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Found 5 results

  1. 00:00 CP AND DREAMS. After doing lots of CP and partswork, I notice that my dreamworld changes dramatically. Is it because my internal parts unite and therefore different perspectives blend together? 00:34 ANXIETY. I am struggling with intense anxiety, panic and obsessive thoughts. However, I cannot bring myself to do CP or shadow work relative to this anxiety, because I am so afraid of completely losing control if I attempt surrender. 01:38 MONEY. What is money a mirror of? There's a lack of money in my life right now and I'd like to understand why. 05:15 COOSING A MEDICAL SOLUTION. My doctor suggests I look into testosterone replacement therapy. I really struggle with insomnia, which depletes testosterone. I struggle to do all the lifestyle things that naturally replentish testosterone due to the sleep deprivation. Vicious cycle. Is it time for a medical solution? 07:09 VIDEO GAMES. How do I tell the difference between genuine joy of playing video games or using them to escape my reality? 11:05 CHANNELING VS PROJECTION. I recently tried to channel my partner's pain (chronic body pain). It went too well, I experienced being a child and being sexually molested. My partner does not recognize this situation happening to him. This is the first time I try this, could I have been channeling my own pain, instead of his? 13:25 RIGHT VS WRONG DECISION. How do you differentiate between making a right and wrong decision? Especially in business. Does it always have to feel good for you to know it’s a right move? 16:43 Teal's story of her in kindergarden. 19:03 PHYSICAL AILMENTS. What is the collective group vibration? 20:28 WHEN IS BREAKING UP RIGHT. My boyfriend and I decided to break up last night. We were incompatible and growing in completely different directions for over a year, but it still really hurts. My question is, how can I know it was the right decision? 23:30 ACUPUNCTURE. Does acupuncture therapy and yoga help in healing or does it suppress the trauma?; Could you explain about acupuncture in healing emotional wounds? 29:40 NOT ABLE TO GET SEX. I have such an intense desire for sex (and a romantic relationship) but I am running dry and can't manifest ANYTHING good. If I can't have love, can't I at least get great sex, please? 32:26 INVOLUNTARILY CELIBATE. I'm living as an Incel (involuntarily celibate) which is the complete opposite of the life I want too live, the result is I feel dangerous to others and myself because of the immense feeling of pain. How do I stop this cycle?; I feel as if I am living my life as a Involunterary celibate, I struggle to find a woman, I'm emotionally starving. I also have an addicition to pornography that covers up my pain as I stay inside all the time instead of finding people. What should I do? 39:52 EGO WANTS TO BE GOOD. How do we let go of ego's control of being good, therefore deny ourself and our emotions and not act upon them? how do i change the constant selfcontrol pressure and be free? 41:20 INCOMPATIBILITY. If this world is a mirror, then why is incompatibility with people an issue? Does that mean I am incompatible with myself, or within me there is an aspect that is incompatible with who I am? 46:26 PUSH AND PULL IN RELATIONSHIPS. I found someone compatible to me and I was so happy, until this really strong split inside me came up that's so hurt and wants to push him away. I am sure this pain isn't about him or something he did, but it is so strong it makes me see him as a threat, i don't want to breakup, what do i do? 47:57 ECZEMA. I can't manage to heal eczema despite of eating mainly organic food (i was born asthmatic) , can you spot adequate remedies in my specific case? 51:45 UNCONDITIONAL PRESENCE VS BOUNDARIES. I find it very difficult as a CPCP to practice unconditional love/acceptance consistently when working with a friend who is consciously choosing to stay stuck in an abusive situation, and I've gave it to her straight about her enabling the abuse upon her children to continue all for the sake of hiding behind her fears and low self-worth since no one else dared to speak up. She is taking steps for herself, a severe codependent, and to be honest she knows it all deep inside and has confessed that. And most importantly she has children which really hurts me because I can see the trauma growing bigger and bigger around them whenever we meet. I have put a physical distance in order to not continue to make her feel like she is a bad parent and to honor my boundaries. But because we are close friends, I struggle to find a 'balance' between unconditionally being present with her pain and advocating for her to get out of abuse. I am patient and grateful that she is taking baby baby steps for herself like expressing her true feelings towards her partner, but sometimes I am annoyed and powerless that it is so slow moving. How do you deal with this? 56:25 I HATE MY MOTHER. Why can’t I stop hating my mother? I feel like I have healed a lot if wounds that are caused by her, but when I am with her I am in a state of resistance and I keep thinking hateful thoughts. She triggers me like all the time. I want to move on but I feel stuck. 1:26:40 Wrap up and announcements.
  2. Ego Warrior

