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Found 24 results

  1. GabijaCij

    00:00 CP AND DREAMS. After doing lots of CP and partswork, I notice that my dreamworld changes dramatically. Is it because my internal parts unite and therefore different perspectives blend together? 00:34 ANXIETY. I am struggling with intense anxiety, panic and obsessive thoughts. However, I cannot bring myself to do CP or shadow work relative to this anxiety, because I am so afraid of completely losing control if I attempt surrender. 01:38 MONEY. What is money a mirror of? There's a lack of money in my life right now and I'd like to understand why. 05:15 COOSING A MEDICAL SOLUTION. My doctor suggests I look into testosterone replacement therapy. I really struggle with insomnia, which depletes testosterone. I struggle to do all the lifestyle things that naturally replentish testosterone due to the sleep deprivation. Vicious cycle. Is it time for a medical solution? 07:09 VIDEO GAMES. How do I tell the difference between genuine joy of playing video games or using them to escape my reality? 11:05 CHANNELING VS PROJECTION. I recently tried to channel my partner's pain (chronic body pain). It went too well, I experienced being a child and being sexually molested. My partner does not recognize this situation happening to him. This is the first time I try this, could I have been channeling my own pain, instead of his? 13:25 RIGHT VS WRONG DECISION. How do you differentiate between making a right and wrong decision? Especially in business. Does it always have to feel good for you to know it’s a right move? 16:43 Teal's story of her in kindergarden. 19:03 PHYSICAL AILMENTS. What is the collective group vibration? 20:28 WHEN IS BREAKING UP RIGHT. My boyfriend and I decided to break up last night. We were incompatible and growing in completely different directions for over a year, but it still really hurts. My question is, how can I know it was the right decision? 23:30 ACUPUNCTURE. Does acupuncture therapy and yoga help in healing or does it suppress the trauma?; Could you explain about acupuncture in healing emotional wounds? 29:40 NOT ABLE TO GET SEX. I have such an intense desire for sex (and a romantic relationship) but I am running dry and can't manifest ANYTHING good. If I can't have love, can't I at least get great sex, please? 32:26 INVOLUNTARILY CELIBATE. I'm living as an Incel (involuntarily celibate) which is the complete opposite of the life I want too live, the result is I feel dangerous to others and myself because of the immense feeling of pain. How do I stop this cycle?; I feel as if I am living my life as a Involunterary celibate, I struggle to find a woman, I'm emotionally starving. I also have an addicition to pornography that covers up my pain as I stay inside all the time instead of finding people. What should I do? 39:52 EGO WANTS TO BE GOOD. How do we let go of ego's control of being good, therefore deny ourself and our emotions and not act upon them? how do i change the constant selfcontrol pressure and be free? 41:20 INCOMPATIBILITY. If this world is a mirror, then why is incompatibility with people an issue? Does that mean I am incompatible with myself, or within me there is an aspect that is incompatible with who I am? 46:26 PUSH AND PULL IN RELATIONSHIPS. I found someone compatible to me and I was so happy, until this really strong split inside me came up that's so hurt and wants to push him away. I am sure this pain isn't about him or something he did, but it is so strong it makes me see him as a threat, i don't want to breakup, what do i do? 47:57 ECZEMA. I can't manage to heal eczema despite of eating mainly organic food (i was born asthmatic) , can you spot adequate remedies in my specific case? 51:45 UNCONDITIONAL PRESENCE VS BOUNDARIES. I find it very difficult as a CPCP to practice unconditional love/acceptance consistently when working with a friend who is consciously choosing to stay stuck in an abusive situation, and I've gave it to her straight about her enabling the abuse upon her children to continue all for the sake of hiding behind her fears and low self-worth since no one else dared to speak up. She is taking steps for herself, a severe codependent, and to be honest she knows it all deep inside and has confessed that. And most importantly she has children which really hurts me because I can see the trauma growing bigger and bigger around them whenever we meet. I have put a physical distance in order to not continue to make her feel like she is a bad parent and to honor my boundaries. But because we are close friends, I struggle to find a 'balance' between unconditionally being present with her pain and advocating for her to get out of abuse. I am patient and grateful that she is taking baby baby steps for herself like expressing her true feelings towards her partner, but sometimes I am annoyed and powerless that it is so slow moving. How do you deal with this? 56:25 I HATE MY MOTHER. Why can’t I stop hating my mother? I feel like I have healed a lot if wounds that are caused by her, but when I am with her I am in a state of resistance and I keep thinking hateful thoughts. She triggers me like all the time. I want to move on but I feel stuck. 1:26:40 Wrap up and announcements.
  2. Ego Warrior

