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Found 5 results

  1. The Future of Road Travel What do you think about self-drive cars and their place in today's society? Would you trust your children in a self-drive school bus? Would your commute be easier if an elderly person who normally drives 35 miles per hour is in self-drive car going 55 miles per hour? What is to prevent kids from accessing the car and taking off to where they wish to go? And last but not least, what about hacking a self-drive car. I would love to hear your opinions and feedback on this matter. With love, Garnet ❤
  2. I just saw this Petchatz video! Wouldn't it be cool to have it and stay in touch with your pets? I am seriously considering looking more into similar devices. Right now we rent and not allowed even to have pets. But we do . Two cats. I just can't really let them stay inside all the time. But eventually they will. Cats are very independent and can occupy themselves better when left alone. So, maybe I can teach at least one of them to respond to it. I think it's definitely worth a try. I would definitely like to check on them when away and be able to say Hi and give a treat! I think it would be easier with dogs. What do you think?
  3. Person/faeries/techno/dodgeball/contribution/intro Ayye I posted on here at some point, and then my log in info got messed up, so here I am two years later! *boop*? Hobbies/interests include anything faery related, art and design (fashion, interior, absolutely everything), color, quantum physics, new technology, plants, marine animals (google "nudibranchs", they're so cool!), nature documentaries and encyclopedias, parkour (although I'm not motivated enough to do it, I just think it's neat), contortion, and dance. I also love dodgeball and ultimate frisbee and thunderstorms. Current struggles/unmet needs: lack of emotional support, lack of monetary support, and feelings of low contribution. I'm pretty good at trouble shooting outlines for projects, plans, and minor communication, so possibly hit me up! I'm a Human Design Projector and Aquarian dominant, so I'm good at problem solving (<what I feel I could contribute). I also really like bouncing ideas and concepts off people. My favorite band is Owl City, favorite book is Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black, my favorite movie is Stardust, and my favorite shows are Adventure Time and Yuri on Ice. I also love The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstren. I love techno music and I am somewhere on the breatharian scale. My favorite color is bright blue or white because they feel like freedom, and my favorite animals at the moment are harp seals, because they're cute and playful and they can do whatever they want, and they also feel like freedom. I don't know my favorite form of water tho, depends on my mood. Currently I live in Austin, Texas, but I will be moving to the Lake Chapala area in Mexico in a couple months. Ciao!
  4. Could technology be hiding as an obscure “trend” and leading to a potential dead-end road? (A conscious perspective on human and technological progression) “Where would we be without technology?” I’ve heard this question several times throughout my years colloquially via colleagues, family, and friends. Yet, no one seems to answer the question with full confidence knowing what exactly could have transpired in human progression, expansion, and evolution. When I first started to ask this myself, I couldn’t help but to feel a duality in my being ignite. One aspect of me simply didn’t care to think about this daunting subject, as the other half was gnawing on it subconsciously in the back of my mind like a past relationship that’s gone awry. I say “we” to reference us, humans, as a collective group of beings here on this planet sharing the same space at the same time. I assume, not statistically or reportedly in any sense, that our history has eluded us in exactly when the “peak” of pre-technological human living was occurring. Was it the end of the 70s or 80s? Perhaps, the technological paradigm shift happened much earlier, and we have no way of knowing precisely. At exactly what point was mass consciousness consumed and enveloped with computerized technology so intriguing that it swayed normal living away from the garden and into the den? I’m going to guess it was when personal computers were distributed globally. Now in 2017, I sit here and take for granted the technology I have at my fingertips. Do I enjoy the convenience of it? Well, yes absolutely. However, I’m still not at a point where I’m fully convinced that technology is our savior. There are many avenues I could divert to on this discussion, but for now I’m going to leave you with how I came to this question (Could technology be hiding as an obscure “trend” and leading to a potential dead-end road?) by now knowing what I know. I say with the most humility and reverence, that I now feel like I know too much to fully trust in technology, and I’m glad I’ve been deeply moved. About what you might ask? I know too much about consciousness, the Earth (Gaia), science, spirituality, humanity, and the cosmos. I know that us as humans are here on this planet to evolve collectively and expand our desires for source itself. I know that there is no such thing as “death.” I know that it is a shift in perspective. I know that we as conscious beings have the capability to astral travel to varying locations without the use of technology. I now know that we can speak telepathically without the use of messenger applications. I now know