    Mommy Issues

    Teal talks about contrasting experiences for the sake of expansion, and how it relates to her and her son Winter.
  3. Isolation I'm not sure exactly my question but I think it would be greatly appreciated by a lot of people if Teal made an Ask Teal video on Isolation. Are you in isolation? I am... I isolated myself from society because I didn't know any other option to survive with my parents. I'm 16. I'm trying to leave my abusive mom to stay with my grandmother and she is threatening to go to court over it. What do you do when you feel so isolated in a world...I have no friends...I just want to feel safe at home. It utterly disgusts me how many kids are being physically and emotionally abused. What do you do when you're aware of it but still in the situation... I feel shame for not have figured out what to do yet. I feel shame for being aware of these things yet not taking action. I just don't know which direction to go. I want what will make me happy in the long run. I really want money though. Can I have money and connection? I don't think I believe I can. How do you manifest friends? Or people...the right people. Or do I go in the direction of the isolation feeling..I don't know if I am capable of making space for those emotions. Are you isolated? Alone in your room all the time on your phone watching YouTube videos. Wakeup, eat, distract yourself, eat, distract yourself, sleep.
  4. How to find your purpose when you have lack imprint? I'm always trying to understand more of what my life purpose is, sometimes I feel I have a decent understanding, and other times I feel completely lost. There are two main problems I encounter when I try to figure it out: 1. Having experienced severe emotional lack, needs that were unmet. When I try to answer "what do I want?", it's like the needs take over the show. I want to be loved and appreciated, I want to have safe connections, feel valuable etc. And those are needs. It's like my inside is saying, "I don't care what I do as long as I get love". So when I try to set that aside and ask what would I want if I had love and all my needs met, the answer is "I have no idea". Because I have never experienced it more than a few brief moments. Anyone else have this problem? How do you get further? 2. Being compromised so early in life. When I try to remember what I did for fun as a kid, I remember being shy and feeling less worthy than everyone else. I didn't dare to ask for anything, I had what psychologist call avoidant attachment style. I made myself small to not bother anyone. I remember that I liked animals, and I liked to draw a bit. But other than that, trying to find what I was good at nothing stands out. The closest I get is that I might be good at listening to others, observing and analysing others because I had to... but I can't remember anything that I'd actively do just for fun and not to get something out of it (like being seen, get positive attention, feeling good enough..) So how to find purpose from this situation? It feels hopeless at times, because of the lack existing all my life, because of everything that was not there, and everything I didn't do. My life has been characterized by non-doing. I stopped talking, I had no friends, I haven't partied (31 now), I've never been drunk, never smoked, never seen a football game, never learned to swim. You get the point. The list goes on and on and on. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for letting me rant and share. :-) Much love.
  5. Do you feel like you lack the Spiritual, Intellectual, and Emotional intelligence to "Grow" as a Person/Spirit? Hi everyone. Do you feel like you're just banging your head against a brick wall or that problems that you've thought you "integrated" or "moved passed" through spiritual practices just keep coming back? I'm just gonna say I am very weary, like a piece of gum that's been chewed on for a year straight. Ground into dust by life. I gone through all of Teal's and countless other avenues of trying to expand and bring forth the fruits of my true self. Nothing is making a dent it seems. 30 years of unbearable sorrow. I feel like I could sleep for a thousand years. I just want to know if others are in the same spot as I. P.S. I'm a particularity sensitive Empath, I feel every nuanced and exotic emotion there is at great magnification.