    Teal has a Universal message for you today about money and abundance. Teal's meditation on Financial Abundance - click here!
  3. Encouragement and support needed! Hello! My cry for help as follows! ❤️ So I graduated high school this previous year, thinking I wanted to be an illustrator, and it turns out I want to be a choreographer for flash mobs. I've been loosening up blocks relative towards commitment and slowly building up my energy so I can reach this goal. However, my mom is cutting off my food money after November. She just isn't going to be paying for food anymore. I'm working towards improving my vibration towards money, but I need some support, both monetarily and in the form of encouragement. I cannot give a time frame for how long it will take to get going, and I need some support so I can do the emotional work to get me there. I need -$30 per week after November (or $10 if three people can help out, $5 per week for six) -People who are supportive emotionally and encouraging, even when I'm being antisocial (I have an Aquarius moon y'all, good god) You can message me personally at if replying to something like this on a message board is strange lol! Put "Teal Tribe" in the subject box so I know. Lots of love, Apollo P.S. Could always use some upbeat song recommendations!
  4. This Ask Teal Episode on the belief systems surrounding money takes us back to the formation of money, our monetary system and eventually to our current day attitude towards money. The Bible teaches that Money is the root of all kinds of evil and even if your belief system doesn't start in christianity, many other religions that are ingrained in our culture (whether you are religious or not) teach you about the dangers of money. But what we really need to look at, is our own ego's use of this tool called money. Subscribe to Receive a New Video Every Saturday: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teal Swan is a revolutionary for personal transformation and is one of the Most Spiritually Influential Living People today. As a renowned author, speaker and social media star, she travels the world teaching self-development and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily Updates, Monthly Online Synchronization Workshops & More: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Meditations, Books, Merchandise & Frequency Paintings: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beginning Song: Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video!
  5. Garnet

    Refinancing A question to those who live in US. What is your experience with refinancing? Is it worth it? When to do it? what to consider and pay attention to? Thank you!❤
  6. GabijaCij

    0:00 Infertility and miscarriage 22:00 Physicality VS Spirituality: Shame and resistance about getting money and sex
  7. Encouragement and support needed! Song recommendations! Hello! My cry for help as follows! So I graduated high school this previous year, thinking I wanted to be an illustrator, and it turns out I want to be a choreographer for flash mobs. I've been loosening up blocks relative towards commitment and slowly building up my energy so I can reach this goal.  However, my mom is cutting off my food money after November. She just isn't going to be paying for food anymore. I'm working towards improving my vibration towards money, but I need some support, both monetarily and in the form of encouragement. I cannot give a time frame for how long it will take to get going, and I need some support so I can do the emotional work to get me there. I need -$30 per week after November (or $10 if three people can help out, $5 per week for six) -People who are supportive emotionally and encouraging, even when I'm being antisocial (I have an Aquarius moon y'all, good god) You can message me personally at if replying to something like this on a message board is strange lol! Put "Teal Tribe" in the subject box so I know. Lots of love, Apollo P.S. Could always use some upbeat and positive song recommendations! I'll recommend "Heart of a Hero" by Cathy Heller! Ciao!
  8. Yeiess

