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Found 10 results

  1. Do Teal's frequency paintings actually manifest anything? What did everyone manifest by using Teal's frequency paintings? How long did it take you to manifest it using her paintings? And which paintings did you use? I have been using a bunch of Teal's frequency paintings for one month now. I keep a bunch of her paintings in my bedroom so I'm always around her paintings. I especially use the Kindred Soul, Relationship, Alignment, and Financial Freedom frequency paintings. When am I actually going to manifest more money by using the financial freedom painting? So far I manifested my job back but I expected to manifest more money than what I'm making at my job by now. I'm still making the same amount of money even though I'm using the financial freedom painting and I have the financial freedom painting in my bedroom and I'm always in my bedroom so I'm always around these paintings! I did get ideas to make more money and I'm taking action on those ideas but I just published a comic book and I honestly expected this financial freedom painting to make my book sell a lot more by now or for me to get a lot more money from some other avenue by now lol. Can someone answer my questions above? Update 2/5: I am making even more money at my job now because I got more hours so I guess that the paintings are helping me. I am getting more money. Now, I just want to manifest enough money to have financial freedom lol!
  2. GabijaCij

    The Magic Of Yoni Blood

    Teal on Yoni paintings and embracing Yoni blood.
  3. GabijaCij

    Frequency Painting FAQ

    Teal answers the most frequently asked questions about her Frequency Paintings. CLICK HERE for all of Teal's paintings. Paintings shown in the beginning of the video: Exploration. 00:14 What's the process of Teal painting her frequency art? 03:55 Do the paintings look exactly the same in real life as they do in the paintings? 05:17 Has Teal ever painted a low frequency painting? 06:16 How long does it take to entrain with a frequency? How to amplify the frequency? 06:57 Are some of these paintings for sale? 07:58 What medium does Teal use to create her paintings? 08:32 Do you have a painting for success? 09:41 Which paintings should you keep in your bedroom? 10:19 What frequency is good for work or to help pass a test? 10:48 When is it time to take the painting down?
  4. Why did she start painting? What's so special about Teal's first ever frequency painting? CLICK HERE to readmore about the painting.
  5. GabijaCij

    Resistant To Healing

    Feeling resistance to the Arturian Healing Frequency Painting - why? Why are we afraid of healing?
  6. GabijaCij

    Liquid Painting

    What does liquid painting look like?
  7. GabijaCij

    I Know

    About the “I Know” Frequency Painting: The vibration of perceiving so directly that one has direct cognition, awareness and understanding of something. It is a stable vibration, which is an antidote to any state of confusion, ignorance, misunderstanding, lack of information, lack of direction or forgetfulness. To buy prints click here.
  8. Ego Warrior


    Teal talks about her new frequency painting that she is creating. See what it's about.
  9. Latest piece of art Inspired by Teal of course !!!
  10. Found this video and sharing it to see what is the progress? Any of the administrators... do you know if this is still needed or not?