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Found 11 results

  1. How did Source started to want to know itself ? What is the nature of Source? How did It managed to split Oneness? What was the force that generated the law of mirroring? Where did this wanting or desire to become conscious came from? How come does Source have a will? What is the nature of this Will? How can it *want* to perceive itself and *want* to become aware of itself? If Source wanted to know itself means that at some point even before the first great separation (timelinely speaking) it didn't know itself. As mentioned in the last episode on Karma, means that it has an unconcious. How can consciousness have an unconscious? How can we speak about the mind, will and heart of source without diving into the nature of human understanding itself?
  2. Soul Merging?? I've had this feeling with two almost three people. The first one our (college) class was on a tour and he was standing behind me. I started feeling like I liked his energy and I guess I kinda slipped into it and it felt like I was one with him. All my anxiety went away, I felt completely safe, comfortable. For a while after whenever he would stand closeish the feeling would come back. The second was my boss, were just on break talking and I've gotten close to that feeling before with him. All the sudden it happened, same feeling, like we were on the same wavelength. Now it's almost happened with another guy and I still have no idea what this is but I love it. I've heard about soul merging with twin flames... The first one was completely suprising, we were just acquaintances. Has anyone else experienced this or something like it? I haven't found much online about it and I really want to know if anyone else is feeling this or has any idea what might be going on!
  3. The separation of calling ourselves lightworkers I can sense there is something wrong with using the term lightworkers - as spiritual people, healers, guides etc. Teal made a comment in one of her interviews (I hope I can remember this correctly), about how using the term and language of being a lightworker can create a very wide gap between people. As people who work in this field do we therefore have a responsibility not to use this term (that creates separation) and to encourage something else? Such as oneness. Does anyone else think also this is an incorrect way to reference people/ourselves in the spiritual/new age industry? I heard someone say recently and I sense it to be true, that none of us are awake until all of us are awake, which further justifies why using the term lightworker doesn’t really make any sense, right?
  4. Walk away or stay? Where is the line between: this person is draining, toxic, and doesn’t make me feel good so I need to remove them from my life... to... this universe is a mirror — oneness is very real — and I need to stick with this person because if I walk away I’m abandoning a part of myself... Been feeling very conflicted about this lately. When I was younger I had no problem cutting people out of my life and not looking back... but since discovering oneness and how everyone is a reflection back at me... Would walking away from this relationship just be another form of self abandonment? Would love to hear from the Teal Tribe. Maybe I’m looking at this completely the wrong way.... Thanks for taking the time to read 😊
  5. Psychosis or spiritual awakening? Hi guys! This is something that I've been thinking about a lot during the last couple of years, and I would like to hear from anyone who's gone through similar experiences, or has any insight on this topic. I had just turned 17, when whilst visiting my step father in the Netherlands I was diagnosed with a psychosis. The doctors said it was a cannabis induced psychosis. But I didn't believe them. The way I felt during the whole thing was indescribable. I felt like things that happened around me were reflections of my attitudes towards the world and my thoughts. I felt like all the people around me were acting. I even felt like the television shows I was watching had a hidden message in them, like they were trying to teach me something important. I was highly curious about what different colours "meant". I was very interested in the colour violet in particular. I felt like people walking by were "me", or my reflections. It was all just one big sychronicity happening 24/7. I also had started a vegan lifestyle half a year before the whole thing happened, and I remember getting more interested about the spiritual side of life, although it was just curiosity at this point. I didn't know anything about how literal the concept of "mirroring" would actually be. I was also meditating during the trip for the first time in my life (consciously anyway). Long story short, I ended up in a mental hospital in Finland and stayed there for over two weeks, because I was under the age of 18 and had no control over this whole procedure. After that I got obsessed with all the spiritual information out there, and I started to realize, that this experience that they called a psychosis was actually something that is very common, even something that people look for, in the spiritual field. The way people were talking about reflections and mirroring and "oneness". That everyone in your life essentially is you. That colors are associated with different meanings. That your thoughts attract different experiences and that we tend to create and hold onto these "stories" about our lives that we then repeat to ourselves obsessively. You can imagine that at this point in my life I felt so much rage towards all the ignorance in our society. I felt like my great breakthrough was robbed from me by people who were forcing me to take antipsychotics and by telling me that I was "sick", when at the same time I was clearly stating to them that this has to be something else than a psychosis. When I met my husband for the first time, I was greeted with another sign that this can't be mental illness. Whilst experiencing this "psychosis", someone asked me how I felt right then and there. I remember having these visions about a magician, who was doing card tricks. I answered to them, that I felt like some magician had hypnotized me, and I was now revealing all my secrets to him while being hypnotized. This magician looked exactly like my husband, whom I din't know at the time. When we first met, he started performing the exact same card trick for me that I had seen in the vision. He told me he had been a magician. He also asked me, if he could try and hypnotize me at some point. He had been practicing hypnotisation, but he needed someone to practice it with. Now, I din't realize the correlation between the vision and him, until he had left, and I felt terrified about telling him about it since we had just met. But luckily I did, and after almost two years, we are still happily together. So, I got admitted to a mental hospital again last year for the same reason, but this time I went willingly, because I couldn't handle the worry and pressure my mom was projecting onto me. And this time I already knew that this definitely wasn't a psychosis. I'm not so scared about the whole thing (getting admitted to a mental hospital) anymore because I've gone through it twice. But I would love to know If anyone has any insight on how to keep yourself grounded during "a psychosis" such as this. Is there any other way to treat this, or to calm yourself down when you feel like the sychronicities are getting way too much to handle, or when you feel like you can't live your day-to-day life anymore because of all this?