that there quite literally is no use for the monetary system at this point. Have we reached another peak where it is time to move beyond technology and refocus our attention to our spiritual infinite nature? I believe so. When you have people channeling extraterrestrial beings on YouTube and people are communicating with their non-physical spirit guides daily, it makes believing in this constructed reality extremely difficult (I know many of you have been here). I’ve also heard and truly believe that people are living different realities and timelines. Yet, is society willing to move beyond the technology and focus on the organic technology that was already there to begin with? I’m talking about Earth. We wouldn’t have the technology (computers, software, screens/glass, radio waves, etc.) if it weren’t for the natural, organic materials that are found within Earth from the get-go. I wish people would realize that the highest form of technology we are surrounded by, is indeed mother Earth (Gaia). This known fact has expanded my awakening process immensely. Earth is the “living library.” Has modern society’s technology become an obsolete tool? Better yet in essence, was it just a three-decade long trend? As many more people awaken, I believe it’s going to be a breaking-point for those who have been completely submersed into the system, the matrix. I know this because it’s happening to me. I am torn between participating in a society that I’ve ascended past and conscious experiences that are beckoning for my attention. I think we are seeing people coming into their power realizing that technology is no longer an external source. Rather, it is an internal, integral part of their being. You as a being are the technology. Although collectively we haven’t evolved past eating, it makes me question if the next big emphasis will be on restoring Earth to harness its natural technological abilities. I believe so because, the mass population still haven’t had the experiences of interacting with psychedelic nature firsthand or society seeing the full benefits of zero-point energy. Now, what happens if the majority do not awaken? Technology can only take them so far. To get in and out of the life you’re living, you need consciousness, period. I don’t think that at any point technology will be able to replicate consciousness, even if the tech programmers design algorithms for what they think is superior artificial intelligence. Even if a techie is channeling information to produce further complicated technologies, there is going to be a realization of their own self divinity and conscious power. Again, why would we need technology if we are shifting into a non-physical species anyway? I do think that technology will be here as long as people are still experiencing the physical 3rd dimensional reality and moving from being unconscious to conscious. I just hope that we all can start integrating positive vibrational frequencies in our lives for the betterment of the whole. That would be further expansion in and of itself. I’m then led to the question, “If we are shifting from a 3rd dimensional dualistic reality with contrast, into a 4th-5th dimensional density without contrast, is technology inadvertently one of the most contradicting things to us as human beings?” Has it been lying here in the bushes pushing us to be self-sufficient all along? I’m entirely intrigued to see what happens due to the awakening and ascension process on Earth. For me, I see the benefits that technology has provided to us as well as the detriments. Where would we be without technology? Well, I can assure you that Earth would have looked vastly different. Quite possibly, another timeline in which this exists could be playing out. I like to think that without technology, we’d have already shifted the planet’s vibration to a higher density without the distractions of it. However, I know that we’ve reached the point where we are collectively greatly with the advantage of computers and internet. Again though, other human experiences and only my own personal experience with consciousness, energy, and emotion have led me to ascension. My ascension flourishes internally. Technology has sure helped, yet it has not taken the primary role of leading me to my expansion. The expansion happened directly through my multi-dimensional source stream. This is why I believe technology is ultimately a dead-end road. I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this.. Thank you!
  5. Our son recieved his first VR headset as a gift! I was so excited myself and of course i had to try it too! I was shocked at how realistic my first VR rollercoaster ride was! Had the same electrical shock through my spine as you usually get in real life! Ahhh... I bet it realigned my chackras and everything else Next i took a trip to Egypt. It calmed me down after the first ride. It was animated, so it didn't feel as realistic but still was very-very cool. And then i explored space! I have to say this was so relaxing and mind blowing! It actually put me into a state of trance. I had so many thoughts and emotions going through me as i was floating though space. And omg all those colors.... I can definitely see the future schools using VR for education. When i was done exploring and took the headset off, i was surprised at how long it took my senses to readjust to reality. I had real motion sickness and couldn't navigate myself around, lol. I am looking forward to exploring this more. If you already have experiences, please share! Also share the apps or links that you liked!!!! ❤