    Money issues I'ts so unfair to pressured in to having a job. The only reason I want a job is to get recognition from the society I live in so they won't see me as a bad person. They say I should do something I like and go for that, but every time I try to make something I like in to a job I start hate the thing I do. Society and the people that continue to maintain it are making me feel like I should be wanting to contribute by having a job and pay taxes. One part of me wants to have a job and live like a person that is considered "normal", another part of me is like "no way, no one is going to love the real you for doing that". I cant pull my self out of this feeling of being trapped in a society that is forcing people to do stuff they don't want to do. I feel like I have to pay a price to get what I want. I feel like the only way to be with people that don't disproof of you is to "do the right thing, get a job". I feel like such a bad person because I don't want to have a job and everyone is kind of looking at me with disappointing eyes that are saying : "if only you could pull yourself together because you are such a lovely girl". But now the funny part: when I consider the people I want to have in my life I don't want them to be people who are not doing anything with their life. So why should I get to do nothing, while other must do something to have my approval? I have figured out that the only thing I truly want is connection and relationships, but it's not working to do something just because I think It's getting me something else. But when I don't engage in this society in a way that's "normal" I'm left alone by people. I don't want to do anything. I don't want to have to do "hard work" in any areas of life right now. Even doing the stuff I like I don't want to do. The whole work-mentality that you are being hired for what you can do for someone and not for who you are is frustrating. I feel like it's trapping me into being expected to be a certain way. I know that having a job is the only way for me to survive, because to have someone else that is actually working supporting me is making me feel unworthy. So that's not an option. I have to eat. I have to have a roof over my head. All my life I have been living at the bottom of the Maslow's pyramid only thinking about how to make money just to get food on the table. My parents never made me feel safe enough so I could relax about life in general. I notice that people are telling me to relax more and have more fun, but when I worry about having enough money for that coffee or that movie-ticket I just get caught up in that instead of caring for the person I'm actually with. Right now I'm depended on other people who don’t have my best interests at heart to financially support me under the pretense of me wanting to find a more suitable job. Even though I have health-issues that makes me unable to have certain jobs I don’t have a diagnoses or a visible disability. I’m struggling with chronic muscle-pain. But as I’m being told: I need another job. I can't tell them how I feel and I feel nervous about them judging me on how I spend my money. When I do try to speak my mind about it they tell me that I only have to hang in there and keep on going, and I feel ashamed. When I do work I always end up hating the job and I never get paid enough or have enough free-time to pursuit living more spontaneously and free. I feel trapped either way. Even if I should buy a tent and go off in to the woods and live of the earth I still would have a mortgage and debts. And people would hire a search-crew to find me because they think I got mad. Or actually they wouldn't, they would just wait for me to get lonely and come back, and then they would make me feel ashamed of the reasons why I was doing it in the first place.
  9. Garnet

    Income Do people ask you how much money you make? How comfortable are you with this type of questions and what do you answer? Most people answer easily when it is an average pay or "not that much" but it certainly changes as the number keeps growing.... I'd say it often goes into silence untill one day the income is published/disclosed and you have to talk about it now.
  10. My boyfriend is having financial issues Hey, good evening Haven't wrote or been on in a while, I always love it here. I love this community :). I'm having major anxiety for my bf because he is having issues with having steady work as he is an operator, but does not have a "great" job where he gets to work all year round. So his cheques have been coming up short from lack of snow(where I live it's snowy in the winter). And I'm wondering if anyone can read into my energy on this post, or have insight as to why myself am involved but not directly, and how I can overcome it, and maybe help him as well. I hate to see him suffer, and I am too. We don't live together he lives on his own, while his family is far, and I live with my mom still because I am a student. Thanks guys! Kels
  11. strangebotwin