  6. This video of Disappointing people, how to disappoint people and living your life is actually rooted in authenticity and living for yourself rather than people pleasing and living for others. This in the end won't be disappointing but fulfilling for everyone if you may not see it in the short run. This is an excerpt from The Melbourne Synchronization Workshop held by Teal Swan in 2018. The Synchronization Workshops are livestreamed. You can view the entire workshop through premium
  7. Healing your mind and how to heal your mind lies in this exercise of presence and an inner journey work process relative to your mind specifically. Many people in the self help, spiritual and psychologist communities focus on presence but Teal Swan digs deeper into what this means and how to do it. Video References Oneness is not the ultimate truth of the universe: 0:36 Healing The Emotional Body: 2:24 What is Healing: 9:00 How to Feel Better (Feeling Signatures): 9:33 Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, authenticity, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Website: For daily updates, monthly online Synchronization Workshops join Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  8. Teal Swan speaks about Oneness. Teal Swan explains that oneness is not the ultimate truth of the universe. Those in Spirituality often speak about getting back to oneness as the ultimate goal to enlightenment, spiritual or religious practice. When in fact there is something beyond oneness. Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality Register for Premium Content Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TEALCATALYST Newsletter: Completion Process Book: Teal's Meditations: Teal's e-shop: Endsong: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video! Help us caption & translate this video!
  9. Oneness is a curse? Do you guys think that oneness could be a curse. Lately when I look around at people, weather they are my friends, family or total strangers I feel sadness because it is sad to think that my life and separateness is just an illusion or a dream. Knowing that oneness is the truth and I am all of the existence makes me sad because this means that I am ultimately the only being in existence. This thought makes me feel lonely, sad and kind of scared to be honest.
  10. I didnt see anyone post any Tool, or Puscifer, so I thought I should add what I am currently feeding my soul with. I feel like Tool and Puscifer (and technically a perfect circle) ought to be its own topic, Maynard James Keenan has been there through every event good or bad my whole life. I was changed from simply being near him. that sounds personal, but I mean his music. ive never met him. but his voice has been one of the only "constants" in my life.
  11. Current cosmological theories describe the physical universe we live in as a 3 dimensional hologram of a 4 dimensional universe that we cannot experience directly but that becomes evident when exploring the particle/wave contradiction in the behavior of light or Heisenberg's uncertainty in the movement of electrons or gravity. This cosmological theory seems to describe the very relationship that mystics and psychics have been describing for hundreds of years. This would suggest that we are indeed 4 dimensional beings whose higher selves are capable of experiencing the 4 dimensional parent universe but our 3 dimensional minds struggle to translate the experience into coherent descriptions to share within three dimensional experience. It then raises the question of who or what we are within the four dimensional universe and why the need for an experience of a three dimensional experience. Could it be that enlightened consciousness is so pervasively universal in the 4 dimensional universe that limiting ones self to 3 d allows those who travel through our world to appreciate theirs by training their spirit to be both one and separate? Or is it more like the experience of the addict who attains recovery but retains the awareness of the depths of selfish depravity into which we are capable of sinking? Is this life a test for the spiritual beings who manifest in our universe to lose their awareness of their oneness only to regain it with the wisdom borne of suffering?