wondering if you guys could help me brain storm. So I dont know exactly what do and I am in a super big Time crunch. ( a little bit of back ground i was the guy in teal los angeles video "how do i get what i want") My mom just put he house on the market and I will be moving out most like in 60 days or so. I dont have a full time job and no way of supporting my self but i know i cant live with my mom anymore. Teal told me to focus on connection but i have completely failed and have not built a connection with anyone, nor found a full time job and i literally can not get my self to look for one. I dont know what to do and my biggest hang up right now is that i have to do parts work on the parts of me that "dont know". I feel like this is really my best option at this point. maybe other people have healed their emotional trauma. I really need your guys help i need to make this happen in a short amount of time. BTW anyone in the LA area who needs a roommate I am going to be looking soon so please let me know if you need someone. Any help would be appreciated Much love Greg
  10. Teal on multiple personality disorder and how trauma and fragmentation affects our sense of self.
  11. HELP! How do I contact my Higher Self? I'm having an incredibly difficult time with my childhood abandonment wounds and rejection. I am obsessed with my pain, the wound is making itself known for the sake of integration. Shadow work has taken a toll on my stress level. I've read the completion process and repeated reading several parts, every single day I watch Teal Swan videos on my issues, I listen to hypnosis and meditation during my sleep almost every single night, I keep a journal of how I'm feeling, I try to drill self beneficial affirmations into my psyche every single day with repetition, I've faced what role I played in my issue. I need help. I'm not suicidal, I need my guides, I need my Higher Self, but my vibration is unusually low. Im obsessed with trying to get away from this pain! I need clarity, I need to understand what is going on! I wonder if I need to take on a vegan diet in order to contact them? I had a Spiritual Awakening in 2011 and my diet was terrible, so maybe not? I need help! I'm begging the heavens to give me guidance because I don't know what to do --- except shadow work! I need my Higher Self to give me some hope that things will get better, that Im doing all the right things! I need HELP! I don't know how to contact! Can I contact my guides from a low vibration? I feel like a Heart Broken Vegetable
  12. Healthy Sexuality is all too often some ideal place that we hold over our own heads to shame and punish ourselves into getting there. The idea of healing sexuality is that while exploring our own sexuality we are on a journey rather than punishing ourselves into alignment. Teal Swan explains more deeply how we can be easier with ourselves and the idea that healing sexuality can be the road to healthy sexuality. Subscribe to Receive a New Video Every Saturday: ❤ Free Gift: By pre-ordering Teal’s new book The Anatomy of Loneliness you receive the Connection Process audio book for free. Just email your proof of purchase to [Limited time offer]. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teal Swan is a revolutionary for personal transformation and is ranked 27th on The Watkins Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2018. As a renowned author, speaker and social media star, she travels the world teaching self-development and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily Updates, Monthly Online Synchronization Workshops & More: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Meditations, Books, Merchandise & Frequency Paintings: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  13. Workshop excerpt - what's the biggest misconception about developmental trauma? *subtitles added due to choppy audio in a few places.
  14. Teal on why even with the very best parents trauma still occurs in children.
  15. Ego Warrior

    Trauma Spectrum

    What constitutes trauma? In this training excerpt, Teal explains what trauma is and why we experience it.
  16. Ego Warrior


