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Found 9 results

  1. Excellence is inherent within every human being. We have traits that make unique things easy for us to do and we all have innate gifts that ensure we will be excellent at something. However, often this excellence is squelched by those who cannot see it within us, or who have different desires and therefore ideas of what excellence is. In this episode, Teal Swan helps us understand where and why we may have lost touch with our own excellence and how to find it again. Subscribe to Receive a New Video Every Saturday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teal Swan is a revolutionary for personal transformation and is one of the Most Spiritually Influential Living People in the world. As a renowned author, speaker and social media star, she travels the world teaching self-development and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily Updates, Monthly Online Synchronization Workshops & More: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Meditations, Books, Merchandise & Frequency Paintings: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  2. Starting Business. The Homework. How do you know if you should start your own business? I just picked up a book by Bethenny Frankel The Skinnygirl Solutions. I've flipped through this book several times before and even screenshotted a few pages while browsing at the local library , but only now realized what all I've been missing. Have you seen The Real Housewives of New York City? That's where I met Bethany the very first time. Then I checked the SkinnyGirl bottles of wine at the nearest grocery store. So what made me turn around you might think... it is the fact how quickly one impression of a TV character may stir us away from a very valuable information/message a person is trying to communicate. Short introduction in case you haven't seen the show: Bethenny Frankel is the four-time bestselling author of Skinnydipping, A Place of Yes, The Skinnygirl Dish, and Naturally Thin. She is the creator of the Skinnygirl brand - which extends to cocktails, fitness, and health - and in September 2013 she took stage as the host of her own talk show, Bethenny. She has been named one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities by Forbes magazine and is regularly featured in both Health magazine and Glamour. She is a graduate of the Natural Goumet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts. Bethenny lives in New York with her daughter, Bryn, and dog, Cookie. The amount of work/businesses this woman has going on is impressive to me, and only a person of extremely high self-discipline and organization skills can manage it and don't loose her mind. This is why I would like to share some of the pages from the book. I personally find it precisely put together. See for yourself. I hope that it helps anyone who is reading, and especially us women! Girls, I believe life should be easy and no one has work himself to death. I know money$ us a painful subject for so many of us, but we don't have to do it all ourselves. If life is suppose to be fun and full of joy, then who wants to die from a workaholic syndrome? This why I like to use ready templates that are already made for us! Please let me know what you think. Share your experiences, books etc. And I Will keep an eye for more if it comes around. ❤
  3. Teal shares a flow of abundance technique. Click here to access the meditation Teal refers to in the video (click here for a code to get 50% off the meditation)
  4. 0:00 Shame. On and off relationships: why do we keep going back? 22:40 Teal's greatest tip for success ever 1:01:00 How to deal with anger 1:08:00 Suppressing anger 1:11:00 Demonstration: Fear vs love 1:15:00 I want to help people, how?
  5. Hello everyone out there I am curious if there are people in this community who have made significant progress and/or attracted things they always wanted into their lives - thanks to Teal's teachings? How have your lives changed? When was the first time you realized "Wow, this is really working"? Share your success stories with us Love, Flammable
  6. Ego Warrior

    Money Issues

    Teal has a Universal message for you today about money and abundance. Teal's meditation on Financial Abundance - click here!
  7. Self Sabotage is something that we all struggle with is it not? Teal talks about how self-sabotage is actually not self sabotage at all, but aspects of ourselves attempting to save us. Teal Swan explains that to get at the root of self sabotage we must visit and give space for the conflicting aspects within us. Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Website: For daily updates, monthly online Synchronization Workshops join Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Endsong: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  8. Teal Swan teaches you what is blocking you from winning, getting what you want and success. Teal Swan explains why you can't win. The reason you can’t win lies in your subconscious mind. Teal reveals techniques and tactics to discover your underlying resistance to winning so you can finally win. Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality. Subscribe to Teal’s newsletters here: Teal's Web page: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  9. Hey Tribers, Here is the situation. I rent a house in Jacksonville and I get some roommates from Roomster and craisglist. My newest one, that moved in five days ago, is some 19 year old girl student with her dad paying her rent. She has a "needy" friend, some guy. He's stayed the past three nights, and today, he's been here the whole day while she was gone. So I feel I've been lied to, about renting the room to her... she didn't mention that this guy, who doesn't have a job or a car, would basically be her live in puppy dog. Anyway, So I'm pissed about it, primarily being lied to, and from that, I anger I get depressed and disappointed with myself, because i feel like a failure. I feel if I were more successful, I wouldn't have to deal with stupid shit... Lastly, I'm not sure if I believe I can create my own reality in terms of financial abundance. I think that i'm unsuccessful because I don't find joy in what I do. I am not a very motivated/ambitious person. I'm trying to figure out what really Inspires me. I feel stuck. I welcome any thoughts and comments.