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Found 1 result

  1. Sharing our wildest trances Hello guys, I create this topic so we can all share in details our wildest or most unforgettable states of trance if you want to. Just like Teal said in her latest vid, there comes a moment, a frequency of a dimension that can be extremely hard to convey through words. (I often find it boring telepathy is not the dominant form of communication amongst humans, but that would make for an entire new topic) Ok, let me start with the initial conditions and motivations for my wildest trance: - I was looking for a cure for my Mom - My wanting to save my Mom was way beyond my fear of taking the risks to enter this very wild trance (but no one knows how wild it can get before hand;) - I chose to use Salvia Divinarium as the catalyst Salvia is sacred for shamans who chew its leafs to enter trances as well. - I was aware the trip was going to be intense, uncontrollable and possibly scary as hell - I was also aware I was going to "meet" frequencies, beings, and energy flows a human vessel is not normally able to sustain for long - I decided to trust myself and the experience and DID NOT want any "babysitter" (in case things get bad) nor any other human interference (A friend had warned me about salvia telling me that "it drives people mad and that some may never come back".) I used to be very scared with trying this sacred plant but... I never EVER thought of using Salvia for fun. Disrespect the Sacred Plant...and you can rest assured you she'll snap the hell out of your core being (Youtube is full of vids of people smoking Salvia for fun but Salvia is not made to be fun) I was looking for a cure, tips, etc that were obviously currently unavailable in 3d regarding what we call cancer. And no wormholes nor blackholes in the universe could have ever stopped me from trying to save my Mom! So I was ready for a terrific and terryfing ride of consciousness as well. All I had to remember was... you may feel stuck for eternity inbetween bardos but no matter how painful or creepy the feeling may be, it was only a phase, only a frequency I used a special song as a "craddle": "Slug" from The Passengers. Since I knew it was going to be intense I followed my intuition that was telling me NOT TO TRY AND USE MY BODY DURING THE TRANCE; so I layed down on my bed. Smoke smoke extract of salvia (x5) and chewed some leafs as well. Then... There we go!!! My god... First this huge buzz in my ears to the point the music disappears and the only sound left and overtaking everything is this buzz that started to get me scared... I was afraid it would never go and I would stay deaf! Then the buzz turned into an absolutely overwhelming flow of heat that started at the top of my head (coronal chakra). This wave of heat you cannot imagine was such I WAS BEING CONVINCED I WAS LITTERALLY BURNING PHYSICALLY!! I had to check myself by opening my eyes to make this belief go away, jeez Resistance was the worst attitude to adopt in such a moment so I decided... to let go...and go with the flow... Then the heat started to "go down" and I could feel it applying itself on all my chakras but one by one. I closed my eyes while I already knew and felt I was changing dimensions and frequencies real fast (thought speed) I was litterally "bombed" with visions, concepts, and so many things I was "downloading". I could feel the crazy spinning of my consciousness shifting to so many frequencies it felt like ...riding the wheel of karma , IDK. All I know is I've been taught every chakra is linked to a special dimension. I also heard a female voice tell me at one point: "you are being here in the 10th dimension.this is not your place. go back to where you come from. you are not ready." Every single thought I was having was...manifesting instantly. Terrifying? Sure can be. I wasn't being in a trance. I was BEING through all these higher dimensions but had absolutely no control over the speed of my shifting frequencies. lol All I could do was try and remember I had chosen to experience this and that what hurted wouldn't last forever Then I started feeling throughout my body I was "regressing" down to 3D (apparently) in a process that was not too uncomfortable if compared to the speed of the beginning of my trip. Going down back to 3D entirely took me a few hours. How was I sure it was 3D? I could some pains in my belly and the density signature of duality. Then next night I was shown a number. I googled it, didn't even know what this number was relating to. It turned out to be...the ID number of a very special gene in mice...that had been used and study...for cancer research. I even called my Mom's oncologist to tell him this very one research on that very one mice gene had to be intensified. (and of course no one really listened for "docs" always know best, don't they) Anyhow, this extremely wild and inner trip with Salvia taught me that "my" (current) dimension could be enjoyable as well especially when confronted and lived with higher streams of consciousness. 🌌 Now is your time to share! love and cheers, Deneb