    In this excerpt, Teal explains what happens in our consciousness during a traumatic event and how that is affecting our reality in everyday life.
  17. Trauma around asserting boundaries Anyone have also a huge trauma around asserting boundaries? Every time I think of speaking from the heart or saying no towards unwelcome things I get huge anxiety. I don't remember much either from childhood I just remember being shamed as bad and selfish when expressing boundaries and as a spoil sport..... can anyone relate? Would love to talk about this and share to make this clearer for me
  18. When asked about PTSD, Complex PTSD, Schizophrenia and Borderline Personality Disorder Teal gives her mind about The Current Mental Health System and how Diagnosing can injure people. Diagnosing in Mental Health creates negative patterns within ourselves. For More views on Teal's perspective of different mental health conditions simply search them in Youtube. This is an excerpt from the March 4th 2018 Online Synchronization Workshop. To view the rest of the workshop please visit Help us caption & translate this video!
  19. Is the Gut Feeling objective or subjective? I was wondering if our (negative) gut feelings towards a person or a situation is always objective or if it can be influenced by unhealed trauma?
  20. Dealing with trauma from past generations Hello fellow Tealers Lately I have been diving into some energy blocks in my system, and I have a feeling that the one I am currently facing comes from my great grandmother. I don't really know how to handle it, so my question for you is: Have you been working with past generational trauma before? If so what did you do and how?
  21. Isolation trauma and how to connect with others again? I know this is a pretty common trauma, and Teal has done quite a few videos about connecting with others... but do you guys think that having a more in depth video about isolation specifically (be that withdrawal as a coping mechanism, or the idea of childhood abandonment in general) would be helpful? Isolation is something I've also been struggling with. I'm not at all against visualizations or using tools to feel open or trusting with others again which I've seen mentioned in her teachings, but for those of you who also struggle with this know that we can get into a place where we are almost like a high security prison on lockdown. Visualizations can feel surface and pretentious to the mind who has lived this way so long. I've also noticed that a common message is getting down the root of why we don't fully trust others, and using the completion process. Of course this is absolutely important, but the ironic thing is that the completion process is something self-focused (focused on integrating trauma), when the cure for isolation is true intimacy and connection. Also, once we know that root, does anyone else find that it's difficult to find ways to meet that need for connection in your day to day life? After all, if you're seeking to develop better connection with others, it involves other people, their time and schedules. In a way, you're also kind of asking for their energy and giving them energy too, since you want them to connect with you, and you want to connect with them. I've asked myself "What would a person who loved themselves do?" and often draw a complete blank because (again, it's too ironic) it's not what my mind wants anymore. It doesn't want to do stuff alone, but hasn't really experienced a ton of deep connection. This aspect of me wants someone to love me... and help them not feel alone, but I have no idea how to go about helping that. Sometimes I receive answers to that question, and I take a certain course of action that is meant to help with intimacy and connection, but despite that, I often feel like an island of my own even within the presence of people I love and care about. Anyway... this isn't just about me hahaha... I'm wondering if you guys have experienced something similar, and if this topic of discussion would be helpful? I don't know... the way I'm wording this, it sounds like all the questions that have been answered before. But it's something else... that sort of isolation. It's really hard to explain. It's beyond loneliness. This probably sounds really confusing haha... sorry. (One of the effects of isolation is misunderstanding because your mental and emotional reality feels so far from other's. Thus, you end up wording things or talking in ways that cause further confusion and separation.) I'm trying to explain this feeling of horrific isolation in words, and basically just wondering how we can help ourselves and others through it. I like to write articles and blog posts too, and I'm posting one soon on hyper-responsibility and it's relationship with isolation. But... when I thought about how to help that relationship dynamic, I could only find a few things to write for solutions. It's like I understand what's happening, but my ideas for solutions are limited. Thoughts?
  22. Mental block does not allow me to do CP. Help Please! Dear All, My struggle with the CP brought me here and I really hope someone will read my post and be able to help. I am not able to dive in the CP process myself and I have been trying for over 8 months now. If I conciously try and dive into a feeling my mind separates me on a conscious level from that feeling and literally does not allow me to dive into the process. There is more to it, very often I catch myself listening to a song being played in my mind, my conscious mind (part of it ) and subconscious mind act like a guard which I am not able to get passed. I guess it is a protection mechanism but how do I engage it so that it can trust me and let go of the pattern ? I have also noticed that my memory is getting worst and am starting to worry about songs being played in my mind ;-( How can I start trusting myself on all levels ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  23. Giving the body permission to let go How can you give the body/unconcious mind the message that it can relax and allow to integrate it´s traumas ?
  24. Evette Rose I´ve stumbled upon Evette Roses Work actually a few months ago. I didn´t really look into it that time but yesterday it stumbled into my awareness again and her outlook on the body and trauma seems very fascinating. What do you guys think ? I´m definetely going to order Metaphysical Anatomy and it´s following book and study it. Has anyone of you practiced the trauma release techniques of Evette Rose ? Has anyone read Metaphysical Anatomy ?
  25. Compulsive Lying - The why and How it started Have you ever crossed paths with someone who you think is genuine only to find out that nothing about them is true? I'm just wondering how compulsive lying comes about in a person. What may have happened in a persons life to make them so insecure about themselves and see so little of themselves that they would fracture this part of themselves off and feel the need to create a barrier of this sort? What does it mean when someone lis compulsively? How has it come about and how can it be helped? How can the damages/trauma of a persons past/past life be repaired? Any thoughts?