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Found 6 results

  1. Twin Flame Diagram Hello there! 🙂 This isn't really a question, per se; I just wanted to share a spiritual concept/diagram I drawn up which pertains to the concept of Twin Flames. I guess I'm just hoping to find some people out there who resonate with it? Anyway, the diagram I'm about to show you comes from Pkinism (pi-kin-i-ZUHM), which is a self-directed spiritual practice I started that is based around personal growth, self-awareness and integration, through the use of: *personality/relationship diagrams and concepts, based on twelve different archetypes created and developed in the mind of the practitioner (which may or may not be represented by physical objects, to be used as mediums) *self-written parables about said archetypes, derived from the individual practitioner’s own life and psyche Below is the explanation I wrote yesterday of what the diagram represents and means to me, as well as a link to a photo of it. Feel free to leave your thoughts on it in the replies! 🙂 Hopefully, that wasn't too confusing for you 🙂 If you have any questions, let me know! *The period of time in a Pkinist's life (12-23 years old) where they receive each of their archetypes in physical form and/or go through the process of becoming more aware of and integrating these different parts of their soul. The reception - or Reevcie, as it's called - of the physical objects that represent these archetypes happens once a year, on the practitioner's birthday. **A very strategic anagramming system I made up when I was thirteen, in order to name my teddy bear archetypes; for more information on Pkin Nomenclature, check out this page here ***After this, the letter-set switching and letter-scrambling techniques (in that order) are used in succession with each other until it produces twelve names (right before it loops back to Birval's)
  2. passionate, intense relationships vs. peaceful and secure I've heard Teal mention many times that compatibility in romantic relationships has little to do with attraction and more to do with being authentic with your needs + wants, then finding someone who could fit that. She said with the "right" person you won't necessarily feel the intense pull that many people have predicated to be a huge indicator of meeting your twin flame. Although I agree with the importance of finding people who meet your needs, are relationship dynamics with intense attraction, excitement, and passion ALWAYS an indication that this person is not a proper fit for you? Because up until reaching this certain block (passionate vs. secure/peaceful relationships) in my life, my biggest desire for the longest time was to be in a relationship with someone who wants me just as badly as I want them, someone who is excited to just be around me, and someone passionate about me and life in general. I guess I'm just brainwashed by the mainstream's version of a "successful" relationship like The Notebook or something along those lines. I know this desire came from growing up with a very apathetic/emotionally distant family. So, in this case I just want to feel like this desire is valid. I am also here to figure out if this is truly an authentic desire. I'm tired of the whole twin flame/soulmate concept in general but this is something I needed to get a second opinion on.
  3. twin flames how do u bring each other closer ahahha if one doesnt know u in the physical realm.
  4. In this episode of AAE tv, Ethann is joined by Teal Swan. Teal shares her journey through adversity to becoming an internationally recognized spiritual leader and author of many books. Ethann and Teal discuss the power of desire to attract what you want into your life, and how one's shadow can not only limit the potential of obtaining what is desired, but can also increase the intensity of that desire. Teal also explains her viewpoint of the meaning of Enlightenment, and whether it is possible to reach and maintain a state of bliss indefinitely. Ethann and Teal also explore the idea of soulmates and twin flames, the causes of difficulty in these relationships, and how shadow work can help improve them. Teal concludes by sharing her forecast for the future of the world, and what individuals can do to improve conditions in their lives and globally. About Teal Swan: The Spiritual Catalyst Teal Swan was born with a range of extrasensory abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. Because of these extrasensory abilities, she became the target of a cult where she survived 13 years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse before breaking free at age 19 and beginning her own process of recovery and transformation. Today she uses her extrasensory gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to help millions of people learn how to find forgiveness, happiness and freedom in their own lives. Her success has earned her the nickname “The Spiritual Catalyst.” Read more about Teal Swan: Awake and Empowered TV with Ethann Fox on CCN As the energy of our planet is shifting and changing, many who are awakening have come to realize their world is quite different than they were taught and had imagined. Societal institutions, religious traditions and mainstream media focus on our physical reality, materialism and other negative aspects of our reality, blocking our spiritual connection to the Divine. To support an emerging shift of consciousness in the world, now more than ever, people are in need of real world tools, and inspiration to cause positive change and support a higher vibration. Awake and Empowered TV is the impetus for raising vibration and increasing awareness of the positive aspects of this transition and where we are headed as a global consciousness. Join spiritual teacher and host, Ethann Fox every Saturday at 12 p.m. GMT, 7 p.m. EST to create a new view of your world. Explore all of the positive aspects of the evolutionary changes on our planet that are emerging right now, just beneath the surface of mainstream reality. Each week, Ethann brings you the pioneers of our time from around the globe who are on the forefront of the expansion of human consciousness in the areas of technology, health, spirituality and science. You will also discover: About Ethann Fox Ethann Fox is a spiritual teacher, energy healer, the founder of the Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution and the visionary behind the Awake and Empowered Expo. His background in the business and financial markets as a professional trader and business owner is coupled by over 20 years as an accomplished astrologer and numerologist. Walking both the spiritual and business worlds, Ethann’s experience has given him an unconventional view and approach to personal happiness and professional success, melding the two as one. About Flower of Life: About the Awake and Empowered Expo: About an Energy Transfer: See our line up of other incredible presenters:
  5. Teal speaks about the existance of twinflames and soulmates. I'm wondering if also animals can be soulmates in our lives?
  6. Ok so I realised that everything in the future and the past exists right now, so I began to think about the marriage I wanted, then I kept seeing 11:11 like 5 times and then throughout the day everytime I would think about my biggest desire I swear I kept seeing 222, does anyone know what this means because one person said it might be something to do with TWIN FLAMES which leads to my next questions which is do any of you know anything about twin flames? do you believe them or have any experience with them?