    Money and the Law of Attraction Okay guys. Let's talk about money. Has anybody had success attracting money with the law of attraction, or does anybody try to get money with it like I do? Has anyone had any success or learned anything interesting about manifesting money?
  12. Love is abundant. Money is a physical representation of abundance in a current system. Yet, it is seldom that money and love go hand-in-hand . Often we see that the more money people have, the further the distance is between them. It is as if people filling the space in between with things that are eventually preventing them from seeing each other. Hollywood couples and celebrities are good example - they seem like have it all: money, beauty, health care, choices, opportunities, etc. Yet the majority of them can't make it through the normal problems people deal on daily basis without help of psychologist. Holiday season is here and sales are around every corner. I am wishing to all of you to find things that are not going to mask the distance but instead fill the space with a solid bridge towards each other. Happy shopping!!! Love, Garnet ❤
  13. Tomass Lacis

    Hi all I'm Tomass Hi Tealers! My name is Tomass! My spiritual history began with the suffering I experienced within my family (emotional abuse, being the only child in a very unconscious & poor family, co-dependent relationships between mother, father and me, domestic violence, etc.) and at school. In my teens, I begin a mild form of interest in buddhism and meditation. I was very dissociated and daydreaming as a coping mechanism back then, but through different means, spirituality and philosophy came back again in again in my life. I want to name Eckhart Tolle and Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu as some very important early influences. Eckhart, being an authentic proof of the reality of spiritual enlightenment, with his relaxed ego-dissolved-transcendent state, was a heavy strike for me and the friends of mine who read "The Power of Now". Eckhart will be remembered as one of the most important spiritual legends of our time, reminding and catalyzing the ever-present stillness in millions of people on earth. Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu is a canadian-born Theravada buddhist monk who lived for many years in Thailand under the supervision and teaching of his master Ajaan Tong Sirimangolo (who himself is fully enlightened and was visited by the Dalai Lama). Yuttadhammo's Youtube videos spoke to me, he is young and yet profoundly dedicated to meditation and the understanding and teaching auf authentic buddhism. Funny enough, while he also can be strikt at times, even as a monk, he still was open to do Youtube videos on topics like mastrubation ^^ (he is from my POV too much on the side of staying away from the world, which Teal would call spiritual bypassing...). Years upon years I found myself practicing (for instance meditation), and then again doubting if enlightenment is truly possible and how much practice and/or suffering it would take to "reach" it. I even thought during these days if I should quit my normal life and become a monk. I was not successful, my studies of mathematics took very long (due also to ongoing fights and struggles with my family, financial issues, etc.). Another turning point came when I found Adyashanti (in a book store) and german spiritually enlightened teacher Anssi Antila. These people showed me that my fear that basically only Eckhart Tolle, a few hardcore monks etc. were the only living enlightened teachers, was WRONG. In fact, there are fortunately many enlightened teachers nowaday. Every zenmaster who offers Dokusan has at least stream entry /Sotapanna level. The satsang/ neo-advaita people have it mostly as well. Of course, there are deluded idiots and frauds, like everywhere in life. Basically, the short biography is: Born in latvia, traumatized in poor and deluded, although "trying" soviet family, came to Berlin during the "golden nineties"( which I retrospect romantize), never fit in, deeply deeply within me, saw my , burdened it through domestic violence and deep suffering through fights of mom & dad. lived quite daydreaming for at least until I was 23, studied math for 4 years without a degree... mom sad and mad like hell when i switched studies. Did communications at the University of Arts. Learned a lot, enjoyed a lot... was in class with deeply ego-identified people... know my own resistance against that know to be my own "responsibility", finished it. Got in a nine to five in sales at a startup. Ah sorry I'm a bad storyteller.... the spiritual key events were reading Eckhart Tolle's work... plus meditating more myself. wanting to be enlightened... confused if it's possible for me... the universe brought me to Marianne Wachs. Crazy-ass Dark Night of the Soul one and a half years ago. damnnn... almost went crazy. .... last october.... reached stream entry. in between there, I found Teal, crazy crazy crazy that the stuff she is talking about, especially self-love, is so burdended and unavailable almost everywhere else in society. I was so lucky to be accepted by Teal this April to become a Certified Completion Process Practitioner. <3 Thanks again! And thank the universe I could help already many people with this on a profound level. Now, I start to become a more and more available and successful spiritual teacher & healer. I will give webinars, hold events, wrote an ebook, many things will come... my struggle now is that I want tomove away from 9 to 5 ASAP. I want to help people through spirituality, meditation, satsang, creativity webinars... ahhh sooomany things... the question for me now is how I best go about really making a living from spirituality alone... So this is my main mission and I want people to really receivervalue from what I offer... !!! I'm a distorted picses, so bare with me <3
  14. How to monetise the life I love and leave the life I hate? I hate my job. I love riding my bike around town in public. Spectators love it too. It's like a little show I put on with stunts I do. Is it possible to leave my job and make money to pay the bills so I can ride more?
  15. Marnie

