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About Me

Found 12 results

  1. It's actually more innate for the masculine to be the one who is more committed! When you start dating and looking for a guy that will commit to you, how do you know if you met the right one?
  2. Both codependency and narcissism are a narcissistic state of being. Teal enjoys working with narcissists more than working with codependents - why is that? To listen to the full interview click here (titled "Too Risque for Radio").
  3. How do you handle conflict when the other side is incapable of trying to understanding your feelings?
  4. How can relationships help addictions? Here is a list of related Ask Teal episodes: Addiction and How to Overcome Addiction Having a Relapse? (Relapse Prevention, Recovery and How to Overcome Addiction Relapse) How To Overcome Porn Addiction (Pornography) Internet Addiction Alcoholism and How to Quit Alcohol How to Overcome the Eating Disorder: Bulimia How to Overcome the Eating Disorder: Anorexia
  5. Teal Swan Team - Gabija


    How can you tell if someone is your soulmate? Related Ask Teal episodes: Attraction (Why You Are Attracted To The People You're Attracted To) Twin Flames and Soul Mates (Do they Exist?)
  6. Teal breaks down why Codependents are Narcissists and how they get this way. PS - we know the audio isn't the best for this clip, so click CC on the video bottom right corner and enable subtitles!
  7. Lose-lose scenarions are a powerful authenticity construct. For more on this watch this Ask Teal episode - How To Win at Lose-Lose (No Win) Scenarios
  8. How do you learn to love someone the way they need to be loved when they're a non verbal communicator?
  9. Clip from the Chicago Synchronization workshop 2019. Teal did a full Ask Teal episode on this by the way - "React Positively Or Else!" (click here to watch). Hi Premium family! The Chicago workshop was filmed and is being prepared for streaming. In the mean time we have a few clips from the workshop that we will post. Enjoy! And turn on the subtitles if the audio is unclear Or you can just skip these and wait for the full workshop in good quality!
  10. Teal is working on a new frequency painting. Here is what inspired it.
  11. Video Teal referenced in this clip: Fear of Intimacy (How to Overcome Your Fear ofIntimacy) How To Be Authentic Have you watched them yet?
  12. It takes two people to make a relationship work, while it takes only one to make it not work. Excerpt from Teal's upcoming Sex Abuse course with Laura Berman. The course is coming out later this year.

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