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Found 5 results

  1. Dreams and higher dimensions My favorite way of escaping/leaving the 3D realm/matrix is via sleep. All dreams may not be the expression of our higher selves but from my experience when you do reach a higher dimension in your sleep you will know it by how vivid and blissful your dream was. I wish my 3D life felt like I felt last night in my "dream" -whatever the dimension I found myself in it was such a blissful one I can remember shouting loud and clear "I haven't felt (as happy) like this for eons, or even decades, this is the true flagrance of the perpetual spring". Also in this same dimension my female pains had converted into pure and absolute sexual bliss - I still can remember "my"man in this ("perpetual spring") dimension and no other any (dimension). Polygamy must be "natural" in multiverses and with so many dimensions. And to think some people experience 3D with the bliss of a 7D, blessed be the wise men. Keeping a frequency like this while still on this plane can feel kind of nostalgic. Maybe it doesn't have too. Maybe what I experienced last night can happen IRL 3D. I need a nap; lol Deneb
  2. How to deal with the coping mechanism sleep?? Hello everyone I am doing the completion process regularly since 8 months now. But since a month orso, I just can't do it. Whenever I try to go into an emotion, I get so extremely tired that I can't do anything but fall asleep. I tried to interact with the coping mechanism, to thank it, I tried to sit on the floor even there I get so tired that I fall asleep.. I am so worried that I can't do the cp on my own anymore, I have a practitioner but I can't pay her any longer. I don't feel good right now at all and would like to do something against it...Has someone experienced something like that? How can I overcome this?
  3. 00:08 How do I get over the guilt of moving on with my life and being happy when the people I’m leaving behind are miserable? 09:50 Paranoia on marijuana. 11:07 Chronic sleep deprivation and insomnia. 13:52 Aversion to metal. 16:08 As a woman how to be a match to a divine masculne man? 17:40 How do I build self worth and self confidence? 18:45 Why do i keep manifesting a chronically blocked ear? 20:07 Can I address issues of the parents of autistic and special needs people and assisiting them in the creating companies or finding ways to work with them without forcing them in a box? Should it be non-profit or for profit? Am I in the right direction creating a village for my son? 22:00 Do the body, the emotions and thoughts have three different awakenings? 22:30 Can you tell if I'm out alignment growing an "energetic penis" or am I actually trans? 23:35 Underlying cause of hereditary high cholesterol. 24:54 Is it important to grow our hair? What are the metaphysical effects of hair and beards? Why do only men have beards? 26:14 I'm confused if people are using me to get something from me or are they just being nice? 28:01 Sungazing. 29:11 Why am I so fat? I’ve been overweight a lot of my life and nothing I do works! 34:51 How can you be sure that you have ADHD and not other disorders such as anxiety? 35:31 In 2013 I tried to commit suicide, and my near death experience haunts me. I think it was Hell. I once heard you describe Hell constructs as only lasting for a few seconds, but this seemed to last for eternity. I want to understand what happened. 39:48 What is the reason for my lifelong lack of romantic relationships?
  4. GabijaCij

    Sleep Paralysis

    What is sleep paralysis?
  5. Astral Travel Hi, I'm a new member, I have experience with astral travel and I'd like to know how to make it easier, I found it more effortless doing so when I was younger, now that I'm older it's more harder. Does anyone have any insight that can help me?