    Debt Although at the moment I am not in major debt, I feel the energetic pull to go back to where I was, although I'm conscious of it, I wonder how I can shift my resonance to abundance? Also very curious about what the insurance industry represents energetically. My father is a wealthy insurance business owner. And recently he wants to take life insurance out on me and my sisters - so that are future generations are taken care of. The funny thing is that me and my two sisters are quite poor while my parents are millionaires. What is this paradox about?
  16. Manifest money - Financial Freedom, Opulence Has anyone manifested money by focusing on either Financial Freedom or Opulence? I would like to see if it actually worked for anyone here. Fiancial Freedom sounds like a Lottery!
  17. Papaya111

    Hi guys! I just wanted to ask for help- i really dont know what shall I do now. Im 21 i left university, left my parents, in the meantime had some energy upgrades.. now i feel that my eyes are open, but i dont know how to live in this world. It makes me feel almost ironic. I dont know how to make money. I dont know if i should just jump into a job or not. I feel too insecure with myself to financially depend on it. I feel like whenever I am 100% authentic, people refuse me. Yeah I do have this victim mentality in me and dont know what to do with it. I dont know how to live life with my perspective. Maybe you know what I am speaking about here, maybe you have gone this road too and now have some advice to offer? Thanks, much respect and love to all of you, Pavlina
  18. There is something in my life, I want to reach. I found out, that I can do any kind of job, I can learn it very quickly and enjoy it fully. But my target is to reach a big amount of money (to pay off debt, to finish reconstructing my parents house, to renew my partner´s flat, to secure my daughter a good life, . . .). So my goal is not to do this or that, but to reach enough of money to live a happy life. And to secure a happy life for all around me (family, close friends, future employees). I thought everything is going the right way in my life. But now I found out, there has to be something, maybe some little thing I am doing not right, to reach my goal, to get the money. I hope, you - Teal - would answer my words, I hope you would hear my calling. I do work on my self practically daily, but something probably still eludes me.
  19. Tessa Rae

    I thought I was doing okay, but a few days ago, I experienced something that I can't 'un-experience'... Suddenly, I became painfully aware that I am not doing what I want to be doing, AT ALL. I'm really freaked out too, because I'm actually not happy in my relationship with my boyfriend. I feel guilty for essentially using up resources and not having much to give back. And for essentially 'leading him on' when I have already begun to detach emotionally. I was living with my bf Miles in IN, while my family is at CO. I lived in IN for 3 months, in that time his roommate and ex decided he hates my guts and proceeded to try and use everything in his power to ruin my life (I think he might be on the antisocial/narcissist/psycho/sociopath spectrum). Let's call him Grumpy. After living there a few months, I made it back to Colorado. My dad became incredibly abusive and told me to kill myself, because "If you killed yourself it'd be the first thing you accomplished in your life". THANKS DAD! I almost did! I survived the experience, but not without self harming a bunch and seeing some eczema I had previously healed flaring up again on the left side of my face. Then, as if this wasn't enough, Grumpy started bullying the LIVING SHIT out of me. I was kicking myself because I felt like I should block his number intuitively a few weeks before, but wasn't sure how to do it so I never got around to it. He knew I was really struggling but he didn't care. He was just like my dad, wanting to hurt me for some reason. This also, was not survived without emotional scars, though they were emotional the eczema made it physical; a big gash on the left side of my face. I've been doing many of Teal's processes, and they have definitely helped with my overall emotional resilience. But the processes aren't giving me the money I need to have actual freedom. It's a feeling that has been underneath it all... So that brings me to here, where I moved back to IN and am living with my boyfriend, when I had this experience, a realization, a feeling of being out of place that was so deafening that I couldn't ignore it. My trust was broken. My boyfriend didn't do anything to stand up for me when his friend was being a HUGE bully to me. I think my boyfriend actually has no idea what he wants. I feel ashamed for ever trusting him because he let me down, BIG TIME. He eventually stood up for me but I (feel ashamed to admit this) had to ask him to stand up for me. Like what, it's that hard to tell your friend who's a dick to you and everyone else to not call your girlfriend a c*nt for no reason?! And now I'm realizing that his idea of 'bonding' is playing video games and watching TV, and drinking, which I actually hate doing. Don't get me wrong, I like it sometimes but all the time? It's numbing. I don't like it. Lately, he chose drinking over going to bed. And he hasn't been honest about it. He just hid the fact that he was doing that from me. I'm afraid. Because I know I have had some good experiences but they haven't been as strong as these traumatic experiences in my life lately... I want to go live on this yoga farm as a WWOOFer, but I don't have money to do so... I'm also afraid that I will be too fucked up of a person to belong there. The ways I have been considering of making money are, to be real, not very wholesome. I want to make more than minimum wage and am desperate at this point. I'm considering being a stripper or a webcam girl, even though I don't really want to be doing that. It would be nice to get large amounts of money quickly so I can just move, and do so quickly. I also have listened to the universe and me being sexualized is a recurring theme in my life. I figure, I'd rather get paid for people to talk about me so lewdly than just get traumatized and struggle to get by in a low paying job. I don't feel like I'm cut out to work a minimum wage job... I'm extremely sensitive and the last job I had I was sexually harassed by 2 employees, and verbally threatened by another coworker, which ended in me having a mental breakdown and crying for like an hour straight. I hate the idea of ruining people's lives so I didn't disclose any further information about what happened as far as the sexual harassment goes. This is probably to my disadvantage but I just figure, why relive the event over and over again when I can just GET the F*CK AWAY from bad situations... Worst of all, it's like, there is something really fucked with me if I'm attracting all these into my life. (but then Teal came out with the F*ck the Law of Attraction video and that helped... it's still hard for me to learn though) I don't know. I need to talk to someone I feel extra rejected because I called a therapist and they haven't gotten back to me. It's like, what the actual hell am I doing with my life, honestly? Lol someone was saying I have notoriously long posts that are worse than Yamanu... so... I'm really sorry. I have a lot on my plate... it just doesn't slow down, this life... I don't know if it's worth trying to make it work with my boyfriend. We have been together for 4 years and we've broken up once before. I peer into the future and it's like I see this end might just be inevitable. And maybe, hitting financial rock bottom will be necessary for me too... The core issues though that I'm dealing with are my ability to trust, and being a vibrational match to money (because all the people who have been meanest to me have had money, it makes me naturally resistant to wealth). I should just suck it up and talk to him, but I also don't see the point.... It's not going to change the past and it's not going to change who he is. I think I want him to be different, than he is... and that's not right. It's not fait to either of us. Thanks for listening; hopefully I'll find a therapist soon so I don't have to be baring my soul on internet forums... I need solutions. I will post if I talk to him about it.
  20. Finding a job / source of money online Hello community, I am wondering if any of you have experience and/or can help me finding a source of money or job online? That is because I'd like to feel more free and not feeling like I have to do a job even though I hate it because I need to survive. So far I've created this project through which you can do too. Thanks
  21. Has anyone invested in Gold and Silver? Hi guys, I'm sorry for bringing up a topic on materialism in a spiritual forum, but I'm sure this has been going through everyones minds about the widely predicted global economic collapse. Has anyone thought about best ways to minimalist loss? I've read that China is investing hugely in gold and several financial experts are advising investing into physical silver and gold if you want to save your money. On one hand I think what's the point since there will be a 'forest fire' anyway, but on the other for the meantime I will need money to help me build whatever I need to build for the next stage of the human evolution. Is anyone doing anything about it? Thanks, Mx
  22. Today I read Teals blog with the same title as this thread and I'll tell you that I was almost disturbed by what she had to say on this matter. here is the link if you wan't to go check it out. Here is how I responded to her blog: Wow! I'm the first. This is the first and only thing thus far that I don't agree with Teal on. I understand the concept and ideology behind her belief of money. I'm not saying despise money because we didn't come here to have negative emotions towards physical objects. I do however agree that using money, which is nothing of real value anyways against the corrupt assholes who control it. They compel us to be a slaves to it. I also know that spiritual teachers are teachers and all teachers alike have to make a living. I don't think you can put a monetary value on knowledge though. If I gave knowledge a monetary value I would say that I would owe Teal alone millions. I don't agree that falling in love with money or any physical material at that is a safe thing. I'm not going to say that money is evil, this is in no way going in that direction. But you almost lost me Teal, I kept waiting for a twist (I'm still waiting). We are here for less than a fraction of our whole existence so material things should not be loved. Yes it is a material of source when it's broken down back into energy that holds no shape and reflects no light. I think Teal maybe getting a little ahead of herself on this one and here is the reason: There is another kind of Love that is almost none existent on this earth that I call Pure Love, it is only felt while we are physical when we are in the state of christ consciousness. I have felt this once for about an hour two years ago. Pure Love is an emotion projected straight from our soul or higher self. It is an emotion that is felt stronger than how a mother feels for her newborn because it is not controlled by oxytocin like a mothers love is. I'm not discrediting the emotion that we call Love here. It is still very important that we work on self Love and finding yourself in others thus Loving them as well. So, I think that it is important for us (humans) to understand the unfathomable existence of other emotions in this universe. Not get too tied up in the emotions that we are limited to here on earth. In order to reach your higher self you need to let go of this world. Once you let go of all you know of this planet, you start to remembering what existence is really about. You will start to realize your purpose and how good it feels to be in spirit form. Furthermore, people Love material things to fill voids lacking Love. In conclusion, Money is a good thing when it is used against the ones who control it; i.e. spiritual teachings to awaken the human potential of a higher frequencies.
  23. Hey Tribers, Here is the situation. I rent a house in Jacksonville and I get some roommates from Roomster and craisglist. My newest one, that moved in five days ago, is some 19 year old girl student with her dad paying her rent. She has a "needy" friend, some guy. He's stayed the past three nights, and today, he's been here the whole day while she was gone. So I feel I've been lied to, about renting the room to her... she didn't mention that this guy, who doesn't have a job or a car, would basically be her live in puppy dog. Anyway, So I'm pissed about it, primarily being lied to, and from that, I anger I get depressed and disappointed with myself, because i feel like a failure. I feel if I were more successful, I wouldn't have to deal with stupid shit... Lastly, I'm not sure if I believe I can create my own reality in terms of financial abundance. I think that i'm unsuccessful because I don't find joy in what I do. I am not a very motivated/ambitious person. I'm trying to figure out what really Inspires me. I feel stuck. I welcome any thoughts and comments.
  24. Lleo Oneiro

    You ask 10. There is 100. You're given 6.